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  1. You can convert the map from FB to RT or make your own map whith the help of the source map. What ever is easier for you. I mentioned in the notes that anyone can use the scenario file as he likes. And as the battle was between the Germans (or rather mostly Estonian and other European nationalities than Germans) and the Soviets it's only fair to have a scenario for Red Thunder. Be aware though that if you decide to make quick battle files, it seems that an assault battle (a1) might cause the computer to crash if one is playing as the attacker and don't have enough RAM on the computer. I think that an assault quick battle file should be smaller than what I have, should have the allowed points for getting troops decreased or, if you want one the size of whay I have, the assault quick battle file should be played as defender against the AI only. I have mentioned those things on the Scenario Depot and if you want an assault quick battle for RT you should mention it too.
  2. You mean the ctrl + colouring the area command to tell the AI where to send the artillery fire? I know about that but was wondering whether the AI use TRPs in Quick Battles. As the AI doesn't seem to use them, or maybe the TRPs just aren't visible when one is having a look at the map after the cease fire, I guess it's better to give the AI very good FOs and Officers to give it a chance to send hell on the player's troops.
  3. Blimey! Just because people in this community are so lazy I had to do the bloody tests myself with an A1 quick battle map and an M quick battle map. When I had made a cease fire I couldn't find any TRPs. So it turns out that the AI doesn't bother about using the TRPs at all.
  4. I often us an arch when I have units in hiding and want them to get out from hiding only when enemy troops come inside the arch.
  5. The Remarque book is, as far as I remember, all about the trenches and sometimes even behind the trenches while the film 1917 is more like Frodo and Sam going on an adventure away from their own trenches into unknown territory. It containes a bit of the usual clich├ęs you find in war films but apart from that a film to watch if you have nothing else to do.
  6. A little question regarding TRPs and the AI in quick battles: If I prepare a quick battle and give the AI good FOs and let's say three TRPs, is the AI going to place those TRPs on the objectives, if there are three objectives further away from where the AI's troops start, is it going to place them on spots which could be stratetigal ones, like crossroads and close to bridges, whether or not those are objectives or is it going to place them randomly on the map which means that they could be placed where ever no matter whether any of the troops might go there or not?
  7. It should be possible to make them so that they don't deform the surrounding terrain and don't become that visible. It all depends on the game engine, I think, and should be possible to code in a way so trenches and fox holes weren't that visible when placed on the map. If it isn't so easy to do in the game engine that is being used now maybe in the next one which hopefully will come in a not too distant future.
  8. I think it would have been great if foxholes were made in the same way as craters are being done in the editor. Instead of having sandbags, or whatever, protruding from the ground where the troops are hiding they would be hiding in holes in the ground. Trenches could bee made the same way.
  9. So we have to be so called "gamey" to protect the AT-gun crew? And does that method work in a good way?
  10. In CM there are different movement orders for the troops. The only one which is directly connected to shooting at the enemy is "assault". I wish there could be an assault order for shorter distances called something like "throw granade and assault" which could be used when a squad or team get sent onto a spot where enemies are, or most likely could be, waiting and cause casualties to the squad/team when they get there. Throw a granade or three and then assault the spot to finish the enemy off.
  11. What exactly is the reason for this limitation to the AT-gun crews? It would have been good if AT-crew were able to leave their gun if getting shot at and then when the threat is gone, and if the gun still is intact, they could man the gun again.
  12. All righite, then! That problem is sorted. Thank you, friends!
  13. I was thinking the same. But as the rifleman in the C-team is designated as the antitank rifleman maybe he's the one with the duty to do the work and the picture in the A-team's equipment tab doesn't have any value to them. That's why I'm a bit confused.
  14. A little question concerning tanks on the prowl and split up squads. Which team in this picture is actually going to use the rifle granade on an armoured vehicle? Is it the C-team in which the bottom rifle man is designated as antitank or is it the A-team which actually has the rifle grenade in the equipment tab? Would be good to know asap as the tank is getting closer and will be close enough in about two to three minutes or so. Of some reason I can't upload the image from imgur or any other image sharing website and am only allowed to upload a picture of 40kb which will be too small to see what's on it.
  15. Couldn't there be a risk that AP mines damage the conveyor belts on the tanks? Or does that only happen in films and Combat Mission?
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