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  1. That is a version of the M6 American heavy tank. Or at least it was based on an M6. Not many were made and it was so heavy that Eisenhower said No Thank You. We don't want it. The original tank had guns and machine guns sticking out everywhere. Someone who knows a little more about it might elaborate.
  2. It was 5Mb/s internet or indoor plumbing. You can see which one I picked. Come on Starlink!
  3. I don't think Schörner couldn't hold a candle to Oskar Dirlewanger. Even the SS hated him.
  4. I'll take that as I'm not supposed to use the word "Nazi". I apologize most profusely for insulting you and the murdered millions. I shall take myself out behind the woodshed right now.
  5. That takes the Cake for a sexy tank! Maybe not too scary, but definitely sexy!
  6. Curses! Y'all be correct! Dang grammer Nazis.😆 Oh! 🥺 Am I allowed to say that @BFCElvis?
  7. I know that all of @Warts 'n' all post's are clear as mud, 🤨 but what are you guys talking about?
  8. The vision slits were the other place you were supposed to shoot as a matter of fact. If you happened to have a machine gun, you could shoot the engine grill on the side OR walk up to it, lift the engine grill, and drop in a couple grenades. Sounds easy, no?
  9. I agree with much of what you said except for maybe the last sentence. I think it's a bit earlier than the '80s. At least the Arab-Israeli Wars. Massed tank attacks were stopped on both sides. As for placebos. I just watched a video on how the US Army said you could take a Japanese tank out with just a rifle. One way was to shoot the rim off the forward tank wheel. That's one good shot.
  10. Yeah, that one fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. May be an early inspiration for a Darlek also. I guess the tires must pivot up when not on a road? That looks like a mobile bunker. Never seen it before.
  11. If you guys haven't seen Pentagon Wars, it is worth a watch. I don't think it's 100% accurate, but it is hilarious.
  12. We've been having fun discussing which is the most survivable WWII Tank in WWII Combat Mission. I thought I'd ask a more light-hearted question: Which is the 'sexiest' and least 'sexy' tank of WWII? Meaning which tank has the best lines and just it's looks make the enemy break. Conversely, the least sexy tank is ugly, screams "I'm a target" and suppresses the enemy due to laughter. For me, the classic WWII Tank is the Panther. There are better tanks, and in person it may not be as impressive, but the profile just looks great. Least sexy tank (that I know of) is the Renault FT-17 tankette. Barely qualifies as a tank and there are Armored Cars (like the Puma) that would instill more fear in the enemy.
  13. 😂 That would make a great follow up question @Khalerick! I've always been partial to the Panther's sexy profile. Where as the French Renault FT-17 just screamed "Kill me"! I think I'll start a new thread with that question. BTW, when I was looking up the exact name of the FT tank, I ran across this cool web page: https://www.redbubble.com/i/tote-bag/French-Tanks-of-ww2-by-TheCollectioner/26629173.MLCYP I think I'll get that tote bag for my wife for her new handbag! 🤣
  14. So you can uninstall Windows updates fairly easily. I did and her computer went back to normal. Now I have to figure out a fulproof way of suppressing updates. On a related note, I have an older 2015 PC with a i7-4790K processor. I put in newer SSDs and NVMe drives. I pulled out a GTX-980 with a broken fan and installed Windows 10 using the on board CPU graphics. Everything was going just fine until it became time to install another graphics card. I had a GTX-1060 sitting on the shelf so I used it. Everything worked fine until the next Windows update. Then all hell broke loose. I wonder if I fix the fans on the GTX 980 and reinstalled it if I would run into the same Windows update problem.
  15. That is totally true. The twist to this question is "not in RL but in Combat Mission". So if you were to play a scenario in CM where the scenario point balance is equal, which tank would you choose to be in? That would include Firepower, Armor, Mobility, (and survivability) as modelled in CM. If you pick a 500 pt tank, your opponent would get 500 pts also. Rarity factored in. What got me thinking about this was what if we made a campaign where you, as a commander, were represented in the game with your own pixeltroopen. In that case, which tank would you choose to command in (assuming game over if you get clobbered. Your backup commander takes over).
  16. BTW @The Steppenwulf, Did you happen to have a Windows update that you can tell happened at about the same time or before your screenshot problems? My wife's computer freaks out with the latest Win 10 update.
  17. An aside: "Insecurity is the root of being too easily offended. These people didn't receive the love they needed as children and they have never felt safe. This makes them feel the need for having “safe spaces”. They need validation from others instead of finding their self-worth from within." Don't be "Spring-loaded to be offended". Be tolerant. If you have beef, send a PM and let the moderators handle it. Otherwise it just makes you look... bad. Now please continue with the technical discussion of modding CM to allow for women soldiers.
  18. Us Yanks are having a hard time followin' ya Warty. Even me, a transplanted Brit. I've only been in the USA fer almost 50 years and I still can't make heads or tails of it. So would your plan be to drive around in a Guinness truck and no one, from either side mind you, would dare shoot at you because their buddies murder 'em if they did?
  19. @SimpleSimon, So I've been watching a lot of videos on the Sheman and I now think it is a much better tank than I did a few days ago. But I'd still rather be in a Panther when playing Combat Mission. This opinion may change in the next few days as I'm battling @Artkin who has T-34/85s. And a lot of 'em.
  20. Why are you folks picking the Stuart over the Hellcat? @Erwin @E5K
  21. Strange, I've always heard the Sherman referred to as the "M4 Sherman Ronson... Lights first every time"😁
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