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  1. SOLVED!! Alas (sigh), Sgt. Squarehead when I went back and looked at my Huge supposedly clean map that I cut down I found group15 still had movement orders still painted. Weird thing is that group 13, 14 and 16 had no orders, so when I got to 13 & 14 when I was cleaning up first time, I quit looking. Probably have this same issue with the few other maps that have this problem, so it means I'll have to click through all 16 groups just in case! Deleted my small map and made a new one from my "now" clean huge map and after doing the required work (setup zones, objectives, plan/orders) ALL the Axis folks move off smartly like they are supposed to do. Sorry for false alarm!
  2. MOS:96B2P -I will test that out, making the painted areas larger and see if that makes a diff. Sgt.Squarehead - No, all the painted zones were removed before I cut the map down.
  3. Oh yeah - the yellow setup area is usually same size as the setup zone I make in the Map menu. But now it occurs to me that you are asking about the size of the areas associated with Order 2, Order 3, etc., (i.e. not where I first set the units up but where they are moving to). Is that correct?
  4. Playing CMFB 4.0. A little background first. Like to make my own tiny and small maps from large and huge maps so I have more map options in QBs. I do this by putting the map file in another folder I call Working Maps. I then remove all terrain/unit objectives, parameters, setup zones, units selected (if any). For the AI, of the 5 plans I will make 2-5 Not Used and plan-1 Used Frequently. Within plan-1 I will go through groups 1-16 and remove all orders and setup from map then remove all supporting fires. I then save the map with "*-Clean" so I know I've cleaned it up. This basically gives me a clean map that I can modify. When I mod a map I will cut it down to a portion of the battle field I want to use. Since I like to keep it simple I will then assign 1-2 allied/axis terrain objectives, setup zone for each side, select which direction is friendly for allied/axis. For the AI, I don't bother with the allied since I almost always play allied but for axis I will use only plan-1 and only group-1 and set an intermediate point for them to move to using order1 and the final objective oriented movement using order2. I'll then run a quick battle using the scenario author test skill level so I can see what's happening. This works fine most times but occasionally I will have 1/3 to 1/2 of the axis forces just sit there in the setup zone for the whole battle. I only use Plan1 with the other plans set to Not Used and it is my understanding that unless you indicate otherwise, quick battle will put all your AI forces into group1. There has been a time or two when some forces didn't move because AI set vehicles up in a wooded area that they could not move out of but I usually try and config my setups so that this won't happen. Any ideas what I may be overlooking here? When this has happened I have gone back to scenario editor and looked for any legacy, not-deleted setups, terrain objs, parameters, groups with movement orders not-deleted but I usually can't find anything that explains this strange behavior.
  5. Bulletpoint - I have observed this for some time, not only in CMFB but also in CMRT. In my CMFB I have roughly 3 dozen or more Tiny maps for Ardennes area in Dec 44 that are either setup as Axis assault, attack or probe but the same 6-8 keep on being pulled when I let the game grab a map. Don't know what the long pole in the tent is on this issue.
  6. Playing CM Final Blitzkrieg, ver 4.0. Between what the game provides for Tiny battles and what I have created for Tiny battles, I have approx 2 dozen or more Tiny maps in QB folder that are not Meeting Engagement and are Ardennes region/December for the Month. The maps I have created come from existing Small, Medium or Large/Huge maps. When I create a Tiny QB and select one of the maps I have created, they work just fine BUT when I let the game choose the map, it seems as if game is only using 6-8 of the Tiny maps for the Region and Month I have selected. I have fired up, one after another, 12 Tiny QBs for Ardennes/December where I let the game choose the map and I seem to always get the same 6-8 maps split between game maps and ones I have created. If I want to play the other ones I have to manually select the map. Anyone else run into this issue and anyone have an idea how game "randomly" selects a QB map? Thanks! Gene
  7. This was a day battle, light haze, smoke is on but no smoke was being generated on the battlefield, the axis and allied armor were both in open terrain with trees turned on, axis tank cmdr was opened up. This has only happened a hand full of times but I should see the russians coming a mile away in the relatively open terrain but should absolutely see them when they pass right in front of me, crushing a fence.
  8. Playing CMRT 1.03- no mods. A few QB games I have played as Axis (one recently last night), mid day game time, appear to have Allied armor using a cloaking system!! I have Allied armor passing within 10-15 meters of an Axis tank with a clear LOS out to horizon and the Axis tank never spots it or his buds coming up behind. I can tell they are passing that close as I watch the fence line disappear next to the Axis unit. Only when I have an infantry unit Hunt or Assault to the suspected location of the Allied armor does it appear; or, if its that close sometimes I can fire and light it up and then it shows. Anybody else seen this behavior and have a solution?? Thanks!
  9. Thanks a ton folks! This will help tremendously.
  10. Is there an AI tutorial that does a step-by-step? I have downloaded several maps that are empty of any setup zones, units, terrain or unit objectives and AI. Since I usually play the Germans and use quick battles, setting these maps up for Axis probe/attack/assault works great since all I have to do is 1. create setup zones for both sides 2. give the Russians a terrain objective with points and a name, holding most of terrain where they are set up, then do the same for Germans 3. for Russians, paint a couple of different AI plans for setup in the setup zone (so they don't always come from same direction). Plans are (top to bottom) Used Sometimes (if I have more than 1 plan), Group 1, Setup, Mixed, Normal, Passengers Dismount. For Germans, I don't bother since I will be directing them 4. For Russians, also paint a support target or two if I want to deal with indirect fire while attacking 5 Save it with a unique file name. HOWEVER, if I try setting up a meeting engagement or Allied offense by doing all the above and giving Russians an objective within or past the German setup zone, the Russian arty fires support OK but the units just sit there. Have tried looking at how existing scenarios are set up and have yet to break the code.
  11. Thanks for reply Joe - I will look at that. Forgot about the AI. Gene
  12. I have all these medium, large and huge size CMRT scenario maps that I can mod to make more QB maps. I know you can just drop a scenario map into the Quick Battle folder and it will be used to support QBs, but I know I can get, say, 4-5 tiny-small maps out of one huge map. After I have removed setup zones and terrain objectives I believe that, at a minimum, the only things needed to turn a modified scenario map into a QB map is to add new setup zones and terrain objectives for each side and this seems to work fine. Are there any other items that I am missing? I ask because I modded one map like this but when used in a QB-meeting engagement battle the AI side just sits there and makes no move towards its terrain objective. Thanks all! Gene
  13. I remember in CMX1 games and in CMSF when setting up a quick battle you can control the quality of the troops for either or both sides (conscript, green, regular, etc...) or let system randomly choose. In CMRT I cannot seem to find a way to do that unless I go in and manually choose the forces and set their quality. I have read the the CM Engine Manual 3.01 and it not addressed except in instance where you manually choose your force composition but I could have missed it. 1. Is there a way in QB setup to designate force quality for either or both sides while letting system randomly choose everything you have set to random? 2. If not, then does CMRT QB randomly choose your force and computer opponent's force quality so that one game can have Axis at Veteran level while Soviets are Green and next battle might find both sides at Crack? Thanks! Gene
  14. Having difficulty finding place to download CMSF maps - Usual places seem to be dedicated to CMAK, CMBB, etc.
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