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  1. It’s been several weeks since I worked on the map, due to a lack of time right now.
  2. Thank you for your advice I looked at the cards of Georges Mc, they are indeed very realistic.
  3. I will proceed in this way, it is better not to hurry and progress carefully in order to obtain a good result. Feel free to insert photos, documents that can help me improve the map.
  4. I’ll draw the city to the suburbs. And I’ll work out all the details later.
  5. I have narrowed the tracks by leaving a space to place a platform for passengers who take the trains on the other 2 tracks And I added another railroad track
  6. Thanks for your advice, the idea of elevation is very good. I’m gonna raise some of it by the bridge. The important thing is not to half bury the buildings
  7. I have placed bridges over the railway. Give your opinion and do not hesitate to advise me on the entire map. I place buildings near the bridges
  8. The urban area will extend beyond the river. Then there will certainly be the suburbs with small houses as in the photo more below:
  9. Thank you for your encouragement. I’ve already added another bridge, so there’s three more to the big bridge. I make changes every step of the way. Thank you for your comments, feel free to give me tips to make this map more realistic.
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