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      Click NEXT and give your new Shortcut a name (doesn't matter what). Confirm that and you're done. Double click on the new Shortcut and you should be prompted to license whatever it is you need to license. At this time we have not identified any issues that have not been worked around.  Let's hope it stays that way Steve
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Bil Hardenberger

AAR - Wittmann's Demise - The German Perspective

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Coming soon...

This game was played against my old foe The_Capt (Warren Miron) and has turned out to be such an amazing feast of tank destruction I just have to share it.

I hope you don't mind another AAR from me. This one is very far along so I will try to talk Warren into jumping in and adding some comments along the way. Feel free to comment as much as you like as this battle is, as I said, winding down. We are still playing, but I doubt I will catch up to where we currently are before we finish the game.

Damn, this is one helluva swirling dogfight.


The scenario: George MC's amazing Wittman's Demise

Download it and follow along if you like. If you still hope to play this scenario then I recommend you don't read this AAR until you have.


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KG Waldmuller

Enemy armor has been very active and Intelligence believes they are preparing to continue their attacks. Our task is to take the attack to them and interrupt their plans, buying some precious time for the German formations in the area.

The size and OB of the enemy force is unknown, but we expect strong enemy armor, Canadian and British armor has been active in the area. We expect to be outnumbered in this desperate gamble.

The mission orders say to attack in parallel on each side of the road, however after reviewing the maps, objectives for this mission and our force we will instead initially concentrate our force on the left side of the road.


From our Start position (SP) we will attack and seize Objective 1 (Gaumesnil), then we will proceed onto Objective 2, and finally to Objective 3.

Note that we have no objectives on the right side of the road other than Objective 3 so we will be avoiding that terrain. This may change as our reinforcements begin to enter the battle area.


Objective 1 is Gaumesnil. This walled compound could be a very tough nut to crack and it MUST be seized and cleared of enemy forces as soon as possible before the enemy can counter-attack into our flank.


Objective 2 lies along the North edge of the map and is a touch objective. Objective 3, also along the back edge of the map I believe is a touch objective as well.. but I don't remember.


For my approach to Objective 1 I have put iinto action the following reconnaissance plan.

--Ausf. Section 2 (with a Marder in support) will scout the far left approach.

--Ausf. Section 1 (with a Jpz-IV in support) will scout the center road leading to the objective.

--A Tiger Section of 2 tanks will scout the main road leading to the Objective, also keeping an eye on any enemy in the avoidance zones on the right side of the map.

The terrain, though interspersed with hederows has plenty of room for maneuver, the hedgerows are rarely so thick that a vehicle wouldn't be able to find a way through somewhere. Lateral movement should be good.


A note on my approach for this game. As many of you know I normally favor a flexible Recon Pull style of play in most cases. However for this particular battle I am using Command Push. Basically I have set objectives and routes of advance in mind and my recon assets will be tasked with providing me with the appropriate intelligence along these fixed routes so I can react effectively and timely to any enemy contacts.

Q - How do you eat an elephant? A - One bite at a time.

This is exactly how I intend to play this scenario, I have to be careful not to get ahead of myself. I have 1 hour 50 minutes to accomplish my objectives, so will take my time and attempt to keep casualties low...

...how this actually develops we shall see.

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Hi Bill

I've been waiting to see your take on this scenario :) I've just started it as a PBEM (my opponent made a few wee changes) so I'm interested in your opening moves (we're also a bit into it). My opening moves were pretty similar. My oppo twigged this...

I've wondered (after creating this scenario) why Wittmann's team did what they did. I can only surmise (and I think a clue is in Meyer's account i.e. he glosses over his briefing with these guys) that they were sold a pup, in that they did not know the enemy had pushed as far as they had or were told 'nah don't worry they are not that far forward...'

I'm looking forward to this one Bil :)

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Meet the Team

Battalion command for the force that is currently in the area of operations is lead by Wittmann of course and his 7 Tigers. he also has an FO attached.


Also in the battalion is the 2d Jpz company, composed of a Marder (Company HQ) and three Jpz-IVs.


The 3rd Platoon - Pz-IV is also attached.


Finally is the Aufklarung Platoon... this unit will spearhead my movement and will be very important for the first part of this battle.


2nd Section moves out...


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The First Minute

The game starts slowly with my Tiger section bounding forward...


...and the two recon sections also bounding down their assigned routes.


