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    RMM reacted to Freyberg in Features Requests/Corrections   
    An extremely minor feature I would love, would be a menu item for supply trucks, to alter the mix of what they have on board.
    For example with Commonwealth, I often don't need 9mm (many nations don't use it); and I would love to able to buy more 2" mortar rounds (I often buy carrier platoons just for the ammo); 3" mortar rounds would be amazing (though obviously, you'd need to make it expensive); in urban maps, the option for extra .45 cal would come in handy; .50 cal wouldn't hurt (although plenty of vehicles store it); and I agree with those who've asked in the past for the option to be able to acquire grenades, rifle grenades and demo charges.

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    RMM reacted to chuckdyke in Features Requests/Corrections   
    Buttoned or unbuttoned but you can't leave the hatch open and just duck down when it gets too hot outside. Repeat again we should be able to use the attics of houses especially in Europe. Afterall our attic used to be my bedroom for ten years. To knock a few tiles out should take not more than a turn. 
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    RMM got a reaction from George MC in ATG swapping guns?   
    Unfortunately, it's just the two AT guns near to each other, but the crew of one got blasted, leaving all their ammo just lying around, while the other crew are still firing away but running out
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    RMM reacted to Warts 'n' all in Unknown British Airborne weapon   
    Just a quick follow up. It shows how long it is since I played "Lonsdale's Block", I had forgotten that it is actually modelled being fired from the shoulder. And that smoke can be fired from inside a building. Also, the mortarman carries a Sten which comes in handy when the close combat kicks off.
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    RMM got a reaction from Warts 'n' all in Unknown British Airborne weapon   
    Ah hah. Now that is good info indeed! Thanks
    When you say 'modelled', you're referring to if one were to zoom in on the actual soldier?
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    RMM reacted to Freyberg in CMBfN dismount oddity (bug?)   
    The Commonwealth mortar carriers often have the mortar team as vehicle crew.
    I used to go meticulously through every game at setup, switching them round so the ammo bearer was the driver - and then I just couldn't be bothered, because it honestly doesn't make that much difference.
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    RMM reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in CMBfN dismount oddity (bug?)   
    If 'Bail Out' is an option, why not save the game, then click it.....Nothing to loose then, is there? 
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    RMM reacted to Warts 'n' all in CMBfN dismount oddity (bug?)   
    Having two AT Guns limbered to jeeps with a separate driver, and one where a member of the gun crew is the driver is sometimes called a "quirk of the game", or in less polite circles a &%$&%$* *** %$£*&^% .
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    RMM got a reaction from Warts 'n' all in CMBfN dismount oddity (bug?)   
    It's only one of the jeeps. The others show the usual, separate icon for the ATG crew, but perhaps, as @Freyberghas pointed out, this bunch are considered 'crew' for some strange reason. The Dismount button was available when I first opened the PBEM file, but then greyed afterwards. I did click it at that time though, so when the file comes back to me, we'll have to see if they do so.
    This is odd though - an ATG as a jeep crew? They're labelled as an HQ unit, but the other one is also, so why the distinction? Any insights?
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    RMM reacted to mjkerner in Features Requests/Corrections   
    Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do and have your pixeltruppen die!
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    RMM reacted to John1966 in Features Requests/Corrections   
    Well the fact that WP and smoke rounds are listed separately in the ammo loadouts means that you'd assume they are handled differently.
    But I have to admit that this has always been a CM mystery to me.
    We know they have different effects in real life but we can't select which to fire and I have no actual idea what is being fired because, if there is a difference, I don't know how to tell in the game.
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    RMM reacted to IanL in Features Requests/Corrections   
    There is a subtle additional bit of info: The path to the next way point is actually calculated only after the move to the last one is completed. This allows your units to adjust to the new reality of terrain once they get there instead of a minute or more into the future. You can have an engineering team breach a wall or bocage and have other units move through the whole during the minute. To do this, plot movement orders for other units through the whole that *will* be there and time things so they get to their penultimate way point in front of the wall after the wall breach is created. No one actually notices this because in WeGo everything - including wall breaches - is pre-calculated and in Real Time it just feels like you would expect. But it is important to know that once a unit reaches a way point that's when it plans how to get to the next one.
    To increase your odds that units will take the path you want through challenging terrain - walls, fences bocage etc. place on way point on one side of the obstacle and one on the other.
    Yeah, bitched about the (lack of) difference between hedges and low bocage from the get go. I stopped bitching a long time ago now. I just learned how to tell the difference but I still find it challenging.
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    RMM reacted to benpark in Features Requests/Corrections   
    The group order (double-click and select multiple units) can be used as a basic "formation" order. It depends on how the group is arrayed at the move's start, but they will hold that formation pretty well. It's especially useful at the start of a scenario- particularly where larger distances might need to be covered. Couple that with adjustable waypoints, and it's effective.
