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  1. Hi! Thanks for the explanation,Ithikial_AU,and for that lovely mission I have enjoyed so much.I suposed I couldn't get Carpiquet the first time I played but i have been succesful that last time(more experience­čśë).That's the reason because the outcome has been different. I wish you are fully recovered from your jet-lag and enjoyed your trip to Europe.Did you visited Normandy for instance?
  2. No.In the second misi├│n,the one you have to take Carpiquet,I got the Sherman flails as expected.Playing with the same computer I didn't get the flails and Cocodriles.What's more,I didn't have air support as well and (this could be a bit SPOILER) the German counterattack to retake the hangars didn't take place.I remember that the first time I played that mission was far more challenging.
  3. I know.I have it. That's because I found this quiet weird.
  4. Some days ago,I downloaded again Lions of Carpiquet campaign to replay it with the new 4.0v.In the misi├│n called; Where are the f*****g tanks? I only received,as an armoured reinforcement,a platoon of 4 Sherman tanks but I clearly remember I received some Sherman flails and Churchill cocodriles the first time I played it.
  5. Sometimes I wonder why not to model fortified houses.I mean,houses that have been fortified from scratch using sandbags,trunks,etc.I think it would improve the defensive possibilities as they would be tougher spots to overcome.In a similar way,why not to model houses with basements underground?,it would be difficult to do so?.Soldiers could get protection from incoming fire.What s more,the basements could be comunicated in some cases so the defenders should be able to go from one house to other.
  6. Hi! I would like to upgrade my CMBN game but I have to remove all the mods.I would like to know which are the original scenarios and campaigns from the CMBN series(CW + MG) or how to difference them because I'm not quiet sure which they are as I downloaded a bunch of them over the time.
  7. ***ACHTUNG!, COULD BE A BIT SPOILER**** I recently finish playing Day of Attrition scenario and though I was quiet reluctant to play it at first(it's a sooo big scenario!) i finally got a lot of fun playing it.I was near to quit at the beginning because you spend a big deal of time just moving troops forward basically by foot and with a bunch of old trucks in a difficult and rugged terrain.I decided to go for the bridges,the crossroads anf Hofen but not for Monschau at first.I end up with a minor defeat and I was very close to take Hofen just before I ran out of time. How did you get in this mission?,which strategies did you use?
  8. My preferences will go to North Africa 1941-42 and 1943 Tunisia as well.Lots of interesting battles and it could include the German invasion of Crete(Operation Mercury) as an expansion. Out of the IIWW stuff I will go to the Israel-Arab countries wars(Six days,Yom Kippur).Lots of interesting features for all the CM gamers: lots of tanks with a mix of modern and vintage vehicles,Israeli airborne troops,Egyptian engineers and assault troops,etc.Korea wouldn't be bad but I'm not interested in any asymetrical war or guerrilla warfare (Afganistan or,in a lesser extent Vietnam).
  9. I found this interesting information,some test carried out by the Canadians in february 1945. https://servicepub.wordpress.com/2014/08/30/allied-trials-to-counteract-panzerfaust-attacks/ It says that spaced armour must,at least, 75cm wide to be effective against hollow charges and that less space can even enhance their effect.
  10. Thanks guys.Yes,I found that the spaced armour and sch├╝rzen were firstly designed as protection against the russian AT rifles.Looks like they weren't that effective against bazooka rounds but the russians didn't have anything like the bazooka or the british PIAT.
  11. The upgraded Pz IV H, that appears in the game,was designed with an spaced armour arround the turret and armoured skirts(sch├╝rzen) to protect the vehicle from rounds with hollow charges like bazooka rounds.i wonder if this really works in the game because I'm under the sensation that it doesn't make any difference with tanks without this feature.Has anybody made some test about it?,is the spaced armour really effective in stopping bazooka rounds?
  12. I wish you a happy New Year,especially to the guys who made campaigns,scenarios and mods for the repository.Thanks,you make a very good job.Keep on! http://giphy.com/gifs/ghostbustersmovies-ghostbusters-2-3o72F1A3B5xRnprusE
  13. I would like to see more variety of defensive works.Diferent kind of wires,bunkers,pillboxes,guns emplacements(with camouflage nets on for example) and deeper,and more realistic, trenches and foxholes but I have readed there are some technical problems with these last issues.They couldn't be overcome in any way?
  14. I know what I did wrong.I forgot to order "open up" command to the people on board!.I thought that only aplied for the guy with the MG. MOS.96B2P,I know It's not really safe but...I love it!
  15. I see soldiers can shoot from halftracks but I have the sensation they do this randomly.It looks like they don't shoot when the vehicle is full of people.I'm not sure how It works.Is there any trick?.
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