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  1. Me too. May be why I never saw this before, since I rarely use target let alone target arcs! I agree that complexity is not always the solution - I find the AI often makes good decisions on what weapon to use.
  2. Not yet - it's pretty big so I'm tinkering around with smaller scenarios so I can learn what I'm doing in the (totally opaque in my opinion) AI editor . I've had fairly limited time lately, so that hasn't helped.
  3. Nope. They were sitting there, spotted the tank the previous turn. I gave the target command on the tank, it moved across their line of sight, where they lost it after about 45 seconds, then the tank shot and killed a BTR. This team in particular I think fired one ATGM at the beginning of the game, missed, and has spotted various vehicles for the past 10 minutes and refused to shoot at any of them.
  4. So in that case even with a target command and line of sight they'll ignore it? Curious.
  5. I've been having a problem with my ATGMs in my PBEM game. They won't shoot at anything. This team spent the whole minute with a target order on the tank, but didn't even rotate to aim at it. The tank drove forwards into full view and nuked a BTR. What's the trick into getting ATGMs to fire? Has anyone else seen this happen? I'm running CMBS v2.00
  6. 1646 The BTRs engage enemy positions as they cross. They're moderately effective, but I really wish I had BMPs for this! Infantry are squirrely, though. A squad hidden in the copse by the river fires an RPG at one of the crossing BTRs - a hit! At this point I feel I haven't prepared the opposite bank enough. BMPs, ATGMs, and a T-64(!!) have knocked out four BTRs as they cross the river. There are at least two enemy tanks remaining, since the one I have spotted does not have a good view of the river itself. A T-64 spotted by one of my Konkurs teams. They spent about 20 seconds staring at it without trying to engage, so they have a direct target order for this next turn. Hopefully a Konkurs can defeat the ERA! Despite the shortfalls, the Ukrainian side of the river is a moonscape. Here we can see a lone crewmember taking cover in a crater as smoke shells rain down in front of him. It's not all bad, though. Two BTRs have landed intact. The Company HQ and a rifle squad, all laden with extra disposable RPGs to deal with any latent armoured threat. Once I can assemble a platoon of the survivors, we can start limited offensive operations to clear out. The view from my side of the river. I don't have a picture of it, but the reconnaissance team has been crossing the western side of the river unmolested. We previously knocked out a BMP sitting cover there, and spotted a small team watching over the river. I have no doubts that he knows I'm crossing, but the enemy appears unable to do anything about it. An AGS is finished setting up and will start to pepper the spotted scout team.
  7. That's where you're wrong. You know what they say - the best defence is a good offence! Think about it - Bil is expecting you to sit there and take it. Quick, decisive action is the key to victory!
  8. I never realized how dopey the C2 upgrade looks! Kinda like a combat toaster or something. Looking forward to the battle proper!
  9. I rendered them in Blender and if I recall correctly touched them up in Photoshop.
  10. I think they've ran into some technical problems which delayed them from the 8th and this past weekend too.
  11. 1645 Just a couple of screenshots. The crossing continues, and is beginning to look a bit more organized. I've been somewhat attrited, but in the next few minutes I should be able to dump a reinforced company across the river. Supporting fire from the riverbank lays into a Ukrainian trenchwork blocking the railway access. Staccato autocannon shots burst around an SPG-9 emplaced in the fortification. A view from the railroad bridge at the BTRs as they cross the river.
  12. There is a fourth channel on the bitmaps that controls the alpha, so they're really RGBA bitmaps. If that channel doesn't exist or is all white (really 255), then the background will show.
  13. I've been exposed! It's not. I have a levels shader that makes the image darker. Thought it made a more dramatic image. Edit: lol looking at the images on my phone in the hot sun on my way to lunch gives some perspective. Looks fine on my computer but right now they're just black rectangles😁
  14. Under the cover of darkness, Russian forces scout a Ukrainian MSR (also Morning Coffee)
  15. A Russian scout platoon overruns a Ukrainian Battalion HQ. (Morning Coffee)
  16. Tell me about it. Apologies for the delay. I've been traveling on holiday and forgot my charger! Hopefully should be back on track soon.
  17. Thank you Bil, it's an honour to receive such praise from you! The overlay is actually how it appears in-game, believe it or not! I'm using Reshade to inject some post-processing over CM. It's really something I only use for screenshots since it can definitely get in the way of gameplay, depending on what's enabled. I posted some info on it here:
  18. 1644 Not much happened this turn, so no new map. Please forgive me! An unsuppressed BMP-2 managed to fire off a volley at one of the crossing BTRs. Shots riddle the front plate and rip apart the crew. There are no survivors as the BTR drifts to a stop. One of the surviving T-72s notices the trouble too late to save the stricken BTR, but exacts revenge, delivering an APFSDS round into the BTR straight through a thick cloud of smoke and a building! (Thanks @Bil Hardenberger for the idea of using a PIP!) It was hard to get a good shot here since the BMP was literally engulfed in smoke from the artillery shells landing nearby. Despite some (maddening) pathfinding issues with BTRs taking the long way down the slope, going into the water and coming back out at another point, the crossing is going OK for now. It's not as coordinated as I was planning, with a 2+1 configuration. More like piecemeal. Regardless, we go onward! To victory!
  19. You can get some contours by compressing the range of the heightmap they output and posterising the image (compression is optional but makes it a lot easier to see the contours). You have to know the highest and lowest points in the image (but I think that is standardised from their satellite data sources - so certain grey values correspond to certain elevations). When you know that, you can divide by the number of tonal levels you set in the posterisation and each tone is a contour line. With that said, I doubt satellite data is useful in creating data for Combat Mission scaled maps. For example, here is a section of B27 heading to Fulda (chosen for a myriad of reasons not the least of which is the hills). Overlaid with the map section. Looks pretty good, right? Well, this is the whole map that Cities Skylines lets you use, not Combat Mission. So you need to trim it to the 4x4km square that we're allowed. Which is this sad chunk That is this section (actual scale). If you're doing macro level terrain on a map with a lot of variation in height, it may work out. Otherwise you'll run into trouble that the satellite data just isn't that accurate and on flat areas or areas with water it'll be really garbled. Cool stuff though, I may end up using it myself...
  20. I couldn't leave you guys hanging! I actually had the turn for about three weeks before I noticed it apparently. So subtract that from the six months!
  21. I demand to read an AAR of this. I'd love to join in myself but I'm not sure if I have the time right now...
  22. I found something in my CM Helper inbox a couple of days ago... The dachas turn out to be more exposed than I anticipated. This means I need to start the crossing ASAP. The platoons on the riverbank and dive into the water. BTRs from 1st Company boldly drive to the riverbank, catching up with their comrades. Another BTR eats some 30mm fire from across the river. The passengers survive with major wounds as they bail out of the doomed vehicle. And yet another. Clearly the smoke screen is not doing its job! None of these hits have been catastrophic, but they are definitely decreasing the combat power I can deploy across the Dnjepr. All the while artillery shells land around 1st Company as they stage. But the order comes: "Cross to landing point Boris!" The engines roar to life as the platoon surges forward. The crossing gets staggered as some drivers attempt to find better slopes to enter the river. But the crossing has begun...
  23. I'm loving this! Gonna steal the GIF idea for when I find the time to get back into writing AARs. You really do set the gold standard of presentation - but will the Blood Board match such splendour?
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