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Found 4 results

  1. Following a request of @Badger73, here is a small tutorial for introducing the usage of AI triggers. I am using CMSF2. Since I am beginning with IA, experts are welcome to comment to provide better solutions that the one I will present just after. Here is my small force. They are facing those enemy positions. And thus some few enemy squads. I have removed the RPG-7 on purpose for the tutorial. I would like to teach the AI to do several things. Phase 1: The on map mortar team will perform area fire on the ditch inside Target 1 Meanwhile, the other guys will advance inside their vehicles toward Target 1. But, I would like them to advance reacting to an enemy move. Phase 2: While the vehicules with the squads, still inside them, are progressing to Target 1. I would like the area fire to switch to Target 2 then Target 3 to avoid friendly fire casualties. Once the vehicles are at waypoint 1. I would like them to pop some smoke And, with the smoke screen in place, I would like the squads to dismount to assault the ditch. So how I can do this using the editor and AI triggers? To be continued...
  2. I did the first 2 tutorial battles (second one multiple times to try things out). In the handbook, it says next up is Last Defense. I cannot locate it anywhere in the game. The basic tutorial only has the 2 battles. There is an "advanced" tutorial, but it's a completely different battle. I have both DLC for Fortress Italy. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I just went all in on Shock Force 2, getting the big bundle (But missed the manual hilariously), and now I'm trying to figure out who can do what within the game, along with doing the tutorial campaign. Being used to Battle for Normandy, I was so surprised when the movement/combat/tactics buttons, just don't include things like taking scouts or anti tank men from the unit group, splitting them up for more selective missions. From playing things like Steel Beasts, DCS, Arma, and studying, I am most comfortable with vehicles. I know how they work, what they do, how to make them kick ass, especially because of Steel Beasts. However, I don't know a lot about infantry. Ignoring the armor differences, I don't know the doctrine of the british military, vs marines, vs nato. Things like unit composition are most important to me when it comes to this, and, if you truly can't break units apart, how can you use them effectively in standard situations? Equipment lists for standard units? What their effective range is, etc. I'd love any advice you guys could give
  4. So, I've been trying to learn how to play on the tutorial mission, and I've realized something: The armor given to you is completely useless.Let me explain my situation So, my plan is to attack through the north field. This would allow me to avoid their anti tank gun with concealment, and a few of their regiments thanks to the bushes along the road. Here's the biggest problem: *Armor can't run over hedges*. For whatever reaeson the tanks can't go through gaps in hedges or or fences something, but they must always drive along the road and then come back off of it. I don't know what gun Germany is using in this scenario, but one hit from it leaves the tank combat ineffective, and I can't issue any more orders to it, which means they'll just keep attacking it until it's destroyed. This gun has overwatch across half of the map, so the moment a tank has gone on the road, they are in extreme danger. So, I guess my question is, what's your advice on using these things? I haven't been able to find a "fire on the move" button, and opening up seems to do absolutely nothing for your line of sight sadly, when that was a huge part of of going hull down, your commander directing the gunner so he ecould fire at what he couldn't see from that position. I really could us some advice.
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