They do however get a sound contact on an enemy tank on the outskirts of Objective 1 (Gaumesnil).


This last bit was just a little fun.. I don't think I have ever had a nebelwerfer battery to play with before and I wanted to check it out.. so I fired a quick salvo at Gaumesnil... pretty neat.. I doubt it did anything, but was fun to watch nevertheless.


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The Second Minute

I ordered one of my Jpz IVs forward in order to attempt to spot and engage the medium tank contact from last turn. This missed shot that came from another position should have been a warning...


Once in position my Jpz did indeed spot the enemy tank.. it turns out it was a Sherman V.


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The Third Minute

As the second Tiger bounds past the first, my stationary Tiger takes a penetrating hit, from the front... down one Tiger in the third minute.. this does not bode well.


At the end of last turn you might remember my Jpz was facing off against Warren's Sherman V.. should be a piece of cake right?

Well it turned out far different than I expected. My Jpz got two shots off, both missed. The Sherman V got off six shots, four of which hit... one caused internal spalling (the third shot I think) and forced the TD to button... I immediately lost my spot.. the Jpz started to reverse as a couple other Sherman V's opened up on him.

You can see the situation in the bottom image... note that at turn end the Jpz does not have a spot on any of those enemy tanks, though all of the Sherman Vs can see him. These spots come courtesy of recon section 1.


This Firefly is the tank that killed my Tiger. I gain a healthy respect for these tanks in this battle, as you shall see.


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Not a promising beginning for Herr Wittman's forces! Yes, the Firefly can cause a fair amount of cursing as it removes the sense of invulnerability of the German heavy armour. Looking forward to seeing how this AAR plays out, thanks for taking the time.

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Hey George we will have to compare casualty figures seeing as your approach was similar. ;)

One of my first casualties was a Tiger as well - albeit further to the German left. I was sneaking up (another Tiger in overwatch) when BANG! Right through the front. The crew all bailed (think the loader was killed). Fireflies pack a punch but they are very much eggshells with hammers though. Another exchange had a Tiger and Sherman Firefly duke it out - Tiger hit first and the Firefly went up in flames. So they are not so good toe to toe I've found, but if the get the drop on your Tigers....

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I played this battle against Bud Backer and we just finished up last week. Really a superb map. Lots of surprises on all sides. I felt like this map plays one of two ways. The Allies crush the attack with very few losses or the Germans slowly grind down the defenses. Ours was the latter. I'm interested to see how this shakes out for Bil as his plan of attack was similar to mine, except for the fact I completely avoided the main road up the middle and sent all my Tigers left through the cover to work up to Gaumesnil (sp) from close range as I was afraid of the woods on the other side.

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One of my favourite battles from my very favourite scenario designer for CMBN. I've played this solo from both sides and it plays out differently although I played Germans first and so I knew what to expect when playing the Brits.

Tigers are at their best when used as far back as possible and even this big map doesn't play to their ability to stand off at great range.

My only gripe was that I spent about 8 turns stalking a rig Sherman with my Recce team only to have hem not see the thing from some ten meters behind it. During my creep forward to try and spot it, it killed my Marder that could see it. Then, when my team knocked it out, the crew bailed nd preceded to outgun my poor Landser, killing all but one with their pistols and Sten.

Apart from that bit, the scenario is excellent and I'm looking forward to seeing how Bils plays out compared to mine.

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Fireflys grrrrrrr

Am in a battle with Broadsword now and I have Pz IVs - no Panthers, no Tigers..... and a map that has long distance overwatch. I have a very healthy respect for those damn things now.

Oh and no we do not tire of your AARs, bring em on.

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The Fourth-Sixth Minutes

Turns 4 and 5 were mainly filled with maneuver. I did lose one halftrack on the center road after a recon team dismounted.

I now have a pair of Jpz's working their way up the center road to the objective, the lone Jpz that was on the left has withdrawn, other than some scratched paint he took no other damage.

My Pz-IV platoon has moved to the base of the center road, ready to react as desired.

Warren has one Sherman Platoon, from what I can tell, in very good positions along the outskirts of Gaumesnil... my Marder is going to try to get into a good covered firing position from which it can take the Shermans under fire while they are distracted by the Jpz''s on the center road.

My dismounted recon are advancing carefully on the left and are in a forward stationary position in the center.


My remaining Tiger on the main road is withdrawing slowly.. worse case would be two dead Tigers on this road.


On the center road one of my Jpz's trades shots with one of Warren's Sherman V's.


