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    I bought squad leader at toys are us for 9.99 in 1979. The rest of my story is just so much dross
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  1. the scenario was objective delta. the wire patch that runs up into the hill. i dont thinnk there were mines...there was no marker afterwards
  2. i had a breach team destroy itself clearing a wire entanglement. 3 blast craters were created meaning they used 3 demos? i never have seen this before in cm titles. if anyone has an affirmation or a prevention that would be nice thanks
  3. time for a huge patch to the tac ai is in order no?
  4. I dont know if this is the right forum to post this but i think i found a bug with breach kits. when i used the blast command i got a move quickly line and sure enough the team went to the wall and turned around to go around the wall to its destination. lets not confuse this with demo charges. thanks
  5. Hi gentlemen i was just going to ask whats the best way to blow up a pill box with a tank. ie do i use AP or HE ammo. i have those ruddy brit tanks that do different stuff. also is range an issue say out to 200 meters?
  6. watch the various titles on you tube. Ithekial has made some great vids.
  7. ther are games out there that are far less realistic but maybe as immersive such as campaign series. in its hayday of online play the game was teeth grinding. but got far more gripe action then cm. the game was gutted and changed to please others with only more griping about realism in a totally unreal simulation. it was made to grind teeth not please what were mostly novices in the game. cm is another world in realism and teeth grinding without the company caving to the lesser player to its detriment.
  8. maybe they are scouts and i know you meant getty
  9. that fence was a disaster for many reasons not the least of wich a mile charge would be exhausting with the fence only compounding the issue. hurdling the fence would have been most efficient but still exhausting. maybe the brave pixel troopen behave the way they do because of spacing issues in the ai?
  10. really good stuff. simple good stuff. the best stuff
  11. I don't know if it will help and may be old news but chrome is or was very insecure compared to the default browser edge. my infor is about 2 years old. maybe you have already tried it? GL
  12. oil alone is enough to convince me along with axis navy blockaded accept for its u boat gaurilla war among all the other problems germany alone faced namely the procrastinating hitler blah blah.
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