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    RMM reacted to c3k in Features Requests/Corrections   
    By splitting up your post, the numbering scheme you used has been thrown into disarray.
    I've found that if I select "Show All Movement Paths" (one of the various hotkey selections), it is pretty obvious when I do this. Yes, I have done this. Yes, many of my men died before I learned that lesson. They were grateful that their sacrifice was able to help me.
    Otherwise, be very aware of how many of your units are orange (selected). 
    First, I agree.   However, after a LOT of experience, I've gradually discovered what hedges, bushes, walls, fences, and hedgerows are passable and by what units. 
    Yes, it still takes some re-calibration if I've been gone for awhile, or if I'm playing a new theater.
    Why doesn't the game do this "on the fly"? Because the PATHING calculations are NOT calculated until AFTER you hit "go". 
    But, there are still issues. For example, I just had a team at a gate in a wall behind a house. I ordered them to run to the back of the house, look inside (face + pause), then enter. Instead, they ran around to the front of the house...and all died. (I consider that a bug, so I've posted it as such. If you get a solid example of mis-pathing, pictures and a save are very helpful to squash them.)
    See my answer above. Yes, it'd be helpful to have a red underline or some other obvious toggle to see what walls/hedges are impassable to vehicles.
    Hmm....I don't see that as much of an issue. Is there a specific squad type to which you're referring? (And that they would historically split their sniper/marksman out to operate on their own?)
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    RMM reacted to John1966 in Features Requests/Corrections   
    That would be sensible. After all these years I'm still not 100% on what a tank can/cannot drive through.
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    RMM reacted to John1966 in Features Requests/Corrections   
    Something that occurred to me the other day is that you can't buddy aid a casualty in a vehicle. Didn't notice whether the ammo still gets shared but you lose their weapon.
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    RMM reacted to IanL in Artillery Adjustment Bug or Feature?   
    I just checked - this bug has been logged. I agree with @Swant that if an FO has called a few missions and those missions are still on going they should be able to adjust any one and have that adjustment only apply to the parameters of that one mission and leave the other ongoing missions alone.
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    RMM reacted to Swant in Artillery Adjustment Bug or Feature?   
    The FO's can't call in simultanous missions, but when the mission are fire for effect he can call in another. If he have a howitzer FFE at one place, and adjust a completely diffrent asset like a mortar at another place, then why wouldn't the howitzer mission just keep going? It makes no sence that the howitzer, have to adjust to the mortar. 
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    RMM reacted to IanL in Demo games and saves not playable on full game?   
    Nope. Newer versions typically can read older saves. The demos are treated as separate products so the full game does not view them as one of this files. It's just how it works.
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    RMM reacted to Bozowans in Concerns before buying   
    I've always had trouble close assaulting enemy vehicles. Infantry doesn't seem at all overpowered to me. They often miss their grenade throws entirely or the grenades explode in the air too early. They usually at least immobilize the target though.
    I just had a game of Shock Force 2 where my insurgents threw at least 7 grenades at a Stryker and still failed to knock it out. The Stryker then blew everyone to bits with its grenade launcher.
    Sometimes my infantry will do nothing but sit there next to the enemy vehicle for long periods even though they have plenty of grenades, and sometimes they will seem to pin themselves down with their own grenade explosions before getting machine gunned by the enemy vehicle.
    I have certainly seen infantry knock out vehicles with one or two grenade throws, but it's not very reliable. I find that I often have to swarm the vehicle with a lot of guys from multiple directions to reliably knock it out, and they will usually fail if they have any kind of suppression at all.
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    RMM reacted to John1966 in Concerns before buying   
    Absolutely the best game I've ever played. Spent more time on it than every other game I've played put together.
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    RMM got a reaction from John1966 in Concerns before buying   
    Oh, I've gone ahead with the purchase
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    RMM reacted to Sgt Joch in Concerns before buying   
    I am reminded of a RL story. A few days after D-Day, German forces were counterattacking in the Canadian sector. At dusk, two Panthers approached a village. Crouched on the edge of town was sergeant J.L .Lapointe with a PIAT. One Panther went ahead while the other provided cover...
    sgt. Lapointe coolly waited until the tank passed, then took it out with a PIAT shot to the rear. He then machine gunned the crew as they tried to escape. The second tank, having witnessed the event, proceeded to shell the village for a few hours before withdrawing. All this time Sgt. Lapointe remained hidden, waiting for a second kill...
    Never underestimate a determined infantryman.
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    RMM reacted to danfrodo in Concerns before buying   
    This thread was about whether to get CMBN, and none of this changes the answer -- YES.  This is all quibbling about details and overlooking the big picture.  Infantry should run away when they see tanks and be gunned down by machine guns?  or stay under best available cover?  We could argue this into the next century yet the reality is that basically everyone here plays CMBN and loves it so this is very much a small detail.
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    RMM got a reaction from John1966 in Concerns before buying   
    Yeh, true 'nuff
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