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  1. Try this one German Field Fortifications on the Eastern Front
  2. Why have fortifications easily recognizable? Wouldn't that remove the fun of the game?
  3. The best remedy against the Covid-19 hysteria is to go to your local bar or pub and have a drink with people you are used to see there.
  4. I really look forward to battle videos of this module on Youtube. I only hope I won't need to wait too long. Some people get those videos up quite quickly so it all depends on when the module is released.
  5. Aren't ditches easily spotted by the attacker if he scrolls to see the map from higher up? Ditch trenches would in that case be easily spotted if there are a few of them in an area.
  6. Should be Final Blitzkrieg unless it exists for other games too. I think it's a home made scenario found on the Scenario Depot and H2H only.
  7. Don't send your men to war unless they've been trained properly. More to the subject: It could maybe be that it's only an animation which comes and goes no matter how much ammunition they have. If you have patience, I'm sure one of the know-it-all on the forum will give a better answer in a little while.
  8. Instead of assuming that they had demo charges, couldn't you have just spent a second or two to see what equipment those engineers were carrying before comitting them to the assault?
  9. Grammatical errors unfortunately don't appear in custom made scenarios only. They also occur in scenarios which come with the game. At least if we're talking Final Blitzkrieg. Maybe Battlefront should allocate a day for spell checking before they publish a game or a module?
  10. No, I don't want that. It would be too easy for the attacker that way as he's already having more infantry and armor than the defender. Requesting artillery support has to be done in the moment of the action to make the scenario a little bit more balanced. I guess it's fine the way it is. I just wanted to know as this behaviour from the AI was a bit surprising. Thank you very much for the replies.
  11. I'm back in this thread about AI and artillery. But it's not about the rate of fire and AI although that's what the subject for this thread is. What I wonder concerning AI and artillery is whether the AI favours on-map artillery before off-map when requsting artillery support? Why I'm asking this is because I was checking the movements of the AI troops in a scenario I'm making and noticed that three officers were all requesting artillery support from on-map mortars although they could request support from larger off-map mortars which would cause more damage to the enemy. I was thinking that the reason could be that on-map mortars reply to a request quicker than off-map mortars, but I don't know if the AI is coded to "think" that way. Another question regarding AI and artillery support is whether the AI is keeping track on where the friendly forces are so it doesn't request artillery support on a position which is too close to where the friendly troops are? I thank you for your knowledgable answers in advance.
  12. @BulletpointIt can sometimes be interesting to do some tests and give a green squad the high attitude about fighting and a +2 leader and give a veteran or fanatic squad a -2 leader and see who succeeds best. I sometimes give platoon leaders the veteran experience and +1 leader quality to hopefully be able to get artillery support quicker.
  13. If there would be a vote before Battlefront decides to begin the work with this DLC, or module what I should call it, I would definitely prefer the Red Army. The Western Allies are already present in FB with the US Army.
  14. In the CM-games, at least in Final Blitzkrieg which I have, the crew in a Sturmgeschütz has only one MP40 submachine gun, for the commander, if the vehicle is a Stug III of the late type while the crew in all other Stug III types doesn't have a submachine gun. The crew in all the different types of a Sturmhaubitze 42 has a submachine gun. Although I trust that Battlefront have made this decision based on what they believe is correct information the video Sturmgeschütz School - Choose the Stug Life shows that there were more than one MP40 for a Stug III crew. According to a Sturmgeschütz leaflet dated 1943, which explains the responsibilities of all the crew, the loader had also the duty to "always be ready to defend against anti-tank infantry with hand grenades and a submachine gun. Close combat weapons should always be kept at hand" and the leaflet goes on to say about the driver that "For close range defense, he always carries a submachine gun at hand with which he also can shoot out of the observation slit" and "When rolling up trenches and enemy positions he can use his submachine gun to effectively support the commander". If the crew had to bail out of the tank and destroy it if it couldn't be saved they should carry on as infantry which the leaflet explains with "If you're forced to bail out, don't forget your handguns. Continue as an infantryman". It is possible that the information Battlefront had when they made the games was different than what is in the leaflet mentioned in the video. Maybe they should look through that information again and if it's possible that not only the crew in a Sturmgeschütz had more than one MP40 they could make changes to the German tank crews in the games. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8w47yYXLFGM (Didn't find a way to add the video so the link has to do)
  15. It's possible the tank was unbuttoned but there were no infantry men nearby. The oddest thing was that there was a thick fog and the tank was on a lower elevation than the German FO team which was in concealment in tall grass and behind a tree around five hundred meters or so further away. Even though the tank crew had high experience it didn't seem correct for them to be able to spot that hiding FO team in a very thick fog on that distance.
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