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  1. BornGinger

    Improvement suggestions

    Would be great if we could see the elevation of the map by the click of a key (maybe the O-key as in the map editor) in the AI-screen when we decide how the AI-groups will move around.
  2. BornGinger

    Courage Conquers campaign?

    I used one of the special tools to open this campaign to check out the different scenario maps. In one of the scenarios there's a US-battalion together with a later reinforcement of eight tanks attacking a village. Is there any good reason to why the US-troops have "elite experience" considering that they overwhelm the few veteran Germans with their amount of men and tanks?
  3. BornGinger

    2019 Reporting For Duty

    Apart from what is quoted above, has there been any other disclosure of what changes we are looking forward to?
  4. You didn't ask me but I reply anyway. I've just started to read the book Panzer Gunner by Bruno Friesen. Bruno was a German-Canadian gunner in a Panzer IV tank and later on in a Jagdpanzer IV tank hunter during the last years of the Eastern Front. When he tells about his training he explains quite detailed how the gunner had to count to be sure to hit the target while looking through the scope. It seems that the book might continue to be detailed in its explanation of how to be a gunner in a tank. The book is quite ok so far.
  5. BornGinger

    Minor visual Obdervations

    There's no way back from a spelling mistake in the title in this forum. From now on every one will refer to you as "the one who can't spell properly" when they discuss what you have commented.
  6. BornGinger

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Do we know anything specific about the new patch and the change(s) or improvement(s) it will have?
  7. BornGinger

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    It seems the units still have oil or grease on the soles of their shoes and not able to run properly or quick enough.
  8. BornGinger

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    The demo has been released a day ago and still no videos on Youtube or Twitch.
  9. It's a great website that one. I haven't bought anything yet but has my components picked and wait for the prices to be a bit lower on some of the parts I want. But then I might change my mind a bit later on and pick something better.
  10. Maybe you need to overpower (överväldiga) the enemy to be able to outfight (nedkämpa) him? If you check synonyms for överväldiga (overpower, overwhelm) they are besegra (defeat), betvinga (subdue) and ta överhand över (get the upper hand over) all of which could be used as nedkämpa (outfight). None of them give the idea that you need to be superior in fighting power but perhaps in the tactics you use and soldiers' morale and fighting ability.
  11. The German word "niedergekämpf" is the same as the Swedish word "nedkämpa". According to the Wikipage Lista över militära taktiska begrepp the word nedkämpa, and thus niedergekämpf, literally means "to put out of combatable condition, i.e. kill, hurt, force for retreat or capture". But I think "overpower" is another word for it.
  12. It seems the idea is that the assault squads are waiting for the fire squad to get into position so they can support the assault squads when they continue forward. Otherwise the risk might be that the assault squads continue their attack and the fire squad doesn't know exactly where the assault squads are and thus aren't really able to support them. It's a pity the Combat Mission games don't have this ability. In the game the units have to stop and take position, sometimes by crawling around for a few seconds, before they can start shooting. - - - - - - What is the German like in the documents? I guess it's quite a bit different from how people speak today. Almost like learning school English and then read and hear the colloquial one.
  13. BornGinger

    Improvement suggestions

    I read the comments in the thread the link leads to and agree fully. I tried to make some "natural" trenches in the scenario I'm making and not one soldier stood on the bottom of the trench. All of them were just as the ones in the pictures on one of the posts in that thread. If it was possible to make foxholes and ditches by lowering the ground or using deeper craters and at the same time have the soldiers stand up or sit/lay down porperly in them, it would be harder to spot the defenders.
  14. BornGinger

    Scenario designing with AI

    The Manual says about terrain objectives that "Each side can be assigned up to 8 terrain based objectives. This involves defining where the objective is, what the player is supposed to do with it, and various other details". How old is that statement? I have 10 terrain objectives on my map.
  15. A link to a Russian blog with interesting info for those who are interested in making maps and scenarios for the fighting in the Demyansk Pocket, where German troops were encircled by the Red Army around Demyansk, in the Novgorod area from 8 February to 21 April (20 May) 1942. The blog is in Russian so if you don't know the language you could either see it as a good reason to talk to that gorgeous Russian woman you see in the grocery shop or use Google Translate. If you don't care about what actually happened and only want sources to your scenario maps, there are quite a lot of handmade drawings by Soviet soldiers to use and also maps with troop movements and frontlines. Novosele Pic 02 and Novosele Pic 03 show the handmade maps of that area with elevation in meters. The area today. The pictures of Velikoe Selo 01 - 03 seem to show where the Russians had put their guns to shoot at the Germans on the other side of the river Shubinskaya Rob'ya. The area today.