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  1. Sorry for the super slow reply. Anyways, the link doesn't work - you've just copy and pasted the URL of your file from your browser. You need to actually give me permission to the file. Add the email address (given in my first post, above) and give me permission to access that folder.
  2. Sure - add me in dropbox and share me a file. Pick something from the MG Module.
  3. I currently only have CM:BN with CW, but would be willing to pick up MG. I only enjoy scenarios, respond about once a day, and am mostly looking for a PBEM match (but could still pull off a RT game). I havn't played in the past few years but am looking to start again. I used to play CMBB and CMAK, as well as CMBN when it came out - so I'm above average, but still rusty. You can email me at FragerZ at hotmail dot com. Thanks!
  4. I don't think you can, unless you get a vehicle to roll over it. It's more of a scenario design issue. If the author wanted you to be able to go outside of the beaten patch, he would have given you breach teams.
  5. Hey now, no need to start name-calling.
  6. I've seen this a few times against real targets with different vehicles. In bois de baugin, my JPz IV fired 3 HE shells in a row against a Sherman. In a quick battle online, I had a StuG fire HE shells at the front of an abandoned Sherman, despite having full ammunition.
  7. But... Firepower statistics wouldn't make any sense. In cmx1, either your entire squad was pinned or your entire squad would fire their weapons. CMBN is too dynamic for such a statistic to be meaningful. Sometimes the man carrying your LMG will be pinned, and sometimes he won't. Sometimes he'll have an excellent LOS, or sometimes he just won't be positioned right. The best thing you can do is know the loadout of the squads, and make decisions based on that. If I'm not mistaken, PzG have an extra LMG - so use they will have a further optimal range. Fusileers have an extra SMG, and so I'll ta
  8. Fortifications are not good purchases. On a large bocage map, buy Panthers and Stug's. Personally, I'm a fan of buying those 95 point Stummels. But I can never seem to use them well.
  9. So I didn't read all of the posts here, but I did read Chris Ferrouses post where he says he will release two versions of his scenarios. I really don't think that's needed, because whenever I play H2H games live, I simply go in to all of the scenarios and add 20 or so minutes. You don't need to release two versions - just tell people to add a certain amount of time. I've played around a dozen live H2H games and whenever I play QB's, we always give it 2 hours. We play small sized forces on medium sized maps with maximum time. Especially given some of the command delay for the joining player,
  10. Wait, what? Why would you say that real time play isn't possible? I've played a number of real time games online. If you have two computers, you and your wife can try playing the demo in real time against each other. If it works, buy a second copy.
  11. Apparently, you can't comment twice on a scenario. I wanted to add this as a response to the comment I left there. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then don't worry about it. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Just me and my opponent's lighthearted opinion after handily defeating him by moving my *assets* back, and giving them tight lines of sight to cover the bridge. People should take these comments with a grain of salt anyways, since they're so subjective and since first impressions of maps vary so widely.
  12. I've noticed this a couple of times, and I would like to know when and why this happens so that I can adjust the tactics I use. For example, I've sometimes had deployed MG team start using a pistol at an enemy 20 meters away, when it should have been turning them into a human smoothie. Thanks
  13. Yes. Try clicking on a waypoint to highlight it. This will enlarge the waypoint, and let you change the order, add facing and cover arcs, pauses, etc. I'm trying to find an illustration from the Shock Force forum, but I can't find it. I'm sure someone else will.
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