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  1. Throwing in my 2 cents, been around long enough to have an opinion on this which is probably against the grain of the fan-boys, sorry lads. What attracted me to the original CM back in 2004 was the 3D nature of the simulation and all the benefits the gave us over the 2D top down model we call came from. It was a ground breaking experience that continued into CMx2 engine in the form of CMBN first. But since then I think there has been a lack of innovation in my opinion. There is not enough different about the other WW2 titles if you already own CMBN (plus upgrades/ all modules). Now
  2. @Steve. Thanks for the info. Its taken me a few hours of figuring out but I successfully purchased / deployed for CMBN: 3.12 4.0 battle pack vehicle pack Its easier certainly but still a lot of leg work. I do appreciate your help though. All the best. Scott
  3. I agree the whole thing is very confusing I understand the Battlefront commercial model, I dont have an issue with it to be clear. I think the problem is making it easier for customers to engage with said commercial model. The amount of research a user must do is prohibitive to making an update or content purchase ... especially compared to steam DLC as an example. Not suggesting Steam is an option ( I remember a post a decade ago about BF deciding it was not for them ) but maybe some form of proprietary application to help users upgrade and purchase additional content , even automate it on
  4. Been a BF customer since 2004 but avoided purchasing since CMBN modules simply because I am so utterly confused by the system of patches , upgrades , modules , battle packs. Its an absolute minefield sorry BF from a non-technical consumer point of view. Really frustrated.
  5. Great to see development is ongoing but my word your upgrades and patches and add-ons create a very confusing picture for the consumer especially having been away for a wee while. Its quiet daunting. All the best Scott
  6. I think the CMBO "Devil's Descent" is the perfect example of one of the strengths of this game. Small unit tactics over multiple linked scenarios. I keep a spreadsheet of squad head count when I play it for added management fun including leader changes. I want to create an affinity with the company I command within the wonderful realism environment that CMx2 creates (as opposed to COH point and click rubbish). I understand from previous and multiple discussions over the years a campaign map is never going to happen, that's fine if its not worth the investment BF. But more support for linke
  7. "small campaigns" that would be nice ..... how about a campaign map ..... ..... i know i know , never going to happen.
  8. Just spotted this threat. Very interested. I understand the effort BF as a small developer puts into the modules but for me personally (IMO) I am finding it difficult to play these days. Additional CMx2 WW2 titles for me are all too similar (understanding many users love the addition of different vehicles and TOCs each module provides). An operational game sounds incredible if it can be made to work.
  9. Yip did that lots with CMx2 vanilla. Thankful BF allows you to do that, they have definitely got that right ! fantastic feature. That is a very going point ! Playing the human element is what gives me a buzz in RO2. Will give it a go ideally against a newbie as I aint that good.
  10. Sorry forgot about this thread and thanks for the reply. I did pose my initial question honestly , was not a dig at the software offering just how I felt at the time. Check the date I joined this forum , been playing BF CM products for more that a decade , know them inside out. CMAK along with ETW probably represent the most time I had every spend with an application. After analysing my post I think my problem is recent exposure to R02 (no bots) logging almost 1000 hours. Completely different game but I have found my attention span for strategy less than it use to be .... not CMx2 fault ob
  11. Is it just me or does the addition of new equipment (TOE, nations , vehicles, etc) via the modules not add much to this game ? Honestly strike me down if i'm wrong , its just I have played the commonwealth module for maybe 2 hours since purchase months ago and I just keep getting bored Sure 2.0 added some features, armour cover arc is great. I admit I have not looked into this in too much detail but on the face of it the modules to date seem to be more about adding new equipment and formations rather than new features into the software. Maybe that's more important for most of you ,
  12. $5 bundled with Market Garden ? ---SOLD--- Whats the ETA on MG (been a while since i have looked sorry)
  13. LOL sorry , had to laugh at that too (no offence intended Togi) being involved in the dev world too there is no way its that simple. Personally I am on the fence on the $10 issue , agree BF need to be paid for their efforts but its difficult as a consumer to get use to paying for what I would class as minor features.
  14. very very interesting indeed. Thanks for posting.
  15. I agree, best campaign to date IMO , helped provide to a small degree some of that battle continuity i seek. The software as is obviously hits enough buttons with most of us to keep us purchasing and enough sales for BF to make it worth there time so the big leap to a campaign will never happen. All i ask is try bridging gap a little somehow.
  16. Been said a million times and turned down a million times by BF in know but personally i need more of a campaign / strategic mode or at least anything that can help improve continuity between battles in a campaign. I have struggled to get excited about playing CMBN for 6 months or so after playing it to death upon release. Completely understand games like Empire Total War are a completely different from CMBN in many ways but since ETW release in 2009 ish i have logged over 1000 hours. Different markets , different developer budgets i completely understand , just an example of software I just d
  17. i find CMBN takes much more skill to play it well in WEGO mode compared to REAL TIME regarding timiing and 10s of these little idiosyncrasies that it just isnt as fun .... despite the benefit of being able to replay the action in detail. What we need is a pause rewind option in REAL TIME mode IMO. (granted for AI games only)
  18. Just popped in to find this out too. No news is good news hopefully. A module would be nice.
  19. not read much of this thread admittedly really just the first post but IMO the PC gamer review is way of the mark , they have failed to understand the complexity of the software and are focusing on the elements that larger games developers spend millions on that smaller developer cant but what smaller developers do is focus on game-play and IMO BF get 10 out of 10.
  20. interesting thread, just so happens my wife is looking for a new laptop for work and she is asking me to spec it up for her .... wouldn't be a bad thing if it "just" happened to be the perfect spec for CMBN
  21. generally find them in jeeps for the US , click on a jeep, click on the ammo tab. Dont understand why the 60mm rounds are never available in trucks or why designers dont have access to amend the ammo load ether.
  22. was the ACQUIRE 60mm rounds bug fixed in the patch ? i.e they disappear from both ACQUIRE-ER and ACQUIRE-E
  23. Yip, agree, that's exactly it. Not all about Caen.
  24. i just wish we had finer control over the weapon used. Ok its micro management but could be pretty good fun.
  25. When i dont have much time , i love to play a quick a QB. The purchasing process is possibly the most fun part ... tend to find the actual battle inst up to much , not the same challenge as a BATTLE or CAMPAIGN. Found a cracking map recently Meeting-Engagement Med Rough 67 .... farm perch on a hill and a nice valley. Beautifully drawn map. edited to say , purchase system for campaigns , now that would be fun .... not too realistic though.
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