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  1. Hello. Im hoping someone can help me with an audio issue im having. Certain sounds, like the Abrams "moving" audio, and the Bradley "moving" audio create scratches in my headphones. I'm not seeing other sounds that do that in CMBS, or any other game for that matter. I have excellent sound hardware. -Asus essence STX ii sound card -Aria Feenix headphones Both of these are audiophile level pieces of equipment. I've tried changing sound cards (tried a sound blaster Z) same problem occurred, and even switched the pcie slot. No other games I've played have had this i
  2. Can you send me the link? Thanks for the responses guys!
  3. I notice that every American soldier wears sunglasses. Is this a bug, or is it meant to be?
  4. Yikes, Quite a lot of casualties in 3 months. Makes you wonder what a conventional war would have done in 85 if the Soviets decided to rush through Fulda.
  5. I'm not seeing a persistent core force during the campaign. My surviving units aren't carrying over and I'm on mission three.
  6. Hello, After reading the manual, it gives a brief overview of the conflict, and mentions a few times how both sides are shocked over such high losses. What are high losses in this conflict? Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, more? What about equipment losses? Dozens of tanks on each side, hundreds? This interests me, and helps me role play my commander if I knew more of the context in which I am fighting. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. Just sent it in Elvis, I might have submitted my first ticket elsewhere, the layout was different. Thanks!
  8. It appears to be my Webroot realtime shield that's causing the issue. Such a shame, none of my other BF products have trouble with it. I'll have to disable it. Maybe this post will help others with webroot. Thanks!
  9. Ugh, Managed to download the file. It downloads under "files.zip". When it's finished, I open it, it has several brz and bin files in it, as well as the CMBS_Setup I extract all the contents to a new folder, and run CMBS_Setup. When it's finished, an Activate modules icon appears, and a CM black sea icon appear. BOTH give me errors when I click them. The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000018). Click OK to close application. I'm able to run all other Combat Mission games. Win7 64 Bit Intel 4930K @ 4.4Ghz Nvidia 980 GTX 16 Gig ram Blah
  10. Hello, I accidently bought the Mac version of Black Sea when I have Windows 7 64 bit. I immediately caught it, and purchased the PC version too. I politely requested they refund the Mac version, don't ship it, and remove it from my account since I caught it within 5 minutes of the transaction. Is this something they will do? Or am I screwed? Thanks!
  11. Okay, so to reiterate, I do absolutely nothing. No using observers, no pre start area targets? The planes attack where they want, what they want, and when they want without me doing absolutely anything.
  12. Same. I've had near 500 soviets on screen, and I can hear my stukas flying around somewhere every once and awhile, but no strike.
  13. Hello, I can call arty/motar strikes very easily with a forward observer. But not an air strike? There's always a red X going through it saying en-route no matter how much time passes.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the base game. But I always want more missions, professional maps to use in quick battle, and shiny new units. Any word?
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