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Epic battle

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I played my first real quick time battle today. When I say first, I mean where I'm actually attempting a real scenario besides testing things.

I played there map where there was two victory points. East town, and west town. It was considered large.

I had a force of a few hundred rag tag German soldiers, complimented with one king tiger, some MG42s, and a few motars.

Since this was really my first QT battle, I wasn't sure how many attackers I was facing, especially when I had the attacker modifier up, and pressed suggested. I just made sure it was infantry attacking only.

Little did I know it was going to be a two hours slaughterfest.

I had every single building fortified, and every road spotted for MG fire. I didn't do anything "gamey" like camp weapons or mortar their spawn.

The soviets arrived in a trickle, then an avalanche. In the first 20 minutes, half the town they were attacking was literally demolished by mortars. So many were falling it was absurd. Wave after wave attacked, there firepower on my fortified houses were insane. Each house much have been littered by hundred and hundred of SMG and rifle bullets.

I moved up my king tiger. He fired, and fired, until his ammo was completely empty. I finally had to retreat him to my HQ behind some hedgerows. Quickly after the enemy was on top of my last remnants of the main town where my HQ was. I sent my tiger over the hedgerow hoping to run over enemy infantry (is this possible)? As soon as he went over, there was probably near 75-100 soviets directly below him tossing grenades. He was knocked out, the escaping crew was machined gunned by hundreds of rounds. The Tiger ended up with an astounding 654 kills. I assume the crew was awarded with medals posthumously.

Quickly after they conquered the town they went for their second objective, another town beyond some woods. This was defended by a much smaller force, but nonetheless fought fiercely. I had MGs firing right into the forest where the horde was coming from.

Sooner or later their numbers overwhelmed me, and they starting clearing some buildings on the towns outskirts. All seemed loss.

Battle over. DRAW. Two hours went by. I like to imagine reinforcements arrived at the two hour mark to relieve my force, that's why the battle ended :)

I ended up inflicting over 2,200 enemy casualties. Leaving over 1000 "ok" Soviets.

I lost two hundred or so, and 85 survived.

Anyone else have epic tales?

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That wasn't dejection, that was death from gas emissions.

I once wiped out an entire load of people on the BART. It was one of those days when I had the SBD variant that was like rotten eggs and a visit to the volcanic sulfur pits.

The trains were suffering delay and running slow at a crawl. It was a hot muggy day and the AC in our car was out of order and we were packed in like sardines.

Let one go as I was getting off at the West Oakland station. Looked back and could see the look of agony on the packed commuters faces.

Mission accomplished. That must have been one pleasant ride through the Transbay tube.

Yeah I know it was evil and wrong...but I just couldn't resist.

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OP-you may be on to something. I don't play QBs but decided to try one out. It was a medium battle and automatic selection for both sides. Infantry only. I was the German defenders and the Russian Guards the AI attacker.

The map was not an easy one for the attackers. A city with a river and 2 bridges to attack over.

I was pleasantly surprised with the automatic force selection I got. Infantry Battalion with 2 88mm cannons and a 37mm AA gun. Also got a FO and 150mm IG offboard artillery support. Well balanced force.

The AI started off with a 5 turn arty barrage and a nice smoke screen over 1 bridge.

The smoke screen was a good one, but for whatever reason the infantry didn't follow up and advance while the smoke screen was up.

The attack did eventually come over both bridges. It really wasn't a fair fight to begin with given my excellent defensive position and I should have given the AI attacker a force advantage, but the attack was pretty competent. The MGs were positioned to support the advance and when the infantry got across the bridge under fire they actually fanned out and used the woods for cover.

I even saw a lone Soviet infantryman that made it into the city and shot up the 88mm gun crew and toss a grenade at it before scurrying into a house.

All in all not a bad showing. If I gave the Soviets a 30% force multiplier it probably would have been a long tough battle.

Like I said I don;t play QB's, but it looks promising. Don't know how they are in Normandy or Italy, but hope the improvements eventually make it to them.

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