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    Holien got a reaction from Roter Stern in Will Russia Attack Ukraine in September?   
    History repeats itself again and again because humans are basically the same throughout History. The same motivation and desires just re-spun with different words. The technology changes but humans remain the constant. 
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    Holien reacted to IanL in Campaigns,H2H Ever?   
    Correct and don't hold your breath. I bring it up every now and then as it is my most wanted feature. Steve has said the number of people who want it is a vanishingly small portion of the player population.
    The majority of people only play against the AI. Of those that play PBEM many of those avoid long scenarios because it can take months or years to play them. Playing a campaign H2H via PBEM would take n times longer. So, the number of people who want to play H2H campaigns may be all the people on this thread and no one else.
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    Holien got a reaction from Warts 'n' all in Market Garden H2H   
    Bear in mind that not all of those scenarios will have been designed for HtH play. Solo play requires different design choices to H2H. So you or your opposition will have to get used to the imbalance. Perhaps get the stronger player to take the weaker side.
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    Holien reacted to sburke in Fire and Rubble Update   
    Friday afternoon and finally off video conference calls.  Gawd I both love Zoom and hate it.
    There are lots of reasons for delay and for those of us who have been around a while it is a constant joke on Steve's ability to wildly overestimate when a product will be out.  We love ya steve but I always double or triple your estimates.    Covid has impacted all of us and I really appreciate Combatintman's concerns.  My wife and I both have aging mother's that are very vulnerable.  In my case I can't visit her because of the risk, my wife is unable to even assume risk, she is simply prohibited.  Despite all the fluff from the orange man, a vaccine is a ways off and even then we are looking at manufacturing and distribution - and a possible mutation.  From a work perspective my job has gotten extremely time consuming and difficult and I barely even have time to play CM much less beta test it. For Steve etal sure they had requirements for their other contracts as well as trying to patch all the titles for various issues continue work on modules and deal with their personal lives.  Right now if anything we should all be giving each other leeway to deal with a difficult time.  Freakin sky is at least not yellow here today with smoke forcing everyone indoors.  I have a bottle of wine, some sashimi grade seafood was just delivered, my wife is healthy and it is the weekend.  I'll take it.
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    Holien reacted to Haiduk in Will Russia Attack Ukraine in September?   
    Poland and Baltic states. Four B-52 were in the sky.

