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  1. I just went all in on Shock Force 2, getting the big bundle (But missed the manual hilariously), and now I'm trying to figure out who can do what within the game, along with doing the tutorial campaign. Being used to Battle for Normandy, I was so surprised when the movement/combat/tactics buttons, just don't include things like taking scouts or anti tank men from the unit group, splitting them up for more selective missions. From playing things like Steel Beasts, DCS, Arma, and studying, I am most comfortable with vehicles. I know how they work, what they do, how to make them kick ass
  2. While I probably will change my mind as it gets tedious, I want to avoid exploiting games like this as much as possible. A part of war is making mistakes, and then adapting to those situations.
  3. The momeent the attack starts, it begins slowing down, even slightly. How can you gauge this momentum? Not only the more troops given, but the longer they stay, the more firepower they can use against the enemy. However, you want to avoid losing control of the situation, losing your momentum of combat through losing ammunition, losing troops, or becoming outnumbered. Without health bars, you can't quantify your progress of how things were going 30 seconds ago, so when do you say "Okay, it's time to pull back, we've stayed here too long!" By the time enemy reinforcements come, artillery shells
  4. Looks like it's back to the training mission for me! There's a lot I must work on, and to counter my knowledge of the scenario, I will limit myself to drop artillery on units I've spotted only. Do you think that there's a viable way to gauge threats by sight? Knowing where to strike before you do is a huge help. What about where to place your scouts? Can you put them in buildings safely? Can you use forward observes as scouts? Perhaps the biggest question is: How do you effectively, and safely, disengage from combat? I only played two different scenarios so I don't know, but is there a wa
  5. Is it worth splitting off an assault group to rush the target? Does splitting groups provide sufficient flexibility for the lack of total firepower?
  6. Huh... I'll definitely have to try out turn based then! Thanks for that ❤️ it'll probably make things so much easier to keep track of!
  7. Do you guys split your units often? Perhaps to have many people occupying buildings at the same time for area control? Only time I've actually used it wasn't a real combat situation, but during the training exercise. It does make people useful for scouts at least. Speaking of which, can buildings be used as scouting locations once you shorten the targeting cone? I'm trying to learn about every tactic I can use to my advantage, this game is really tough, even on the training difficulty.
  8. I've never thought about it like this before. You did bring up a new piece of information: using grenades and other weapons besides primary. How do I give them that order? Like firing rockets at buildings with enemies inside, or changing to armor piercing ammo for machine guns
  9. I am playing in rts. Speaking of that, do you know what the primary gameplay mode is? What the game was primarily built around? You may be right about that though, having so much to look at means that I may just be missing things. I guess I assume that orders I issue will be completed before they run away or something.
  10. I never said training mission, I'm playing the first *campaign* mission. It's titled "A Moment in Time"
  11. I know this is a pretty loaded question so let me break it apart. I'm watching Armchair General's tutorial on Battle for Normandy, and he said that the most important thing is fire superiority. This question is going under the assumption that this is 100% fact, so it can be used as a universal unit of trade. So, first, because it's 4am and I'm bored, let's define just what fire superiority is so we are all on the same page. Essentially, it is the measurement of Delta between you and your opponent's firepower; the bigger difference between them, the more superiority is had. On to the
  12. Have to get up to your 16k posts somehow Thanks for the direction ❤️
  13. So, after getting this game yesterday, I'm having a hard time with it. I'm loving the game regardless of my failures, but I just have to ask, why do tactics fail here but succeed everywhere else? In most other games, there is the general idea of, "push first, and push hard" in order to capture your objectives. While I attack with what I believe are "overwhelming odds" (although without any intel to support this), by the time the battle ends, it was a horrific, bloody draw. In my current game, the first campaign mission, I've gained control of multiple areas, but barely nobody is alive to
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