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  1. Don´t need no poll. Commonwealth forces and expansion into VE Day for Final Blitzkrieg is due. Then finally we can go from D-Day to VE-Day with both games after 10 years of development.
  2. It has been like this since 20 years. Be happy if you see something new for x-mas, but don´t count on it.
  3. With their performance record more likely x-mas, if we are lucky this year.
  4. Yes it is highly variable from country to country. My wife returned from NY on 17th march with one of those last flights to germany and went directly into 14 days quarantine. Luckily she developed no symptoms. The FT has a good site to have a worldwide overview about the numbers. Today they also integrated excess mortality. Here: https://www.ft.com/coronavirus-latest
  5. Will have a look. Thanks for that. Yes I agree. It ain´t over yet. We need to stay on top of the numbers to avoid getting into a second wave. At least right now R values for Germany based on BRICS look promissing (look here: https://gitlab.com/simm/covid19/secir/-/wikis/Report) (BRICS), Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research Additionally we don´t have excess mortality over seasonal flu based on the Euromomo numbers (https://www.euromomo.eu/graphs-and-maps#z-scores-by-country), but Spain, Belgium, UK, Italy really look grim. That corona virus strain certainly is far more aggress
  6. Nope, they reserved a lot of emergency beds (ICUs) in germany for covid (50%) and had to sent staff home because elective surgery practically was forbidden. The covid patients never materialized. They now reduce this to 25% reservation rate for covid patients and open up hospitals for normal surgical procedures again. So these guys are spot on at least for what is happening in germany. If you look at the numbers of early tests in the country you find that in a covid hotspot area (Heinsberg) 15% of the people were positive for antibodies (were already exposed to the virus) with death rates at a
  7. A lot of truth here: People should start listening to the doctors who actually are confronted with the patients on a daily basis:
  8. Great appetizers here. But I have to ask the obvious question. Any sensible guestimate when we can start playing our own Seelow Heights scenarios? Summer or Autumn or X-mas? Or god forbid...2021?
  9. They have no clue what they do and they have no pipeline. Lets see how all this turns out.
  10. Any news? Still this year or do we have to wait ´til 2020?
  11. 5 month later and nothing of substance has been released...
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