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  1. These two scenarios can be played equally Red or Blue with much pleasure. Cheer
  2. @Erwin yes, CW Mittelaschenbach and CMRT F&R Against all odds.
  3. You are correct that's one of mine. Time frame East of France, last 1944 months.
  4. Do not worry. "Against all odds" is a well chosen title for your campaign. It will depict perfectly the feeling the German soldiers had at the time specially for those fighting on the Eastern front. Your pictures are pretty good and the landscape makes me eager to discover your campaign when it will come to us. Thumb up !
  5. @Mr.X Be aware that I have made a scenario named "Against all Odds" for the recent F& R release. The campaign name might confuse the players. Personally I will not be upset, if you do not change your campaign name. It will really be a fight against all odds, as it was for that war end period. BTW : good preview pictures.
  6. That tank surely did a lot to slow down the Red wave flowing down toward Morles village. Good show.
  7. @37mm Whow ! That was some years ago. I think that I tested the map you have in the file following the post made at the time. I have no idea who did it also at the same time. I will look at the files and it might bring me some.
  8. @37mm Just posted a message in your box with the folder's WeTransfer link of the files seen in the two pictures. You will have some pictures of the play test I made at the time and some documents about that battle Enjoy
  9. @37mm You are a lucky dog ! I have found the file among others in a HDD still used. Here are the pictures of the files found in the folder. I will send you tomorrow a link for obtaining them. Time for me to switch off the lights.
  10. I Have had them for a long time, but I am afraid that they have been erased following some brush up I have made in my HDDs. Not sure at a 100%. I will have a look in older HDDs tomorrow (time to find them. After having moved out, they are still in some boxes unopened) . Just to refresh my memory, the files were done with CMFI, no ? I admit that I am not so sure ! Got the answer CMBN, that will help my research ! Remaining
  11. Great mod, would be too bad to miss it . Left down picture from "Mort aux cons" illustrates perfectly what the mod is rendering.
  12. @Lethaface An AAR that would be great ! . Have a good fight
  13. You are correct, It features Morrocan troops. I tried hard to have Goumiers in the game, but that was not possible. Thanks for enjoying the scenario.
  14. Good guess for the reasons making at the time, the French a non selling factor. For the Russian airborne troops -VDV and the US Marines pack, You have heard more than I have, not to say nothing. A new NATO if it comes to be done would be a very interesting release, but it should take in account quite a few new comers. That might raise the cost of the game to a high stake and therefore put an end to the idea.
  15. @FoxZz If your plea could become true, it would be fantastic. However, I do not think that it is in the pipe for the time being. Too bad. I really think that what the French Army and Air Force are demonstrating in Mali and the support they give in Syria should be a very good opportunity for BF to reconsider its actual position. Their reason has surely something to do with the cost of creating all these new vehicles and tracks, but they have done it for NATO, released with Germans and Dutch forces. Why the French forces were omitted at the time ? Maybe they did not consider it would have a sufficient selling factor covering its cost ?
  16. On 6/8/2019 at 5:16 PM, Sequoia said: Really appreciate the screenshots. Any chance for a shot of Indian troops and Moroccan Goumiers ? Thanks! As far as I remember it, the Goumiers might not show up despite all the points I provided for having them with the French Corp. They played a major part in the French's battles in particular at Monte Cassino, breaching the defense and opening the way to Rome for the allied forces.
  17. Sburke, once you get into the Foreign Legion,being a foreigner, they keep all your papers, like passport, Id cards ………..If you leave before your term you are researched as an AWOL at least or a deserter at the best. You better not be found on a French soil later on.
  18. You are nearly all the way right. I was in Algeria at the time of the war, younger to be in the Army but able to see many things. I also had many opportunities to meet Foreign Legion troopers and officers (quite a few German) and other regular officers that had returned from Indochina, either when the troops left or when they were liberated from the Viets POW's camps. Yes, the FLN had been brought to a near collapse. The Army had its share, but also the special Ops that triggered an FLN Blue on Blue internal fight, many thinking that others were traitors, they killed each other leaders. That was an almost untold dirty war. today the French Army is highly regarded for its intervention in Mali and Syria. The Air Force was able to deploy their attack fighters and troops in Mali few years ago within a delay never achieved d by the US. They did recognize it humbly. LLF do not have the French fighting the US in your scenario, that is not credible ! Close things might happen in a battleground, but Coms are there to prevent Blue on Blue and fratricide errors.
  19. I fully agree with you FoxZz and Combatintman. The French Army and its equipments are not really well known to many peoples and that is unfortunate. I have tried to raise some interest from BF for including them in Nato. I think today that some lack of interest from quite a few potentials customers could be the main reason for not having convinced Steve. We have to understand that in order to do the French Army a lot of time will be needed. Since time and money are directly related, first in the making of a game and second in its sales, I do understand that as long as the balance tilts on the wrong side, it would be unwise to do the venture. That could cost a lot of money to BF, therefore preventing them or slowing them, to do the follow on of the games being asked by the customers following a well thought time schedule. That is surely the way it is, till customers for the French Army would be so numerous that it will become a good choice.
  20. The install will be done on C:\ by default C:\Program files(x86) \ Battlefront \ combat Mission Shock Force 2 Check that it is there and that the Data folder(in which are the Brz files) has been copied in it. If not you must do again the install
  21. I forgot to mention that the WIP area seen on the map has been done at the time of its release on Fewgoodmen.
  22. Thanks Combatintman for mentioning my work. The map can be played H2H and or QB. It is available here : http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-black-sea/cm-black-sea-add-ons-maps/__trashed/ If that can help you here are some shots of the airport multi stories facilities with damages done to it and an overall view of the map area.
  23. That's a very good idea. Let me know when you have done it. Cheer
  24. You can visualize a 3:30 minutes video of the battle of 1 hour I fought against the Russians attacking my airport positions. The setting of the forces is set at Medium. I think that a higher setting will slow the game and too many troops on the map will not help at all the player. Beside it will be unrealistic IMHO.
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