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    Holien reacted to Haiduk in Will Russia Attack Ukraine in September?   
    Russia is recognized by Ukraine and international community as agressor and occupant of Crimea.
    According to Geneva Convention of 1949 all responsibility for population supply on occupied territory lies on the state-occupant.
    Malta, for example, almost hasn't own water, it imported from outside. Russia has grabed Crimea? Well, let now carry the water in the buckets through their bridge - this is already not our problem. Only so impudent state like Russia can grab foreign territory and think that country victim of agression must continue to supply occupied territory as if nothing happened! 
    Crimea will receive the water only after it will turn back to Ukraine. Else, if Russia will not solve this problem, Crimea turned out into steppe desert like it was before 1954. But Russia can't do that. Pro-Russian Crimean said in 2014 "What further? Let even rocks from the heaven! We are in Russia now!" Ok. Rocks switched on.
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    Holien got a reaction from George MC in Ministry of Defense video   
    Dominic C (Boris's brain) shaking up the whole status quo. Lot's of establishment in his sights.
    Mind you by using CM it might be shown that tanks are still required if they want to protect our allies.
    Hmm I have just realised we don't count the Europeans as allies any more...
    If I were being really cynical perhaps Russia is our new friends after the help they gave Boris...
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    Holien got a reaction from JonS in To our friends from the UK and the Commonwealth   
    Just a cultural difference between nations, I wouldn't take offence. You meant well.
    I spent time being educated at an American High school and while I had a great time it was a real eye opener on how different the American patriotism level is compared to the UK. For example standing up every morning being "brainwashed"(btw me being cheeky) going ra ra for the flag was very alien was just part of how kids are indoctrinated. I can see the reasons for it as America has to meld different folks into citizens. 
    The love from America towards the UK is not really reciprocated and our desire for recognition is very different to the American approach. The UK military is deeply grounded and having an American actor say how great they are will be deemed a be a bit annoying. 
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    Holien reacted to akd in Exciting news about Battlefront and Slitherine   
    Wargamer has a short interview with Steve up:
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    Holien reacted to agusto in What the actual hell is this game?   
    MOUT operations in CMx2 titles have always been pretty bloody if not executed without exceptional care. I can not make a statement regarding your specific situation, but what i ve observed in the couple of years playing CMx2 is that clearing a building occupied by hostile forces is
    Best avoided if possible If avoiding clearing the building is impossible, destroy the building or its occupants using heavy fire power (tanks, aircraft artillery, what ever you' ve got). If destroying the building or it's occupants using heavy fire power is not possible, prepare it for infantry clearing by first spending a couple of turns suppressing it's occupants using at least a 3:1 force ratio and the target or target light command. RPGs and the like are wonderful tools for convincing an enemy in a building to leave it. After preparing the building for assault, keep suppressing it with a target-light command and a 2:1 force ratio an send a 1:1 force ratio troop into the building, carefully. Use the pause command and suppress each room with the assault element using target-briefly for at least 10 seconds before entering (this also leads to some grenade throwing, etc). If possible, send the assault element into the building using demo charges by blowing in a wall that has no windows and from the top most floor possible (because hand grenades work best if thrown from an upper to a lower floor). If heavy resistance is encountered in a room, retreat and try to destroy or at least suppress the enemy using your over-watch element from the outside. Using above listed steps, MOUT against an inferior force as the Syrians in CMSF2 can usually be done relative casualty free. Fighting an equal enemy such as the Russians in CMBS, on the other hand, will always cause you some losses, there is no way around it. Just accept it and keep pushing forward towards your mission objectives.
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    Holien reacted to Bil Hardenberger in Exciting news about Battlefront and Slitherine   
    It can be viewed at this link
    I'll critique Chris's play once I get a chance to watch it myself.   
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    Holien reacted to Jock Tamson in Exciting news about Battlefront and Slitherine   
    Good news, albeit long overdue.  I've never understood the meta on these forums that there is a "typical Steam user" when there are games like Scourge of War Waterloo - less accessible than CM and with graphics performance that makes CM look like it's on speed - that are rated Mostly Positive on Steam.
    Anyway, aside from hoping that the vastly increased exposure through Steam will lead to significant future investment in the titles, for me one of the biggest windfalls from this partnership would be if CM integrated with Slitherine's PBEM system.  If you are a regular player of Field of Glory 2 or similar you will already know what a boon this is to quickly getting multiple games going with randoms or friends.
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    Holien reacted to JulianJ in The Houthi Art of War: Why They Keep Winning in Yemen   
    The Houthis seem to be the Vietnamese de nos jours - highly ingenious and adaptable - ever seen an AA missile repurposed as a SAM on a technical (yes the range is reduced).
    The Houthi Art of War: Why They Keep Winning in Yemen
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    Holien got a reaction from IanL in Exciting news about Battlefront and Slitherine   
    The world is all about people, when two good people meet good things can happen I am glad the right people at both companies have put this agreement in place. 
    I hope it works out as planned. Really pleased for both companies. 
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    Holien reacted to Haiduk in Battlefront Poll Updated   
    By priority:
    1. Blitzkrieg 39-40 with horses  
    11. European conventional conflict "sandbox", based on CMBS (+Ukraine with UNCONs, +Baltic states, +Poland, +СMSF2 NATO countries) maybe on CMx3 engine
           Turkey and France modules to CMSF2
    7. Fulda Gap
    5. Arab-Israeli 1973
    12. Korea
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    Holien reacted to Probus in Battlefront Poll Updated   
    7. "Fulda Gap": 1970-90
    Europe WWIII
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    Holien reacted to Probus in Battlefront Poll Updated   
    1. Blitzkrieg: 1939-40 
    WWII Early war
    (also Finland)
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    Holien reacted to JulianJ in Napoleon was undone by faulty strategy. Debate.   
    I find that a strange thing to say. If there's anything left of this society in 100 years, I feel sure that Hitler will be as vilified as he is today: a murderous fascist.
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    Holien got a reaction from Pete Wenman in For the CMFG (Combat Mission: Fulda Gap) proponents   
    A man sat behind a computer screen with a beer belly in his underwear is not very photogenic! 
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    Holien reacted to Wicky in Guided Tour of WW2 related sites in Holland   
    A quick tour of Rotterdam. Arnhem and US graveyard by Dutch biker lass Itchyboots 
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    Holien reacted to Sequoia in Hypothetical China-India war is now much less hypothetical   
    You mean the guy who back stabbed the Kurds?
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    Holien reacted to George MC in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    This is the first time I've seen a 251/17 engage an enemy aircraft. At first i wondered what it was shooting at. For context this is the opening stage of an assault on one of my 'occupy' objectives. As I'm very light on infantry the poor defenders had been subject to shelling and mortaring and now direct fire from my various HE chuckers that had LOF to the area.

    SPW and their rides moving up.


    Running forward to take up firing positions. No sign of any surviving opposition, but I'm not taking any chances... Lot's of suppressing fire from their accompanying SPW as well as fire from other supporting units.

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    Holien reacted to BletchleyGeek in Ministry of Defense video   
    Congratulations to the BFC team for what I think is the best endorsement for a simulation like CMx2. I can only hope that besides the $$$ stream coming via the contract, you guys also get  some feedback on the sim, the kind of feedback that "nerds in white lab coats" can generate, and that helps you make CMx2 (or future ones) better.
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    Holien got a reaction from George MC in Ministry of Defense video   
    Hi the key phrase I used was "could" and perhaps I should have also  said "some"... 
    But hey ho the overall all aim of my post was to applaud the collaboration and I hope that came through...
    Both excellent companies that have both withstood the test of time...
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