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  1. Okay I´ve played the scenario. It comes with a big OOB which was absolutely beyond my personal comfort zone and left me playing rather thoughtless and laid back. Preferring smaller OOBs is personal preference and others might look exactly for something like this, specifically if you always wanted to recreate the Iwo Jima Yellow Beach landings. Would´ve welcomed a couple of TRPs. I´m not a big fan of time limits and changed it to 4h, again personal preference. Map alongside terrain mod very beautiful, really liked the ambience sound and Japanese voices. It was challenging to adapt which is good news. Not just a reskin which means that this provides some kind of new gameplay experience as fighting on this map and the situation felt different, like playing a different CM game.
  2. Scenario alongside the Pacific terrain and ambience mod is great, unfortunately the Japanese Infantry and US WW2 Marines mod comes in legacy CMBN file standard. The Japanese are a real challenge. They are using Luftwaffe airborne skeletons in British infantry slots and renaming everything in order to make it work can really start to let your head smoke. I just tried to convert those Japanese and managed a partial half-hearted result but I had to remove the LW skeletons because otherwise they got weird faces and uniforms, there is a chance that I incorrectly changed files. Perhaps somebody that is good with CMBN naming conventions, dependecies, and conversions like @LongLeftFlank himself, @37mm , @Mord or somebody else knows if this can be converted without extensive rework. This is really a gem of mod I didn´t know that it existed. It comes with alot of content, Japanese audio, UI mod, and pacific terrain. Taken together with the content that was recently provided by the H&E mod there are alot of options to go WW2 Pacific or whatever similar.
  3. I got it, this is even more than I expected, even with Japanese sounds
  4. Isn´t it CMBN? I´ve already contacted him. https://wetransfer.com/
  5. It would be great to have some haze effect. There is something like this in CM depending on weather conditions and only when very close to ground level. If there would be a way to inject a distance related haze/depth of field post processing into CM in order to make it look similar to those screenshots... it could tremendously boost visual fidelity for those who prefer it that way.
  6. I also wonder about wether the amount of tank gun damage in CMWW2 is authentic or not. Furthermore putting tanks in hull down might be problematic. There was already some discussion and testing done on this topic lately:
  7. Can somebody provide me please a copy or a link of the scenario and the required mods: 1. LVT Alligator 2. Japanese Forces 3. Pacific Terrain Thanks in advance
  8. It is an observation that images look more like RL when distant objects are faded with haze and a bit blurry as that is how the eye/brain perceives the information and provides us with a sense of distance. A problem with computer graphics is that designers have always aimed to get the sharpest images no matter the distance from the observer - and that breaks the immersion as it's not realistic. It has been a problem in movies as well. These days they put in grain and distortion to make digital images look more realistic. Thats not really how distance vision and visual acuity is working. I´ve had contact with real military simulators and shortcomings are described on exactly the opposite. Due to limitations of most in-use displays - thus videogames and recordings - may have a limitation of proper farsight and distant stimulus aquisition in a visual busy environment when compared to the capabilities of the human eye. This is the reason why games like Arma provide the player with an artifical zoom in order to try simulate proper eye capabilities. Its the eye feature called accomodation that is shifting the lens in order to adapt the focal point on the retina/fovea centralis in context to distance. Thats how we manage to accomodate close and distant focus. A healthy eye without lens, bulbus, retina, muscle anomalies is able to accomodate into the infinite. What you´re describing sounds more like what shortsighted individuals may experience who can´t accomodate their focal point to distance properly. Also there is often haze which becomes more noticeable on distance. Low resolution textures don´t make it more realistic. Grain doesn´t make it more realistic, (radial) blur and field of depth are resembling this but are nowhere realistic as this effect appearance and strength is tied to the videogame POV and not player eyes´ fixation and accomodation. Nevertheless the screenshots you´r e mentioned look good. It looks like the Tilt Shift effect in Reshade. I would like to use some sort of depth of field effect alongside @37mmScreenshots profile. Problem is that it is tied to screen position and not ingame distance. Not sure if there is a way for Reshade to "read" CM´s ingame distance... would be definitely great.
