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  1. If Battlefront released modules for CMBN, CMFI and CMRT containing tanks and other vehicles from 1939 to 1944 and the different uniforms used by the involved countries for that time, there would maybe not be any need to release a Blitzkrieg, an Afrika and a Barbarossa game as those who'd like to could make scenarios and campaigns using the vehicles and uniforms from those modules.
  2. It's also not so fun when you as the player see some foxholes and know that there might be enemies hiding. It would be more fun if foxholes where more like a hole in the ground where the enemy was hiding and their shooting at you was a surprise.
  3. Who cares what faults we make while writing our posts. We're all friends here.
  4. Someone has connections in high places, I see.
  5. Did I really miss the huge discussion about who killed the most innocent people, USSR, the other Allies, Japan or Germany? Well, maybe I'll be awake the next time.
  6. Is the example above what one calls a coward? He lets his buddies go out on patrol but sits down with a coffee himself.
  7. There are two manuals to each game. A game manual and an engine manual. You should have had shortcut icons to both after you installed the game.
  8. Didn't Steve mention that the game will go from engine 4 to engine 5? So I think that they might give that some time.
  9. This seems to be some kind of tournament. I might be wrong but will try to follow.
  10. IanL has a new profile picture. Has he had a change of conviction or just decided to renew himself because he's getting old?
  11. My mum used to say that when she was a little girl and saw soldiers in German uniform she was amazed over how handsome they looked. But those of the forum members who play Germans in the CM-games probably do that because they maybe say the same about the tanks, halftracks and other technical equipment the Germans had and not so much about how the soldiers looked in uniform.
  12. It's from page 300 in the book Campaign In Russia by Degrelle I'm about to finish. But I'm sure one can read similar things in other books. I've never read any book by the author who wrote under the name Sven Hassel. But I remember that my brother, who read those books, talked about similar things. The writer "Sven Hassel" apparently took stuff to his books from Danish SS-volunteers.
  13. It's too easy to get bogged down and immobilised in a splash of mud in the games. It even happens if the conditions are freezing cold which would mean that a little splash of mud on a road would have been frozen stiff.
  14. Make sure to get a link from imgur that end with .jpg (or whatever image file you use). You could also try to add the name of your image after B8whnrk/ which is the end of the link. The picture below has the link ending with /qFGarvd_d.webp which you get if you choose to look at the imgur picture in a new tab or new window.
  15. I wonder how many of different nationalities there are active on this forum. If I'm correct there is at least one more Swede, at least one Danish who's busy doing mods, at least two Russians, some Australians and New Zealanders and then loads of Britts, Canadians and people from USA.
  16. We have all read about how different the fighting on the Eastern Front could be from the Western Front. So maybe Fire and Rubble will show this by having a bit of what these words from a commander describe "We watched their slaughter with sorrow and fury. The Soviet foot soldiers advanced between the tanks and smashed in the head of our unfortunate comrades with trench shovels. One of [my men] waved a white handkerchief above his head in vain. He had his face bashed in like the others by the slaughterers."
  17. Is this Soviet Operation Gemse somehow connected to the German Operation Solstice? Operation Solstice began on the 15 or 16 February with the aim to execute an offensive against the Soviets to encircle them around the river Oder. Soviet forces were to be attacked from Stargard in Pommerania as well as from Glogau in Silesia. But as things didn't go as planned the German offensive turned into a smaller attack. It also had a large tank battle up in Pommerania.
  18. I maybe misunderstood Tchoup and blame the night shift for that.
  19. And I was hoping to see some new patches whith larger changes to the game engine which would make the games more interesting to play.
  20. So having reinforcenents in quick battles is something that you imagine exists because it's possible to make different AI plans for quick battles? Or did I misunderstand you? I have made quick battles myself and always used all the 16 groups for both sides. But that doesn't mean you can have reinforcements in quick battles. There are some things you can have in scenarios that you can't have in quick battles. Triggers and touch objectives, for example, are two of the things you can't use in quick battles as all objectives painted on the quick battle maps are occupy only. And I'm prett
  21. Is that "a new build" and "the most recent build" as in an updated game engine 4 or maybe even the game engine 5 Steven mentioned in December? Or does "build" in the case you mentioned above mean a new "build" of a scenario which means that a scenario was changed a little bit?
  22. @ArtkinIf you want NPye's attention you should do as I did above to get your attention. But considering that NPye hasn't written anything in this thread since 2016, I'm not sure he's very active on the forum.
  23. @ArtkinHow many maps do you have and how large are those? Is the map scale 1:100000 or even closer like 1:50000 or 1:25000? If you have divided them in different areas like for example maps of Belarus in a zipped folder, maps of the Baltic States in a zipped folder, maps of Poland... and so on, why not put links to the dropbox folders, google drive folders or to which ever folders you have them on the Scenario Depot 3? @TchoupA place where one can find maps in the scale 1:50000 and 1:100000 is https://iu.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=3003eaf8107048aeabd74b74a1481cb4
  24. I read this description about the IS-tank: "But the Joseph Stalins were almost invulnerable. One as big as a baobab tree, all by itself, stayed for an hour barring the way out of a conquered village. It took its stand right inside a building and no one managed to dislodge it. The Stukas had to intervene. The whole road out of the village was bombed. Everyone was certain that this time the score had been settled with the Joseph Stalin. The cloud of dust fell back to earth. And what did we see? The ruins quivered, and the Stalin extricated itself and snorted. Covered wit
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