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  1. Ah! Battle of the Bulge. Even my wife, whose understanding of military matters is essentially zero, questioned the authenticity of destroying panzers with burning oil drums.
  2. A bit off topic, but I thought someone might know. ★Where could I find the film produced by the German Propaganda Ministry during 1940 depicting a successful landing on the British Coast that was to be screened if Operation Sea Lion occurred?
  3. Oh God: was it fourteen years! I am old!!!!
  4. As a geneticist I can assure you that this just won't happen. What you will expect is Stuarts and Mk IIs in a ratio of 3:1
  5. All this ranting about a game! Some of you come across as if the problems are ruining your life. If so, then you really need a better life. I have enjoyed all of the games I have bought from BF, and feel I have always got amazing value for the money. True, none are perfect, and there is a long list of items I would love to see fixed but, so what. Even with their faults I still find CM to be the best game of its type that I have owned.
  6. Stick another mop in his butt for twice the efficiency.
  7. As one of the Senior members (71 if my mother didn't lie to me) I have a small suggestion. If "Sod Off" is to be the official statement, the the person in charge will always have be called Baldric, regardless of their real name or forum persona.
  8. While it has never bothered me while playing, I still look at the railroad curves and just see trains flying off every time.
  9. I start by looking at it from the other player's seat. If I were defending, where would I place my units? Obviously this doesn't always work, but it usually stops me from making really dumb mistakes.
  10. They were pretty liberal in interpreting the 'blue eyed, blond hair' aspect since they also formed the Legion Freies Indien, largely from captured members of the British Indian army. Granted these were probably 'Aryan', but most certainly not Germanic.
  11. Can't remember where I heard of it. Downloaded the original demos and was blown away: it was everything I had wanted since Panzerbliz days. Lost touch when Mac compatibilty became an issue, now back again.
  12. I am pretty sure that this was working in Kelley's Heroes: at least the wording sounds right.
  13. The opening shots show the tanks traveling with their main guns facing backwards> Was this a common practice? What is the advantage?
  14. Sure, just send me $500 in small bills, and I will send you some in a discrete brown paper package.
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