  9. If you upload your test scenario and your modification of the cover mod I can check it with my own eyes.
  10. With "shelter" you mean the custom model floor of the mod? I can see it in your video but can you re-run the test without the cover mod to make 100% sure that this LOS block is indeed caused by the mod. If it is true that the LOS block is surprisingly caused by the mod it would enable alot of new opportunities which I didn´t know could be possible For example (AI) enemies hiding in LOS-blocked/concealed basements, holes, tunnels that emerge for ambushes and clearing those underground positions with grenades or flamethrowers And if this is really the result of the mod (which would be exciting) but not what you wished for you could try to fix it by placing the underground covers in a way that will leave the centers of big buildings "uncovered" so that there is no LOS-block between the floors i. e. place multiple covers "around" the building. A more complex solution would be to cut a center "window" into the cover mod in Blender. I have some written/video tutorials on cutting/sculpting models in this thread. You mentioned you couldn´t assign target, do you mean the target command that allows units to fire into higher/lower floors?
  11. Yes I had several 1vs1 tank thrillers that were decided rather by the tree standing between them
  12. - It seems the bug is limited to tanks with infantry ride capability - while you can bring in soldiers/other crews into the tank in the scenario editor aswell, they reset once you leave the editor deployment mode. - this bug works for all scenarios involving these tanks when done in the setup phase. So if for some reason you ever wished to operate your tanks with infantry this might be your opportunity before it will be fixed. Once the scenario commences it is not possible anymore. - trees are destructible
  13. Great idea by @wgbn1968 uzilizing the underground cover mod to simulate basements:
  14. I am curious aswell on how the probability of CM tank gun destructions compare to reality. Never digged into that. I´ve also noticed that deploying specific tanks into an hull down position might drastically raise the chance to end up with a firepower/mission killed (i. e. gun destroyed) tank.
  15. I didn´t know that this campaign existed. Not that bad as I can play the conversion without any knowledge about what is awaiting.
  16. This is the typical symptom you get across all CM2 titles when a mod with an outdated strings.txt is used. From the cmmods page: "If you start to see really odd equipment and vehicle names, then this mod is out of date and must be updated."
  17. We´ll see if it is really nope and a bad reason to give: 1st Test Run: BMP-2 is not given any orders. TacAI decides to use ATGM and takes out Bradley 2nd Test Run BMP-2 is given a Light Target Command (which is claimed to be not working). The BMP-2 engages the Bradley (No ERA) with the AC. In contrast to the screenshot situation the Bradley turned away from the BMP is in the utmost worst situation, still the Bradley is not penetrated by the 30mm and manages to turn and takes out the BMP-2. The BMP-2 wether was able to pen the flank nor the front of the Bradley (which is claimed to get shredded) It would be the better option to use the ATGM. As I said penetration is possible to achieve and sometimes I even prefer the gunner not to use the ATGM for example when trying to "blind" with fire and because the gunner loves to immediately reload under fire but again its a "tough call" and at least the screenshot incident is far from the description "ingame issue". But I guess some ask questions while solely interested in approval of what they assume to be exclusively true, so I leave it to be as it is.
  18. Now you´re just missing a "bmp-1 weapon choice" thread to complete your collection. - In the screenshot you´re using a "target" command. Give the BMP-2 a "light target" one and it will use its AC - I don´t think this has something to do with LOS. - It is true that the BMP-2 TacAI might use the ATGM even at closer ranges against a frontal Bradley. The ingame A2 Bradley comes with upgraded frontal armor with the goal to make it resistant to 30mm APDS and it is definitely not easily "shredded" as I have seen in numerous encounters. The ERA ones are even worse. You can definitely take them out with the 30mm in this circumstances but for me it is rather a tough call for the TacAI and not a strange one. However again by issuing a target command instead of a light one you´re enforcing it to use its ATGM.
  19. Thanks, the linked thread and the manual it contains (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YZ39BeorPrMA5TM9V1DeQIIsHaMS9qIdFMLFQTbTea4/edit) was exactly what I was looking for. The idea to give players the choice to go either for a more historical or a more exotic/diverse OOB is very welcome. Looking forward to play Alarmeinheiten and maintain 2nd Bn’s CP.
  20. If you provide me a link directly to a upload page, I can uplink the files and share it to you
  21. That is possible. I can´t remember exactly how the testing played out in the video but if I recall correctly the skirted Pz4 was very hard to damage/knock out while the Panther at some point showed result which then brought up the idea that it might have something to do with individual differences, weaknesses, or what spot on the tank the liquid manages to make contact with. However with such a small sample size all of this could be coincidental.
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