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  1. BornGinger

    Scenario designing with AI

    The Manual says about terrain objectives that "Each side can be assigned up to 8 terrain based objectives. This involves defining where the objective is, what the player is supposed to do with it, and various other details". How old is that statement? I have 10 terrain objectives on my map.
  2. A link to a Russian blog with interesting info for those who are interested in making maps and scenarios for the fighting in the Demyansk Pocket, where German troops were encircled by the Red Army around Demyansk, in the Novgorod area from 8 February to 21 April (20 May) 1942. The blog is in Russian so if you don't know the language you could either see it as a good reason to talk to that gorgeous Russian woman you see in the grocery shop or use Google Translate. If you don't care about what actually happened and only want sources to your scenario maps, there are quite a lot of handmade drawings by Soviet soldiers to use and also maps with troop movements and frontlines. Novosele Pic 02 and Novosele Pic 03 show the handmade maps of that area with elevation in meters. The area today. The pictures of Velikoe Selo 01 - 03 seem to show where the Russians had put their guns to shoot at the Germans on the other side of the river Shubinskaya Rob'ya. The area today.
  3. BornGinger

    Improvement suggestions

    It would be great if we in the Units Section - > Activated Troops of the Editor could move units (Formation, Fortification, Special Team, Vehicle) up and down to make everything look cleaner so it's easier to find what one is looking for. It sometimes happens that when one has choosen a couple of units there's all of a sudden need for something else which comes far down on the list of Activated Troops. And when there are different sections of units (for example units on the left flank and units in the centre), it would have been nice to be able to move units up and down the list to have each unit in those sections together. If I for example choose to put the foxholes in place on the map first, before I choose soldier formations, and later on find out that I need a few more foxholes I'll have them both in the beginning and the end of the list. Or if I find out that I don't really want that Breach Team on the left flank but a Pioneer Team instead I'll now have that new team down in the end of the list. If I could move units up and down the list I could've had units in the same section clustered together. Another thing is to be able to copy and paste a unit in that list. If I for example want to have three infantry battalions and remove loads of stuff I feel is unnecessary in the battalions, I'd rather not do that tedious stuff over and over again. If I could remove the unnecessary stuff from the first battalion and then copy and paste it I would save so much time and not have to go through the same task many times.
  4. BornGinger

    Scenario designing with AI

    You have more than 3000 posts and must be a veteran when it comes to testing and I'm sure already know the answer. Everything worked as I hoped. Just a pity the artillery barrage on a support objective has to be triggered in the beginning of a game. Now I can put my mind on the AI groups and their movements and actions.
  5. BornGinger

    Scenario designing with AI

    I knew about the fire zone and the ctrl-key command but I wasn't thinking about that it could be used for mortars as well as for the small arms. And I don't really think that using the fire zone the way you described it is any cheat. If Battlefront has made it possible to use the fire zone order in this way, it's used just as designed. and I will use it too. At least as long as the mortars are able to reach the area without risking to get annihilated by enemies that are too close. I'll test and see if I can move a mortar unit to a location first, make them to deploy their equipment and then fire at a location. But I suspect that the mortar team (squad) has to be stationed from the beginning without moving anywhere to be able to use the mortars. Thank you very much, Repsol.
  6. BornGinger

    Scenario designing with AI

    That's what I decided to do. I'll first make sure the AI plans for the different groups work as planned. When that is done I'll see whether I manage to get the barrage I want. If it doesn't work the scenario will have to do without any barrage. I was thinking that maybe using off map reinforcements could be worth a try. But I don't want to use loads of FOs just to get a certain effect. That would definitely be too gamey. I haven't checked triggers so much yet. With "triggered event" you probably mean a terrain objective that is used as a trigger when a unit enters that objective. I thought it isn't possible to get artillery fire that way in Combat Mission. I know that it was (or is) possible in the Theatre of War and Men of War series of games. But I didn't find anything about artillery and terrain objectives working together that way in the Combat Mission manual. Well, well. I'll first make sure the AI groups work the way I want them to and then see if I can do anything about the artillery (off map or on map). Thanks for all your replies.
  7. BornGinger

    Scenario designing with AI

    I'll try with an excellent FO and see if he manages to call for artillery on a certain position. I wish it was possible to tailor the artillery support somehow, without having to use them as reinforcements, so the barrage comes a few minutes before the infantry assaults a position. A terrain objective as a trigger should have been enough. But that is maybe viewed as too gamey.
  8. BornGinger

    Scenario designing with AI

    How does artillery support work? I thought that was dependant on the FO looking at the actual support target. It seems that it doesn't matter whether I have a good observer (veteran experience and high motivation) or a regular one (typical observer with regular motivation) and whether he's in a jeep driving by the targets from a kilometer or two away or behind a forest which blocks the view of the targets. When I start the scenario in author mode the artillery barrage starts almost immediately. If the artillery is being used as soon as it's active, should I send it in as reinforcement at a certain time? If that's the solution do I really need the FO?
  9. BornGinger

    Scenario designing with AI

    I see in the units option Available Troops something called "straggler group". With the help of internet I found out that a straggler group is a bunch of soldiers who haven't been quick enough to keep up with the main body of the army so they are staying a bit behind although moving forward. It seems that when I'm available to pick a team called "Stragglers" those soldiers are something else than someone being too tired to keep up with their mates. Is a "straggler group" some kind of rearguard in Combat Mission?
  10. Why don't you try to make those commands yourself? You know what you want to happen in those quick battles and the editor isn't that hard to learn if you put some time into it..
  11. BornGinger

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    Is it confirmed that there will be Indian and Moroccan troops in the new DLC or is that only based on someone's daydreaming?
  12. Can't you just export the operational map and tactical map from a scenario in the editor and then use a program like Paint or Gimp to edit them to your liking? That's what I was planning to do. But if there are templates to download, I'd of course use them instead.
  13. BornGinger

    New Website status update

    OK, my friend. I'll wait a day or two before I download the FI demo. I'll have a look at the RT demo while I'm waiting.
  14. BornGinger

    New Website status update

    I wanted to download the demo for Fortress Italy. Unfortunately the page from where I was supposed to get the demo looked like the picture below. So I wonder if someone has forgotten to upload the demo to the new website or if Battlefront maybe is waiting for the new DLC to be released? If Battlefront is waiting for the new DLC, how come I could download the demo for Red Thunder which also gets a new DLC?
  15. BornGinger

    Scenario designing with AI

    I didn't see any orange triangels for scrolling around the Avtivated Troops window. I'll look a bit more thoroughly the next time. When I make this Axis/Allies vs AI single player scenario, I of course choose the forces for both sides and then create an AI plan (or AI plans) for the computer to follow. But sometimes on The Scenario Depot, you can see custom made scenarios with the words "H2H only". Does "H2H only" mean that the scenario has forces for both sides with reinforcements preplanned but everything else is up to the two individuals who play against each other? That is at least how I understand it. So to make both a single player scenario and a H2H scenario I'd need two separate .btt-files. One with forces for both sides and AI plans for the computer (single player scenario) and one with forces for both sides but AI plans only for reinforcements, because the two individuals playing against each other do their own moves (H2H scenario). Thanks for all the replies from IanL, Mord and George MC.