After several shots get deflected by trees on both sides, my Jpz lands a good solid penetrating blow.. unfortunately the Sherman is still alive as I watched it back out of this position towards the end of turn 6. At least it is off the line now. Hopefully that penetration caused some damage.


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The Seventh & Eighth Minutes

This seems to be all going Warren's way right now... I lose the second Tiger on the main road in the eighth turn. It took two penetrating hits, the first killed the driver.. after several seconds another crewman took the driver's place started to reverse and it was hit again... this one was fatal.


Looking at it from Warren's point of view, you can see that he is using the available cover masterfully in order to keep me from spotting him. My tank was stationary to improve its spotting, but Warren still moved his Firefly into position and opened fire on my Tiger without any of my units spotting him.


You can see from this overview that I have lost sight of all of his tanks. Even my dismounts can't see them.

I now have a Pz-IV section on the center road backing up the Jpz section.

I have moved the third Jpz into the open center.

The Marder is in position on the left but still cannot spot any of Warren's tanks.

I have to move through the area Warren's platoon is defending, so need to figure something out. Currently I am getting sniped at, often by multiple tanks without being able to see who is doing the firing.

Seeing as Warren only has a Platoon defending this line I think I can expect a defense in depth along this line, which means Warren intends to make me bleed and pay for every meter.

The only thing I have seen that could potentially be an advantage for me is that Warren doesn't seem to be moving his tanks around, other than his Firefly they seem to be in stationary positions.


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Hi Bil,

Thanks for doing the AARs; always interesting, well written and great images.

Two Tigers down! I know my morale would be taking a hit about now! Looking forward to see how you manage the situation from here.

Good luck,

Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Yeah, losing those two Tigers really took me out of my game... I was really starting to scratch my head then and wondering what I had gotten myself into. ;)

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@ Bil

It’s always a renewed real pleasure to read an AAR made by you. The pictures and the excellent use of Photoshop are giving us a clear understanding of the battle being fought.

George MC scenario is a pretty good one, very close to what happened at the time.

The Tigers are very good when used at long distances from a foe. The Firefly is a hard nut to crack. Especially when it is well hidden and waiting for a coming tank.

I had somehow the same approach and got the same problems.

I had been almost disappointed after repeated failed attempts to destroy the Shermans I had first to found and then destroy. They were not the “Ronson lighters” so often laughed about by the German crews.

Have to leave in a hurry and will miss abroad the AAR (no mail, no computer!).

I shall catch up with it when I return. I’ll do the same for Santa Maria’s battle.


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The Ninth Minute

I was painstakingly working my Marder around the left side to get some angles on the Shermans in the treeline. I guess I didn't check LOS carefully enough as he is hit by Warren's far left Sherman.

This was a gun kill, so this vehicle will withdraw (if it can). Damn.


The center road now has a lot of armor sitting on it.. they can spot enemy tanks from time to time but unfortunately the rounds keep hitting the trees.


It seems that Warren can concentrate fire against me with multiple tanks while I rarely get a spot. I need to find a solution, and quickly.

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I feel your pain Bil :) I'm in a very similar position now. I've been having my advancing armour sniped at, KOd and by the time I get stuff into what I think is LOS my opponent seems to pull the buggers back. Every gain = losing some armour. Now two Tigers have moved up the road, just level with Gaumesnil and have come under sustained ire from several Shermans. Given the first few rounds went into my first Tiger i suspect Fireflies.... They are feckin' deadly these things! :)

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Bil - you didn't tell me you were AAR'ing this! After I told you ol' "Teacher" took me to the schoolhouse on it! Lost ALL my Tigers, all Jpzs, the Marder, the Mk IV PLT... Hell the whole first wave basically. Then the reinforcements showed up and I decided to go round the other way. While I haven't gotten too deep, at least I have killed a lot more of his tanks - the Tigers rolled over w/o much of a fight as soon as they were zeroed in by the FFs. My new strategy for this scenario - sit tight, wait for reinforcements, walk the recon forward, drop lots of Arty and smoke, THEN move the Tigers up, along with everybody else. FFs = Beelzebub.

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The armor game can turn so quickly. Bad luck having your Tigers matched against the Firefly. Imagine if they'd been over on the other side? Yeah, hindsight, etc.

Obviously, you need to SLOW a sufficiently dedicated tank-hunter team across the map to engage the enemy's tanks. 4 PF should do...

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