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  1. What happened on this day? ...Adolf Hitler’s birthday...Soviet artillery hits Berlin’s suburbs...execution of Operation Clausewitz...the Berlin Zoo closes...Hitler orders an evacuation of government departments...the Soviets launch a large-scale offensive south of Stettin...the battle of Bernau takes place as the 2nd Guard Tank Army reaches the town...Hermann Göring demolishes his Carinhall residence...Ivan Konev’s 1st Ukrainian Front races to Zossen... The Battle Of Berlin: April 20th 1945 - Soviet Artillery Reaches Berlin (berlinexperiences.com)
  2. Hurry up. At the 19th april the battle of Seelow heights will be over and the battle of Berlin is about to begin... Battle of the Seelow Heights 1945 - YouTube
  3. Make that late twenties. Some history here: Turn by Turn: The Story of Battlefront | Polygon
  4. Hmm, good question. I can only answer for myself and the guys I occassionally PBEM with. Most came from the Steel Panthers games or ASL games to CMBO and stayed here on or off. None of us is younger than 51 ranging up to 68. Don´t know if that is representative for the whole community, though.
  5. Put a decade on top and you are in the right ballpark.
  6. They have it on their plate, according to Steve. His answer to me from 01/2021 here:
  7. Maybe it is the lack of a commonwealth module and CM:FB not going up until VE-Day. That would be my next favorite in my collection. Maybe in three years, who knows?
  8. Haha, I´m that kind of guy too. I´d buy anything easternfront from the spot. A remake of CM:BB would be my favorite.
  9. April still has a few days. However most Steam releases happen on Tuesdays, so 20th or 27th would be a good guess.
  10. This month. Enjoy your meal. Pre-orders for Combat Mission Cold War are now open. - Combat Mission Cold War - Battlefront.com Community
  11. You are welcome. Tac No. is 111. The Battle of the Bulge Begins - Armored Attack 1944: U.S. Army Tank Combat in the European Theater (erenow.net)
  12. Don´t know what exactly CM defines as a late Panther G. However this one, equipped with steel rimmed road wheels has been abandoned in La Gleize 25/12/1944 and was part of KG Peiper. Heinz Knappich's Panther '221' was abandoned in the centre of La gleize,the vehicle was originally standing in front of Alfreds… | Panther, Ardennes, Tanks military (pinterest.com) Pin auf Panzerkampfwagen V ("panther") (pinterest.de) and Panther Gs with chin turret at 26/12/1944 here: Baugnez (1st SS PD) Hotton (116th PD)
  13. Both Suvorov and Bagration were highly respected russian generals of 18/19th century. Alexander Suvorov - Wikipedia Pyotr Bagration - Wikipedia And AFAIK Stalins quote was in reference to Rokossovskies talent to handle organization of extremely complex kinds of action as in Operation Bagration and the subsequent annihilation of Army Group Center in summer 1944 but can´t find a direct reference for that.
  14. Yep. There is an even better quote about him: "I have no Suvorov, but Rokossovsky is my Bagration." __Joseph Stalin Let´s keep our fingers crossed that we get that F&R module this week. "Knocks on wood"
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