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  1. Thank you all for your tips and links. I read Combatintman's guide and AAR and the translated manual. although the guide was quite advanced for someone like me, It did set me in the right state of mind for what's to come. After about 5'ish hours, I manged to finish both the 3rd and 4th mission in the training campaign. I even manged to sang "overwhelming victory" on the last mission. I have to say this again, this seems to be a very nice community. and I hope to continune to participate in it in the future.
  2. Thank you all for your advice, I appreciate this and it gives me the strength to figure this out. I'll view the Blogspot material you suggested and take all the tips to heart and try again in force during the weekend.
  3. You are right, I should make this more clear. I managed to get a good comprehension of cover and concealment both from the game manual and a few hours of YouTube let's play video. I did not attempt to rush the enemy on open ground, I attempted multiple paths that had both protection from stationary MG and cover but still failed to comprehend the bigger picture. The concept you mentioned about drawing the enemy out of cover with small detachments was something I never would have thought of myself i"m afraid. Any insights like this ore links to material contemning those insights would be appreciated.
  4. Hello everyone. A few days ago, I took my first step into tactical strategy games with CM:Final blitzkrieg. As per requested in the game manual, I started the training campaign. The first two mission ware self explanatory. I learned the mechanics and UI and managed to complete them without any problem. Then I got to the third mission and thing got complected, in that mission you need to fend off an attack on a town and then counter attack a specific point on the map. The first part of the mission start with artillery and AT tutorial, and then after troop reinforcement arrives you are told to use it either to bolster your defenses or use them for the counter attack. After that, the tutorial tells you to sort thing out yourself. 5 hours later, I still fail to wrap my head around and strategy that works, you either fortify the reinforcement at some defensible position and see them attrition due to artillery, or send them counter attacking via different avenues that end up kill the lot of them before even 100m of the target. As you may understand, I need some guidance as to how to undestrnd the battlefield in this kind of scenario, what to look for and how to best approach this game. Also,any link to written or video material that could help me understand the game better would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
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