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  1. My homebrew PC is not eligible for Windows 11 because I do not TPM 2.0 security. This is a feature available on most motherboards made in the last 5 years. Odds are I just need to enable it in bios, not in a hurry to check.
  2. The KA flies more like an fixed wing than a rotor.
  3. To be fair, he raises many good points. ED has issues. Personally I have played Black Shark for over a decade off and on and love it. I have tinkered with A-10, but just does not "click" with me. I would not consider myself a hard core simmer, but want more than an arcade game, and while there are definitely issues ED is the best option I have found. I remember the hours I spent on Jane's Longbow 1 and 2 and hope to recapture that experience with the new AH-64 module. I don't do multiplayer, too hard to find a good group and when I do, scheduling with work and family makes it extremely difficult. Personally I have no problem with static campaigns, but would appreciate dynamic if they were available. Bottom line, ED could do so much more but for my needs they scratch that itch.
  4. I thought that some of our members who also enjoy flight sims may be interested in this. It is also now available for pre-order.
  5. Watch any Hollywood WWII movie from the last 50 years and do the opposite!
  6. It is close to 20 years since I discovered CMBO and these forums. To be honest I tried to dip a toe or two or two in the Peng, but could not navigate the currents. I do fondly remember many of the originals from back them and am saddened by the passing of individuals that I came to both fear and respect. Recently I walked down memory lane through the archives and had many laughs at the shared wit, and grimaced at my own attempts to contribute. As an army brat I grew accustomed to friendships lasting a year or two at best. To look back and find that I have been part of this community for nearly two decades is truly remarkable.
  7. Sorry, I have the x-55, my son flys with the x-52. We bother prefer the 55, but it is more expensive, especially now during the pandemic. I have the old Saitek version. Logitech bought them out and rebranded it the X-56 Rhino https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Pro-Flight-Rhino-HOTAS/dp/B01LX398IE/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=x-56&qid=1610195741&sr=8-3
  8. With my current X-52 I have no problem flying DCS flight sim and Elite Dangerous space sim while in VR. More than enough buttons, hats, rotaries to get the job done. I have no need to see the HOTAS. For some of the non-combat actions I use Voice Attack, landing gear, comms, lights...
  9. Yeah, pedals vs twist is a personal and sometimes contentious decision. I have gotten used to twist and since my gaming computer is in the family room, it is more acceptable to SWMBO. BTW, the twist on the Virpil sticks can be locked out and they also offer pedals.
  10. Sorry it is Virpil, sorry for the typo Here is a review of the joystick I like And here is the throttle.
  11. Sorry for the double post, but I am also drooling over some of the Vipril hardware, mostly due to the twist rudder. Don't get me wrong I loved my CH pedals back in the day but prefer the twist now. Their equipment is expensive and there appears to be a long wait once ordered.
  12. If you are into more modern and VERY accurate flight sims I recommend Digital Combat Simulator. In VR it is awesome. Fully rendered and clickable cockpits, great missions and multiplayer if you are into it. I am working to become proficient on the KA-50 Blackshark helo and have played with the A-10 but damn it is complicated. While DCS does have some WWII aircraft and campaigns, I have not played enough to comment having just played around a bit with the P-51 and the Dora.
  13. I have had the Logitech X-55 for several years, while cannot compare to the Thrustmaster equipment, it is more than enough for me. I also gave up on Track IR years ago and switched to VR. As far as I know IL2 supports VR.
  14. I have a treasured copy of The Shield and the Storm by Blake, Thomas G, which covers the 1991 gulf war. This book has always been special as it is dedicated in part to my father who passed away Jan. 1 of that year.
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