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  1. In our battle I shall be the first to win as a German!
  2. That's what I just did. I guess I'm getting a manual as well. Contributing to the cause I guess.
  3. SPOILER ALERT! I actually got a German surrender. Lost one tank to the 88s on the right and then exclusively pushed left through the field. Lots of breaching charges and tank fire in windows enabled me to get my men into the town. We took the church and my FO ended up calling arty down on each 88 and I blew the heck out of the further back objective.
  4. Steve or Anyone on the BF side, thoughts on upgrading the repository or just adding some community made scenarios to the patches? Many of the scenarios are incredibly well made and I would think adding them in with the description as user made may really help flesh out the game.
  5. I think a big reason that people get less feedback on scenarios is that the Repository is pretty much a mess. I never know where to get new scenarios, and even if I find one you never know if you should comment there or go on the forum. I think a key to keeping the community alive would be the following: 1. Restructure the Repsitory to make it easier for people to find mods and scenarios 2. The BF team includes new scenarios developed by the community in its patches. In addition, these patched should be a little easier for the community to find. Many of us know to look for patches, but there has to be a way for BF to notify all of the players that there is an updated version of their game available. 3. Figure out a way to browse scenarios directly from the game I think 1 and 2 are the best options. The patches are already fairly sizable and adding in 10 community made scenarios could really expand the scope.
  6. The optics and 88mm will go down quick even with a 75mm to the front. I recently played a battle where I had three tigers roaming around as mobile MG platforms. It was like WWI all over again.
  7. I got an email from Battlefront saying that the reason it is delayed is because they are selling MG and Eastern Front at the same exact time. Both should be out tomorrow.
  8. I played this battle against Bud Backer and we just finished up last week. Really a superb map. Lots of surprises on all sides. I felt like this map plays one of two ways. The Allies crush the attack with very few losses or the Germans slowly grind down the defenses. Ours was the latter. I'm interested to see how this shakes out for Bil as his plan of attack was similar to mine, except for the fact I completely avoided the main road up the middle and sent all my Tigers left through the cover to work up to Gaumesnil (sp) from close range as I was afraid of the woods on the other side.
  9. Steve you forgot to include the release date in your response.
  10. Crazy question. Have PIATs always been launchable from indoors? I was just messing around with a Brumbar and I watched a Brit fired one from the 2nd floor and destroy the Brumbar.
  11. Steve, I hope this time the testers are trying out QBs via PBEM I've been waiting for my Panzershreks in Italy way too long.
  12. Anyone up for the other side of an AAR? I'm thinking of playing as the Germans here.
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