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  1. So another year drifts past and still no "Fire & Rubble".... no communication, no nothing.
  2. So yet another month goes by and.. yet again.. and again and again... nothing. Soon, I'll give up even looking entirely. What a shame.
  3. I note that that Battlefront have amended the home page and now say that the "Rome To Victory" module is now expected in September - rather than August. And so it continues... ho hum. I've almost given up caring.
  4. Well, that didn't happen did it! How many MORE months of endless waiting to add to the YEARS that have already gone by?
  5. How much longer do we have to wait for the patch? This is ridiculous!!
  6. "That is really just an unacceptable amount of time for a developer to fix a problem that was introduced in a paid upgrade to a product." I completely agree with you, TGarner. I've hardly played any of the games that I own and paid for (ALL the WWII titles and all upgrades), for the past two years, because of the more infuriating problems with the previous upgrade. I used to love the games and played regularly, so it is even more of a shame that the prevalent culture here is that the customer is little more an an irritant and liable to be ignored for months on end - except when it comes t
  7. I've gone from looking for the patch weekly to monthly... soon it will be annually. No info, no nothing... this is tedious in the extreme and no way to retain customers.
  8. "don't let other people's posts discourage you" I don't think it's other people's posts that are discouraging - I think it's the general apathy and disdain with which Battlefront treats it's customers. In this day and age of instant communication it is ludicrous that news flow is almost non-existent. Having bought all the WWII games and all the add-ons, I am now at the end of my tether awaiting - in particular - the long-promised and yet still unprovided patch. I would suspect that many have already thrown in the towel and will not be returning. I may shortly be joining them.
  9. Having quietly supported this stable of games for many years, I've almost had enough now. After waiting for a long-delayed patch to fix the issues with RT, I am now offered instead the latest in an increasingly small and insubstantial BUT increasingly expensive series of add-ons. I note all the flame units are here, and not in the still awaited patch. Basically, the company's business model now seems to be to offer less and less content for more and more money. The number of scenarios and campaigns (particularly) is already much reduced - clearly Battlefront expect fans to continue to pick up
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