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  1. Agree this is a very realistic simulator. But I think there a little off with air power in RT. If you get to close to your own air or artillery strike the game will punish you. And im all for that. Friendly fire is a fact of war. To each his own. In RT Ill get by with out it.
  2. In RT I dont bother with air support. I have been attacked by my own planes to many times. The last time I used it my own planes attacked me 4 times. Never did attack the enemy.
  3. Are you starting them out in a friendly setup zone ?
  4. I would say Final Blitzkrieg. It looks and plays better than the others. And I love the content.
  5. Welcome Knightly Fish

    Semper Fi

  6. Yes I have always thought that RT and FB look and play better than BN.
  7. Yes I agree. I played Now or Never today. And I enjoyed it very much.
  8. F&R Looks Great. Years of fun. Thanks BF
  9. Russia with Kursk and Stalingrad would make me happy. Anyone else ??
  10. Artkin- This is a good tip. I tried it. It works. Thank You
  11. E5K

    Question for Umlaut - Has anyone ever researched the young man in your profile pic ? He looks like he has been through hell. And is glad its over.    Thanks  E5K

  12. One of the best studies I have seen. Excellent work. Thank you sir
  13. So many pros and cons. For the best combination of fire power , mobility and armor I have to say Panther. I dont think any heavy tank can be in the running for best tank.
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