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Did I just discover a very old 'new' feature?


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I just checked in CM:BN, so this has been around for years. I just -accidentally- found out that the C&C icons have a double function! They also turn out to be click-able 'buttons' that take you directly to that particular unit's HQ! (Edit) And the panel left of it too!

Is this an already widely known feature or am I just late to the party? I mean, who goes around clicking an area where there's nothing 'obvious' to click (well, me, that's who).

Still, I'm happy. :)

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I use it sometimes in CMBN, but am using it A LOT in CMRT. It works great when combined with the formations panel.

So, for example, you can click a unit and and click on the C2 panel a few times to quickly find your top HQ. Then, use the formations panel to find a formation you need to use. Then, click the C2 panel again to get back up the the top HQ and back to the formations panel for another formation. Rinse and repeat, and apply technique for whatever level of HQ you need to tap.

I'm finding it a must when playing large battles as the Soviets. When you've got like a battalion of rifles, an SMG company and a company of tank-riders, it can be hard to keep everything organized.

It's especially useful for making sure your support formations are not forgotten (now, where are my MG platoons? Oh--they're still in the setup zone!).

Now, these can also be combined with visible command lines to really help keep your units organized.

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The visible command lines were a big surprise. I forgot how badly I missed them from CM1 days and I use em all the time now. Thanks BF!

Heh, when CMBN came out, I missed the lines and was one of the "voices in the wilderness" ;)

Now that they've been reintroduced, I find they don't tell me anything I don't already know. I think I've turned them on once to test that they worked and that's about it.

Turns out BFC did know what they were talking about ! Who knew ? :P

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I find them invaluable in telling me which units are in and out of command.

I have to admit that I never used to worry about being in command in CM2 as the effects are much more subtle in CM2 than in CM1. But, now at least it's so easy to see, and therefore easier to keep C2 in this way. (And one can see instantly which units belong to which HQ without having to double click etc. So, organization is made more efficient and less time-consuming.)

Still hoping we eventually get color-coding for teams of a single squad. (And selectable waypoints/lines of course heh.)

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Okay, yeah, So it is common knowledge, then. Only makes me feel dumber. Thanks, boys. ;)

Common, possible, but I'm with you I had no idea either. So, my question is then does it jump to the next level of command or does it jump to the HQ that is actually providing command?

Consider this 1 Pl and two squads are together but 3 squad is trailing behind. When 3 squad is near the Company HQ they will be in command - just not their Pl HQ. If I click on the command and control icons will it jump to my Company HQ?

That would be cool.

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