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  1. hello 3j2m7I try , it's surprising at first but it creates an atmosphereI do not have part 3 of your sounds you have removed
  2. Thanks Badger Frap is not for nothing I removed frap and the game continues to crash
  3. After reflection, I remember that the problem appeared at the same period where I downloaded Fraps I do not know if that can have an impact do you use Frap?
  4. i think that is a miss compatibility between windows 10 and GeForce card this probleme appeared (it worked well before) at the start of the year probably after an update
  5. teste Scenario: 18 squadgame launched with shader onafter launch, the game is left on the screen without activity. More than half an hour later, the game appears on the screen the wind and rain animations still active and the sound is ok . when i touch the mouse the screen ends and the message "le programme ne répond plus" appearseven chosen with shader offno worries and the game continues
  6. For more than a year, I joined this community after the acquisition of the complete CMBN game. and I confirm that one of my childhood dreams has been fulfilled The thread on the patch is stiff. Criticism can be constructive but can also be morally destructive for a team Also I wanted to tell you that I thank you for your wonderful work
  7. I have the same problemI thought came from the mouse and paddle (I play with a paddle combined with the mouse) I deleted the paddleI thought I solved the problem for 2 weeks I did not have a crash and then I realized that the shaders were disabledI put them back, and again the crash appeared on certain part I save each turn and I crash all 3-4 round !!! i have Windows 10 and NVIDIA card
  8. i saw the video and I checked if the same thing happen in CMBN The answer is yes "buy the farm" is one of the few scennario I played or there are trenches under fire of the artillery, the soldiers went out to rush into the houses and manholes available that the soldiers hit by the artillery in open ground rush into the manholes where the houses seem to me rather natural the bug is that he leaves the trenches it is enough (it is apparently easier to say what to do) to give the trench the same status as manholes or houses except for the particular case of trenc
  9. I may be setting foot in the dish... but I'm wondering if I will use the patch when it will be disponnible because I play CMBN and find the behavior of the units rather realistic I must say that I started with level 4 and I get used to it on the contrary I tested the demo CMFI who is not at level 4 and is I find the resistance rate of units a little inhuman I also note that it is especially the CMFI and to a lesser extent those of CMRT who complain of a strange behavior to see unplayable since version 4
  10. yes I took a lot of fun, thank you I was there a few weeks ago that's what made me want to play it !!!
  11. Yes the drama 10 shermans lost and 3 immobilized at 2/3 of the time then at the end I return the situation to get a tactical victory the map is superb !!
  12. hi What I find interresting with the different answers is that everyone has a different favorite game, proof that it is not the same game with a different package but different games.my favorite is the BN by interest for the periodbut, to my astonishment, I like to play Shock Forces although neither the period nor the place interest me, but the asymmetry of the fight is exciting. When I play with the Americans that I do not stop stressing to make me hurt or worse kill one of my soldiers, while playing terrorists my joy is immense when I destroy an Abram (i know… it's bad and I'm ash
  13. This is not the subject of the discussion but I can not stand criticism of this division so to defend it 2 months later the experience is there… the 90th ID engaged in the fight of Bourg Saint Léonard and a formidable unit. the 1st battalion of the 359th regiment has a front too wide to hold (5km instead of the 700m recommended) it will face for 2 days the 2nd SS das reich and armored element of the 116th. Losing 4 times the village, counterattacking every time and taking over the village,, the A and B companies on August 17 do not have anymore officers. i like th
  14. I downloaded the silouettes of Marco Bergam with the values of armor but that's not what I thought they do not correspond to the thickness in mm I remember the fantastic info kills of CM1 is there a mod using this system or the info kills list exists as such in printable thank you for your answers
  15. A bucolic image of Normandy with cows resting under the shadow of trees ??? NO THE WAR IS HERE !!!!
  16. I use this mods because houses are very similar of the Normandy houses and every mods of building of this moder http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=2337 your mods is in test thanks for it
  17. I just transformed the church and the house near the bridge that's allfor the rest it's the kampfkruppe Engel maps and the amazing work of ChrisND
  18. it is exactly that sometimes mechanically I tell myself by doing my plans "I'm leaving from Franck's house, I'm progressing to the Duchemin's house ..." The farm that you saw behind the jagpanther is at the Dantec and the castle behind the family of the Priest De Costard. The owner is the last Survivor, these brothers and sisters were killed by a shell in the farm which is on the same map that just west of the wood the 12th SS HJ had installed his pc there and the allied artillery found the radio traffic
  19. I test your mods 3j2m7 I leave it in place my 8 year old son has immediately identified the modification and he prefers! to me, those whom I have heard I find them quite convincing merci pour ce mods !!!
  20. hello it's really interesting as usual Know that I allowed myself to download in pdf your blog to send it on my Kindle you are my favorite bedside reading and I read you and read you again and again. but the student is not good !!!! Thank you for sharing
  21. I think she was lost this battle but I'm not really French I am Norman !!!!
  22. it's great I love your comic strip thank you
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