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  1. The worst thing is that your pixeltruppen aren't able to see even a tank which is a few meters away and suddenly appears in front of them. Although a dark night can be really dark, the moon and other sources of light cause it to still be quite easy to see what is around you. The only time I experienced a darkness which prevented me from seeimg my hand right in front of me was in a bedroom with really good blinds which blocked any light from coming in. I have never experienced that kind of darkness on the country side in any country I've visited.
  2. As far as I remember there is often a link to the patches/ upgrades in a thread on this forum on release date. So not so very necessary to go to Battlefront.com to get those.
  3. Das Tactic, who does great videos about the Slitherine game Field of Glory II, has resently made two videos about Shock Force 2. I guess he got the game before release to make a review of it.
  4. If you mean whether you can make sure pixeltruppen can replenish their ammo and AT-weapons a bit later on in the game, you can always have trucks arrive as supply trucks among other reinforcements.
  5. It seems the whole company had to go for a piss and used the only toilet which were leaking.
  6. It's possible to enlarge the picture by clicking on it. I did several waypoints from the start till the end line. If I remember correctly I painted movement areas for every five minutes or similar of game play.
  7. There have been quite a few people on this forum, me included, requesting more AI-groups than the 16 for each side in the scenario editor to be able to hopefully make the home made scenarios more interesting and more challenging for those who prefer not to play H2H battles. A few days ago when I began doing the AI-movements for the scenario I'm a bit busy with now, I got the idea to see how squads in the platoons are moving around on the battle scenario area when painting the same AI-movements and giving the same AI-orders in the editor for in one case two separate company groups o
  8. While they're on it with the colours, they could also add a spoiler function so we could hide many or large pictures and quote boxes with a lot of text to prevent a post from requiring too much space.
  9. Maybe white text on orange or yellow could be better? Jokes aside. The colour choice in the quote box is offending to the eyes.
  10. What do you mean by that? The demo has an installer .exe-file. I searched but couldn't find any CMSF2manual.pdf in any of the folders
  11. I read something written by a Latvian SS-soldier where he mentioned mortar fire hitting the squad he belonged to. To his own surprise a mortar shell landed close to him but he wasn't injured in any way although he was pushed over by the explosion. So although some of what is written in this thread seem that some pixeltruppen are undestructable by artillery fire similar things can probably happen.
  12. I was a bit disappointed that there was no game manual with the demo. Could it be possible that someone on the forum is kind enough to upload one so I can read about and get aquinted with the different weapons systems and vehicles?
  13. You can also find it on YouTube if you search for Combat Mission and filter the results for uploads this month. It's called Introduction to Combat Mission Shock Force II - Connecting Wargaming Confetence. I wonder why they played Black Sea on a conference about Shock Force II? During the problems with the screen in the beginning of the video Steve missed to talk about the second slide and during the demo session he never explained why the smoke from destroyed vehicles always go straight up even though the dust and smoke from granades and fosfor shells are affected by the direction of
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