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Found 4 results

  1. A little preamble to this taster ... I grew up in rural Dorset in the south of England where our countryside is not so different than that of Normandy (though the Cider may be a bit stronger!). So whenever I fire up CMBN and gaze upon the monotonous green of the bocage, I start to dream of my younger days spent amongst the hedgerows of my native land. Those hedgerows, mostly long gone now, were so thick that we could actually burrow our way inside and create 'dens' where no adult, or rival gang, could find us. So, with some time to spare thanks to COVID-19, I got to thinking about the bocage in BN and wondered what could I do to make it into something like I imagined it to be. Well, the answer is not a great deal - the models for the bocage are hard to figure out, and even with new textures, it's not ever going to get close to what it probably should be, alas. But, having tinkered with the bocage for some time, and been inspired by @Falaise's treatment of those oddly uniform brush textures, I had a go at a lot of the other textures - trees, bushes, grass etc. So, to cut through the waffle, here are a couple of tasters (some caveats first: it's not ready yet, I just couldn't wait to share some goodness, it will be a couple of weeks yet as I'm trying to iron-out some of the strange in-game distortions; I think this 'plays' best at, or near, ground level just because of the way the game handles LOD and stuff, from afar it's not really going to have much of an effect; screen caps are taken whilst running ReShade, hence the colours are much more muted and some effects are, well, effecting the images (at the end is a pic without ReShade for comparison); I design these for my own gaming pleasure so YMMV will apply when released; I have quite a few other tweaked textures that I may release at the same time just to give the complete 'look' - these are mostly not my work but rather tweaks of mods by luminaries such as @EZ, Aris ( @Fuser ), @Flesh, @Vein, @Kieme(ITA) to name but a few; these textures will be high res and if you want to use the ReShade 'look' then you'll need a decent graphics card in a Windows machine, I will release a lower res version. Enough ... some pics: ( You can study high res versions in my DropBox folder here ) More below
  2. Okay folks - it's the weekend (still) and now that all the drama is over we can get back to driving tanks through hedges ... and of course today remembering the guys that did it for real. Go here to get the read me pdf file (please) Then here and here for the two zip archives. (Hint - if you just want to get started without any faff then download the read me, grab the first zip file and you'll be playing in no time.) Once it's been out for a few days and nobody has complained that it's broken their rig I'll get in touch with @Bootie to upload it to the warehouse, 'cos he probably hasn't got anywhere near enough to do ... Now try to play this at iron, at ground level, with no spotting icons ... everything will soon suck!
  3. I love CM...but my biggest pet peeve about this great game has got to be the complete lack of detail about what type of terrain is on the battlefield. This info was in there before in the old games and served its purpose well but for some dumb reason was taken out in CMBN. Case in point, there is some kind of brown grass between my tank and where I want my tank to go. Is it harmless or a swamp I just don't recognize because I'm not a scenario designer or coder for Battlefront? Now, to find out what terrain is what you have to open up the friggin' editor to see what you're looking at...and that is ridiculous. Why can't there be some tool tips that pop up when you target each hex just like there was before? This is an easy fix and I would like to lobby for this change in the next update. It's frustrating not to know what you're even looking at on the battlefield. Please do something about this.
  4. Swedish post-war film showing Sherman, Churchill, Panther and some light tanks attempting various obstacles, with explanation. Don't know if this has been posted before, but it's pretty interesting. The Panther comes off quite well.
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