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  1. A question for Steve, a bit off topic but still upgrade related. At this point in time is CM2 Windows going to remain a 32-bit program? I made a really large map/scenario with the idea of mimicking old CM campaigns over the length of a 4 hour battle. Everything was testing well until our Win32 versions started getting oom errors as reinforcement forces were added to the survivors of the previous skirmish. My theory is 64-bit would solve the oom issue and allow for larger battles. This doesn't mean I am not still in awe of what CM accomplishes. After all these years that's a pretty go
  2. I had similar experiences on my laptop. Once I set up the laptop to use it's dedicated video card instead of the integrated one the problem went away. I did this in the Nvidia control panel.
  3. What about the other items on the list and the outfit?
  4. What a queer notion, do you have many of those?
  5. I NEVER said there were claims about shipment dates for individual products in the sales policy. There are shipment dates for categories of orders, such as pre-ordered items: SHIPPING AND DELIVERY TIMES In stock items are usually shipped within 1-2 BUSINESS days after receipt. Backordered and Pre-Order items are shipped out when they become available. ORDERS WITH OUT OF STOCK OR PRE-ORDER ITEMS If your order contains any out of stock, backordered or Pre-order items your order will NOT ship until all ordered items are back in stock. We do not ship out partial orders.
  6. I have not engaged in any personal attacks. Of course you'd have to actually read everything I wrote to know that For the record, as a huge fan of irony, I have absolutely loved every one of Snake's personal attacks. Every. Single. One.
  7. Quit diverting from the promised release date, the one thing your entire deranged argument rests upon. You know, from the Sales Policy you haven't quite been able to understand up to this point. Maybe we should start there...
  8. Do you have enough awareness, of both self and the world around you, to understand that your subjective judgments are NOT universal truths?
  9. What amuses me about this that the guy who can't find the promised release date for pre-ordered software in BF's Sales Policy is implying the one who could read and understand it is stupid.
  10. Oh, you mean like when he asked me if I was STUPID?
  11. https://consumer.findlaw.com/consumer-transactions/customer-returns-and-refund-laws-by-state.html
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