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Someone needs to mod the buildings


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i would be carfull with that, i now see it in CMBN and i have seen it in CMSF. the problem is with house and terrain mods that change tiles like grass, dirt, and so on,

terrain mods for bridges and walls and stuff are no problem mostly, that they can compleatly throw off hours of hard work from a scenario designer.

scen designers dont just shuffel houses and ground tiles together randomly to form a city or texture vast areals, they place and afterwards modify the skin of the house to blend well together and create a certain feel in the area. if you felt some houses looked to clean in a dirty area you can blame the designer for not adjusting the house texture correctly. there are some ugly F*ed up stock houses.

now on top of that comes the ground tiles. they are mostly even move carefully selected and blended together to create effects on the ground and give a visual clue to the player about what sort of cover is on the ground and on what ground he is in the first place.

now, a scen designer carefully blends everything together, manually over hundreds of square meters or several square kilometers at times, and then comes the terrain mod and you can forget all that work that was done.

terrain mods regarding houses and ground tiles that i saw so far in CMSF and CMBN may look better or much better when watched as a single tile but they almost never blend well together and some areas of the map that was made for stock textures may even look good and all, but somehow it got the feel that it doesnt fit together somehow. you cant point at it but you see it everywhere you look, it just doesnt fit. at least to my eyes.

that is my impression and thats why i am double careful modding the ground tiles and houses, everything else is no problem mostly, although some stuff wont work obviousely, like makeing a uncon camp with hesco wall mod in CMSF.

i know the stock textures look a little "colourfull" but i guess it early summer in mid europe, its quiet colourfull.

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Also have you seen Aris ground mod? It's superb so it does work out great.

aris terrain mod you say? i look it up. i wanted to ask if someone can recommend a terrain mod that he thinks not only looks good in detail but also blends well together which is most important for me.

i check out the one made by aris.

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M1A1TC - THANK YOU. That's closer to what I was hoping for. There were some building mods by Magua and Panzertruppen for CMBO that really fit the bill. They had a weathered and dirty look like those.

If you want someone to "test" them, I'd sure be eager to try em out. :D

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