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  1. Ahhhh @BFCElvis, I'm playing @Artkin. You shouldn't have told him that! Now its gonna be a fair fight!
  2. Since I usually play NATO I think Soviet tank commanders, especially those in T-64As, should stand up out of their turrets at all times. That way I can actually do some damage to 'em.
  3. Thanks @Kevin2k! I've got that bookmarked now. Probably a sticky to it somewhere appropriate on the forum would be a good idea.
  4. You guyz are totally off target. Since CMCW already has desert terrain I'm guessing the mod is Israelis vs An Arab Coalition. Well, I guess @Sgt.Squarehead was getting close: I think the DLC will be set in the middle East. Prolly '67 to '82. Pre and post Merkava. My humble, but correct, opinion.
  5. Steam should be considered marketing for Battlefront. For anyone who knows about their games, it is better to buy direct and get a Steam key I would imagine.
  6. You will not regret it @BarnesWhittle. It is one of their best!
  7. That is how I currently check for updates @Heirloom_Tomato. It does take a bit of work though. I'm often very good at finding the hardest way to do things. BTW, I still have our epic battle saved . I think I was on the verge of making a comeback after your comeback, that was after my comeback.
  8. Hi@Howler Folks on Steam will have their games updated automatically. That's one of the good things about Steam. You can also revert to earlier versions if you need to. So I say this to just clarify that this topic would only be useful to folks who don't use Steam. Personally I would love a single thread updated by the moderators that I could refer to. I keep a copy of all my installers on a flash drive so I would like a thread I could follow that is an easy reference and would email me with the release of an update since I'm following that thread. That sounds reasonable to me.
  9. Death and taxes. No escaping them. 16.5%, Wow! That's twice the sales tax where I live.
  10. I logged in and put CW (download only) in my cart and did everything but pay for it and it stayed $60. Even with the extras I couldn't get it to $69.90. @BFCElvis
  11. Ditto. We probably need a thread dedicated to that and pinned.
  12. If I'm Russian, and I want to spot something, the PRP-4M is the winner, hands down. It's radar spotting system works great! The BMP-3M comes in second at about 1/2 the spotting capability. (night, very hazy, totally unscientific)
  13. If I unbutton an M1 Abrams. Will that reduce its spotting ability? I know in Iraq there were instances when the crew popped up to use their machine guns against RPG teams on the left and right of the road. This is crazy brave and the crews were often injured, but in Combat Mission, would spotting change to the Mk1 eyeball?
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