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  1. I see it the same way. I'm quite new to the PBEM battles and the battles I'm busy with now is much of a possibility to test certain things. I hardly use direct fire, except when I decide where a mortar section is going to shoot or if I want a PAK gun to use HE shells on a certain position. The infantry has to use their own (the AI's) ability to choose what to shoot at and the same goes for tanks and other armored vehicles. But I sometimes use the area option to keep control on where they should keep an eye open.
  2. Another improvement with line of sight/line of fire I'd like to see is the ability to use destroyed buildings as concealment for vehicles and guns while waiting for enemy vehicles and troops to come close enough. When it comes to the sound in the game, I'd welcome different sounds without the long distant shooting. There is a mod with two sound files without any shooting, but those two files don't have the wind or rain in them either. So sound files for autumn, winter, rain and so on without the distant (sometimes not so distant) rumble from artillery would be great to have.
  3. A few things I've been thinking about while playing and making my own scenario which could be nice to have: 32 Ai groups instead of only 16 would help to split battalions or companies up more, for the use of encirclement, when making custome made scenarios with large or huge maps. Lorries and halftracks can be used to tow antitanks and field guns and it would be nice to be able to use a tanks and halftracks to pull vehicles up from being bogged so they don't get immobilized. The crew of a tank or halftrack should be able to operate any vehicle of the same kind (tank for tank crew and halftracks for halftrack crew) whether it's a heavy, medium or light. But if a tank crew jumps into a type of tank they haven't been in before they laft their own tank they could maybe operate the "new" tank like a green unit or something no matter their experience in their own tank. Any crew or squad unit should be able to drive a lorry. Two men of the squad could sit in the front seats and the other ones, if they're still alive, would sit in the back with the equipment they can require. When using artillery to shoot up an area where there are mines, the mines are untouched in the game and will still harm the vehicles and men stepping on them. Would be better if artillery could make the mines blow up on a direct or close hit. Improved line of sight so the squads see through the woods exactly what the player can see from the same spot would be great to have. And improved line of fire so the squads can shoot at what they see even if they are further into the woods. The square areas where to move units (men and technical equipment) could be smaller as a way to have more variation in where to position them. It seems units are positiones in the corner of these squares. If the squares were smaller it wouldn't be so frustrating to position a squad closer to where you want them. When a unit is moving slow (crawling) they seem to be coded to have their face turned to the ground below them and not to be aware of the surrounding area. Many times a unit has been crawling a few meters away from an enemy vehicle and not been able to see nor hear it until he is stopped. I hope that will be changed so the units in crawling slow mode actually are able to see what is close by and react to it.
  4. Once I had a halftrack shooting at a tank from a distance and the shells hit a treetop below which two squadrons were hiding. The result was a few losses of friendlies. Friendly fire can also happen if you request an emergency artillery barrage. The artillery crew doesn't have much of direction where exactly the shells should fall so they just send them away with the result that they can land almost anywhere.
  5. I bought Final Blitzkrieg because I thought it would be more up to date but later on realized that it doesn't matter much which game you choose because they all use the same engine. If I knew that earlier I would have picked Red Thunder. So if you want the theatre you're more interested in go for Red Thunder and if you want the theatre with more modules go for the Battle for Normandy bundle.
  6. Like in the Paradox games where you can use their special scripting code (based on Lua, I think) to make changes to the games. However it could be done it would be great to have the ability to use the "when", "if" and other scripting tags in making AI plans.
  7. It's maybe about time that I try a H2H battle. I only have FB and prefer a bit larger to huge battle maps. If you aren't too busy with a battle right now you can decide which scenario to play, make your first moves and let me know which scenario you have chosen. I have no internet connection at the moment so you'd have to send me the save through email. If you want to make changes to a scenario and save it with another name you can send me that edited scenario in the email together with the save. I'm not sure I'll be able to play every evening, but if you're already fighting against someone else that should probably not be a bad thing.
  8. I'm sure you'll have loads of fun battles. But now you should maybe keep an eye on your bank account for possible fraudulent card transactions. I hope you won't get any of those surprises you can read about in that thread.
  9. Thanks to both MOS:96B2P and Combatintman for the info on how to see elevations in the AI-map. It's a bit strange that the manual doesn't mention anything about it. If the manual do mention it I must have missed that part.
  10. Would be great if we could see the elevation of the map by the click of a key (maybe the O-key as in the map editor) in the AI-screen when we decide how the AI-groups will move around.
  11. I used one of the special tools to open this campaign to check out the different scenario maps. In one of the scenarios there's a US-battalion together with a later reinforcement of eight tanks attacking a village. Is there any good reason to why the US-troops have "elite experience" considering that they overwhelm the few veteran Germans with their amount of men and tanks?
  12. Apart from what is quoted above, has there been any other disclosure of what changes we are looking forward to?
  13. You didn't ask me but I reply anyway. I've just started to read the book Panzer Gunner by Bruno Friesen. Bruno was a German-Canadian gunner in a Panzer IV tank and later on in a Jagdpanzer IV tank hunter during the last years of the Eastern Front. When he tells about his training he explains quite detailed how the gunner had to count to be sure to hit the target while looking through the scope. It seems that the book might continue to be detailed in its explanation of how to be a gunner in a tank. The book is quite ok so far.
  14. There's no way back from a spelling mistake in the title in this forum. From now on every one will refer to you as "the one who can't spell properly" when they discuss what you have commented.
  15. Do we know anything specific about the new patch and the change(s) or improvement(s) it will have?
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