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  1. No, You can't destroy a wall in the editor. But you can use a row of pile of rubble to simulate something close to it.
  2. Ok, thanks. I'll check the map and get back. If there's something missing in the map we'll make sure it get fixed in the next patch/hotfix. /sdp
  3. @Von Fauster; can you tell me which map you're using in the first screenshot? I'll have a look at #114 which seems to be the one you were using in the second screenshot and get back. /sdp
  4. Yes, if you could give me the name of the map I'll look into it. /sdp
  5. Purely fictional map - and a play on words;) As you may notice in the near future there are a few more of those puns in the QB maps for Gustav Line... /sdp
  6. Some of the Meeting Engagement QB maps have been edited - more precisely the setup zones have been edited to provide more balanced setup conditions. /sdp
  7. Thanks for your review of the MEs; as said before you'll get a revised batch to download as soon as I can produce one. Concerning the "broken" buildings; they should be fixed in the upcoming patch - as mentioned before this phenomenon in part has to do with the very rapid production of this title. We'll do our best to fix the issues! /sdp
  8. Please report any poorly designed VLs on the ME maps - and I'll make sure you'll get them revised. Only explanation I can produce as to how this came to be is lack of time/timepressure. Sorry about that; I'll make sure the MEs are once again thouroghly reviewed and fixed where needed! cheers/ sdp
  9. I'm unable to reproduce the error you encounter. Savegame? /sdp
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