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  1. I'm playing through the demo's battles and this game is fun to play. One has to plan differently than how the tactics planning goes for the WW2 theatres. I'm still learning about the modern day weapons and how to avoid getting shot to pieces from getting spotted from above.
  2. If I remember correctly Paradox is giving away free patches of which some are changing their games quite a lot. But I don't know how often that happens with other games.
  3. @IanL I was accepted as an author. But according to the reply from Bootie above it seems that I might have misunderstood you. You were probably talking about the Mod Warehouise and not TSDIII. So the Mod Warehouse is maybe not open for requests yet. I'm sure Bootie will clear this up if necessary.
  4. There is the option to send an email to Bootie and request to become an author. I did that a few weeks ago. the picture below might seem a bit too much. But as it seems that Tactical Wargamer didn't see the option to request to become an author I thought I could help a little bit extra.
  5. Thank you for the answer. I knew I could trust on one of the people who usually writes in the forum. May your name be mentioned in the heavens.
  6. It's interesting how a little joke can stir up so much emotions. It seems someone woke up on the wrong side today. Back to the main subject: Does anyone know an answer to the question in the first post?
  7. You mean the one who wrote the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People"? So if I use the correct method, flatter, I will hopfully influence people to show off their knowledge in the subject which will make them so greatful so they see me as a friend for letting them shine in the glory of their know-it-all. That way I don't have to do a lot of tests myself.
  8. I can only say that LOS is unpredictable and often annoys me very much.
  9. One thing I like about this game is the AI's ability to use its mortar teams to shoot on the player by itself when they spot something interesting and also the officers (with permission) and FOs ability to call in artillery on the player when they spot something interesting. What I wonder, though, is a bit about the fire rate with which the AI tries to trouble the player. Does anyone on the forum know anything about the fire rate with which the AI calls in artillery? If the AI's officer with artillery permission or an FO spots the player's units, do they call in a maximum barrage no matter the amount of spotted enemy or do they call in artillery with a fire rate depending on how many they spot? It would probably be possible to make them call in a specified rate of artillery fire depending on the amount of observed enemy units. If AI belongs to the Blue (US Army in CMFB) the code could maybe be something like: if (Red) <5 = call in harass if (Red) <5 and >10 (not >15) = call in medium if (Red) <5 and >20 (not >25) = call in large if (Red) >25 = call in maximum I look forward to the answers from the so called "plugged in" know-it-all people on the forum.
  10. If you want a little bit greener environments BN is maybe what you should choose and if you want a bit less green and more brownish and winter environments FB is your choice. I think that you maybe also get other types of armor in FB (King tiger) than what you have in BN but that is maybe not so important. I would have liked a mix of FB environments and RT so called theatre of war as I'm more interested in the Eastern Front. The reason to why I bought FB was that I didn't know that FB wasn't more up to date technically but all the games are on the same level.
  11. Thank you for your answers. I made two quick battles (one meeting and one assault) with three Maj VPs, which they historically were, and two Min VPs to go with my homemade H2H battle and uploaded them to TSD III.
  12. One of the scout teams was close enough to the HQ support team and I thought they might be able to communicate with them from a short distance to make the support team call the Platoon HQ. That didn't work because the scout team needs to report the findings to the Platoon HQ themselves, just as you said, so later on I moved the support team to see the enemies themselves to find out if their contact to the Platoon HQ would make sure that the Platoon HQ could use the info from the support team to call in artillery. I was in doubt that it would work but wanted to try anyway.
  13. If you send up a team with radio which is keeping an eye on the enemy for a while (5 to 10 minutes) and reports this to the HQ and the enemy doesn't move from that position during that time, how come the HQ can't use that info to call in artillery to the position? The reason is most likely one of the limitations put on the game and requires the HQ to have a visual on the target themselves. But wouldn't it, in theory, be possible for a HQ to request an artillery barrage based on someone else's observations? The scout teams I used in my test never showed any of the communication icons in the panel. I expected to see at least "eye contact" considering that they were sneaking around among enemies and shouldn't shout to each other (although the game maybe doesn't bother about teams avoiding voice contact when they are close to the enemy).
  14. I guess the people who run this forum aren't fond of spoilers. One of those would surely have been needed with that long story.
  15. It's a bit too easy to try to figure out from where the tank or AT-gun is shooting by following the sound. If they could mislead us with the sound in CMx2 it would be more of a situation where one think "Oops! I need to be careful now. There's a gun somewhere over there and it can be anywhere but from where I hear it". Any situation would be more interesting if it sometimes wasn't so obvious. If a unit with binoculas has been gawking at a certain position for a while they would maybe be able to distinct the HQ from the other groups in a platoon or company. But apart from that it would be more interesting if there was "more mystery".
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