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  1. Thanks to all for this recent exchange...really insightful and helpful comments from you folks, as always. If I only had more time to put into this gem... A relevant aside: What are the primary references you're using for scenario design? Thanks again! Looking forward to the evolving product.
  2. Great stuff -- thanks to the development team for putting this together! Given that this set of scenarios is based a German counterattack, why would the campaign be from the US perspective? Indeed, wouldn't it be more "challenging" for the player to be the German attacker? Thanks again!
  3. Bump...important question to contemplate...I'm guessing slow as the propellant had to be loaded separately from the projectile itself, as I remember.
  4. Ditto the above...go get 'em, (Jagd)Tiger!! Looking forward to the exchange...looks to me like you're making the correct move. Just keep that 250mm of frontal armor -- and that 128mm of kick-a** -- pointed toward your targets...all 4-5 of them. I remember reading Tigers in the Mud where Carius talked about a particular difficulty encountered when driving his Jagdtigers off-road, even over "short distances" (distance undefined, IIRC) -- the need to recalibrate the gun due to the rough suspension featured in early versions. Not modeled here, I assume, but an interesting thing to contemplate nonetheless.
  5. I have a vague memory of fire's impact in CMBB and I'd love to see it implemented in CMx2 -- even if imperfectly (I very much agree with Bulletpoint's comment on the "all or nothing" issue). The potential for impacts on LOS and movement seems significant, no?
  6. Love the Stummel pic...bad-ass. And what, pray tell, will those intrepid scouts see when cresting the ridge???? Tasty stuff.
  7. Yes, indeed...I think this game will force us all to use "Quick" a bit more judiciously, eh? Big Kitty serves as a wonderful deterrent to Bil's Hellcats cresting that ridge over on your right, but it would be a pity to see her limited to such a defensive role (even if that was her primary role in RL...). I know you must be itching to see her in action...but yes, I know -- all in good time...
  8. Great report, Baneman -- really fun to watch this play out. Your methodical assault through the town on the left is good stuff. Thanks so much for doing this!!
  9. Fantastic news Phil!! be patient with your rehab schedule and do what the docs say...
  10. Edit: Yes, I also was denied sending Kohlenklau a PM, with the same message Pak40 received. Anyway..;. Kohlenklau -- I've been on this board for many years now, mostly a lurker and casual gamer (53 years old, two kids preparing for college, job with heavy travel...). I read these forums alot, and love them! I really enjoy your new campaigns, and have GREAT RESPECT for all you do to keep the CM games at the cutting edge of wargaming excellence. Really sorry to hear about your heart attack and surgery. GET WELL SOON!! All of us here in the CM community are thinking about you, and sending lots of positive vibes your way for a speedy recovery. We need you back on the forums NOW!! Be good, take care of yourself.
  11. This may not be exactly what you're looking for, and you've probably already played this, but just in case: the early scenarios in the German campaign "Die Letzte Hoffnung" feature recon elements that are designed to scout the way ahead for the approaching panzergrenadier company and attached Panzer platoons. The maps are relatively small, meaning that true vehicle-based recon is unrealistic -- especially in the presence of armor/ATG threats, meaning that any such recon is best conducted by dismounted crews.
  12. Great news JonS!! May I ask how well-balanced, challenging and enjoyable these scenarios are when played as the Germans?
  13. Amazing DAR, Darknight...wow... I can't believe how lethal your troops have been with those PIATs...close-range flank shots are taking an incredible toll... Keep up the good work!
  14. These are indeed pretty interesting, WOKI. But I think these skins could really use some weathering in the vein of Aris' fine work, don't you think? They look practically factory-fresh -- or at least quite saturated on the color spectrum and, as a result, not as realistic as they could after the application of a good bit of dirt and wear/age. Also...what says the group regarding the historical accuracy of camo patterns like those on vehicles 331 and 411? While not a true tank grog, I've looked through a fair number of "Panzer Colors" - style books in my lifetime and I don't remember anything like those patterns. Again -- nicely done, keep up the good work! Especially like the ambush scheme on Panther #215 and KT #222.
  15. Back on topic... I am amazed at the ways in which a digital wargame can bring so many people together over a common interest...people that are separated by such vast geographic distances. Global concern over the current condition of Michael Emrys is case in point. Pretty cool, I say...
  16. So I've read all the old threads related to this topic that I can find, but I can't seem to determine a final answer to this question. If I still want to play CMBN and am contemplating the 3.0 engine upgrade, will ANY of the older campaigns and/or scenarios work as intended? I still want to work my way through the classic German campaigns -- Die Letzte Hoffnung, A Moment in Time, Kampfgruppe Engel, Benouville Battle, Sie Kommen -- but I continue to be concerned that they will not work under the most up-to-date engine upgrade. What considerations are required to determine if any campaign or scenario created before the 3.0 upgrade will be playable? Are there key criteria that must be met, or are all older creations deemed unplayable? Can I expect to be able to play all of these campaigns with the 2.x engine? Sorry to be the one to keep harping on this...hopefully we can lay this to rest now. Thanks.
  17. Yes, as I understood the terminology the designations of the different models -- Panzerfaust-30, -60 and -100 -- were references to their effective ranges. I believe the majority of the 'fausts used in the CMBN era are Panzerfaust-30s, with perhaps a few -60s sprinkled in...? I would have to research the weapon's history to say something more intelligent on this...but I have to get back to work... [update -- I couldn't stay away!] Yes, the numerical designation of each model refers to their "effective range"...
  18. Ah-HA! Based on some earlier information in this or another thread, I have tried to stack Target Briefly commands but have been unsuccessful...I'm using engine version 2.xx. Hence my failure. Thanks for the info, IanL.
  19. Ditto Henirich...that first shot in post #68 ("Enemy tanks on overwatch") is outstanding.
  20. Many thanks for the excellent report, Herr Fizou...you must hold in order to allow your reinforcements to enter the fray!!
  21. I am a happy user of the "click-and-hold" mouse method for most of my movement...both left-click to move laterally and right-click to rotate/up-down.
  22. Well...I actually find myself using the screen-edge method when I'm wanting to quickly fly around the battlefield to look at basic info. But in all other situations where finer (read: any) control is necessary, I'm using keyboard/mouse combos.
  23. Excellent...thanks for the info, kohlenklau. I do now remember the lifting of the AAR requirement...sorry for neglecting this. I can certainly understand the desire to lift this requirement -- but it sure is alot of fun to watch you guys slug it out on the digital battlefield! Will definitely check out the Allied thread.
  24. So what happened to this campaign? All the relevant Axis threads have withered away since April...
  25. Thanks Womble...a hilariously simple answer. I honestly never logically considered this as a possibility...after all, why would you want to extend a Target Briefly order??!! Hilarious. My command possibilities are now endless...
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