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  1. BornGinger

    Problems with making lakes in Editor

    I made the lower lakes into swamps with mud and made sure the higher elevation got it's lake. No need for any river on this map. I was just qurious. Thank you for explaining how water works. Now I know til next time. I used Google Maps to find out a bit more what kind of trees grow in this area and how the forest looks like with bushes and stuff. I lived there myself about 20 years ago and know there are mainly pine trees and conifer in the north of the country but some leafy trees as well.
  2. BornGinger

    Problems with making lakes in Editor

    So you mean that the lakes with elevation 45 and 55 are lowered down to 28 because that's the value on one of the lakes? OK, that's the solution. Thank you very much H1nd. What happens if I put a river on the map? Does either the river go down to 28 or if the river has a lower elevation, of let's say 23, does the lake with elevation 28 get a whole too because the water in the lake is lowered down to the elevation of the river?
  3. On the map I'm making I have a problem that I can't find a solution to. I have looked at other maps to try to find out what the solution can be but haven't managed to find it. I hope that someone on the forum can be of help. All six pictures show three lakes in both 3D-view and with the elevation. One of the lakes look normal in 3D-view but two are deep wholes. At first I thought it had to do with the elevation and I did some changes without any good result for the two faulty lakes. Later on I encircled the lakes with a fixed elevation, just as the lakes have in other maps, but that didn't help for these two lakes either. What should I do to make those two big wholes look more like lakes should do?
  4. BornGinger

    CMFB Campaign: Fields of Tears

    I just downloaded this campaign and will play it when I've finished the scenario I'm busy with now. After looking through the stuff in the folder named "Field of Tears Mods" there are two things I've been wondering about. In this folder are six modtag text documents. The file called modtag2 contains the tag text "whitewash snow" while modtag4 and modtag5 contain the tag text "snow whitewash". If the mod files have the tag "whitewash snow", like in m5a1-turret [whitewash snow].bmp, will the tag text "snow whitewash" in modtag4 and modtag5 still do it's trick? And why is there a need of five modtag text files? Isn't it enough to put the tags in one text file? Or is maybe each file necessary for each chapter, or scenario, within the campain, so each campaign scenario has it's own text file with mod tags?
  5. As far as I remember I haven't turned off the trees the last time I played Final Blitzkrieg. I didn't think about that the Alt-T option could be the reason. Sometimes things are easier solved than expected. Thank you for reminding me of that. I can now see forests on the map. Well, at least as long as the trees aren't standing in the way of the forest.
  6. This comic is in a perfect size for reading on the phone. I've saved every page on my computer and sent to the two of my brothers who also read those comics about ww2 as kids. It's time for breakfast and finish reading to find out how this adventure ends.
  7. That comic is really good and well made. This reminds me of the comics about the second world war me and my brothers read when we were kids in which the Allies always were heroes and the Germans always the villains.
  8. I have just recently started on a map for a scenario to Final Blitzkrieg. I was painting a little bit with roads, fences, different kinds of ground and trees and bushes using an overlay map as a help. When I later on wanted to have a look in the 3d preview I noticed that everything that I had put on the map was there, except for the foliage. It didn't matter whether or not I had used the light or heavy forest as a basis for where the foliage should be. The trees or bushes never show up in the 3d preview. Does anyone on the forum know what the reason for this could be?
  9. BornGinger

    Omaha Beach West

    I think this post has a link to the more or less finished scenario. I also think you need the Market Garden dlc to play it. If you want to play a D-day scenario, you can download the Bloody Omaha. It's fun to play but a bit tough to get your men away from the beach without losing too many of them.
  10. BornGinger

    Book for CMBN and CMFB maps

    Does it have good pictures to use for the purpose? Why not just take any map from somewhere and let people imagine they're fighting in any of the BeNeLux countries or Germany?
  11. BornGinger

    "6,000,000 carrying arms"

    Are you sure they didn't talk about the amount of European jews that supposedly died both in the early 20th century and during the WWII?
  12. I bought Final Blitzkrieg not so long ago so I have time to be busy with that one til then. Thanks for the info, Mord.
  13. Sound to me you have the kind of relationship with your daughter that I hope to sson have with mine. My daughter is only interested in watching clips on YouTube and loath everything connected to war, which of course is a good point of view, but I hope that she one day will agree to either a hotseat session or a LAN battle.
  14. Do you have any inside information about when that DLC will be available for purchase? If I decide to get Red Thunder I'll probably do it when that's been released.
  15. Why wouldn't there be Soviets in Final Blitzkrieg? Both Final Blitzkrieg and Battle for Normandy are on the Western Front (same theatre). And if Final Blitzkrieg is about the period just before the Germans capitulated there were both a Western and an Eastern front around the German Heimat. So that could be viewed as one theatre or at least as the same time period. I hope there will be Britts, Canadians and Soviets added to Final Blitzkrieg but might make this scenario with Americans as the AI opponent now and change it to Soviets later on.