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  1. Looks like an amazing project! It's exciting to see so many quality Red Thunder campaigns in the works.
  2. Right now I'm trying to modify some existing scenarios by changing the thumbnail picture that appears in the scenario select screen. I've downloaded my images, resized them to 170 x 170 pixels and converted them to BMP files, but when I try to upload them in the scenario editor it just says that they're 2 x 2 pixels and the image doesn't show up at all. I can't figure out what the problem might be, so any tips from veteran scenario editors would be appreciated.
  3. I'll be glad to test some of the scenarios once F&R is released 😉
  4. It's a rabbit hole I don't want to go down at this stage either so I agree it'd be best to set the topic aside for now too. Back to the OP... probably all the scenarios and campaigns that are being promised! Since there's not a whole lot of those being produced by users at this time it's refreshing to see that we'll be getting the equivalent of a stand-alone game's worth of playable material. Not bad for a single expansion.
  5. Strategically and operationally they were definitely better, but tactically? In 1944 the Soviets still managed to lose almost triple the number of German casualties suffered in the same year. Even after taking into account that some of these were inflicted by Axis allies like Romania and Finland, that's not an indication of any tactical parity. All the more considering that the trend still holds true during the Soviets' greatest battlefield victories (in Operation Bagration they still somehow suffered more combat casualties than the Germans, although not in terms of total KIA/MIA).
  6. Probably a safe bet. I'd even go as far as to say this will probably be the last big expansion of Red Thunder before CMX3. Maybe a battle pack will come out after this, but you'll most likely get your wish in 10-15 years time when they release Combat Mission: Not One Step Back.
  7. We know that the Soviet campaign goes from Poland to Berlin and that the German campaign covers the Budapest relief attempts. One of the mini-campaigns is Strachwitz's operation to relieve Army Group North along the Baltic coast. Can we get a bone on what the other 2 mini-campaigns are, or is that classified information?
  8. Well considering that the period covered probably included more military casualties than any other single conflict for the remainder of the whole 20th century it's nice to see that us players can get an appropriate sense of the scale involved. Kudos to everyone who's worked on it so far! If the TOEs are any indicator the module probably has enough content to satisfy even the most nitpicky of history nerds.
  9. Fabulous news! On the website it says the module includes over 20 stand-alone campaigns! While I'd prefer to weep for joy in an ideal world 😅, it might be a better idea to let you guys fix that up real quick before too many folks get the wrong message.
  10. If anyone still has this scenario it would be great if they could repost it Playing this one was a ton of fun and unless this one gets uploaded to the scenario depot it may be lost forever!
  11. Anyone still have a copy of this scenario? The Scenario Depot doesn't have it.
  12. Anyone still have a file of this scenario on hand? It doesn't seem to be up on the scenario depot.
  13. Sounds fantastic! I’d definitely play if you’re able to pull it off. Let’s just hope the module isn’t too far off in that case.
  14. How many new campaigns/scenarios are projected to be in Fire and Rubble?
  15. Glad to see you're still around! Your custom campaigns have been tons of fun and any additional stuff would be most welcome.
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