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  1. The "Boing B-17G"?? Amazing model-making - eg how he did the "stressed skin". But, he didn't flatten the wheels where they would touch the ground. I guess he wanted it to roll.
  2. Someone posted elsewhere that they won't appear in the CMSF2 DEMO. If you are talking about CMSF1 make sure that campaigns go in the CAMPAIGNS folder.
  3. Erwin

    Minor visual Obdervations

    Alternative SCREENS and SOUNDS also work re SPLASH music etc.
  4. Be aware that the demos are either Blue vs AI or Blue assaults - so may not be very satisfying H2H.
  5. Erwin

    Demo Feedback

    Grass catching fire was already in 4.
  6. In "Passage To Wilcox" noticed that the Bradleys fire their main 25mm gun even when ordered to TARGET LIGHT. Also, it's possible to use the FIST to order more than one discrete fire mission simultaneously - is that correct? Even tho' there is no indication that inf cannot cross the stream on the RHS of the map, they refuse to do so and insist on moving across the bridge.
  7. Erwin

    Minor visual Obdervations

    If players load mods from CMSF1 please list what works and does not work here. That would greatly speed up determining which mods are still usable.
  8. Just loaded the "Small Arms Range & Calibre" mod (by Vein??) and it still works great. The personal weapons graphics are wonderful and I like seeing the range/penetration data. Suggest that players post what mods they have tried to use in the demo and list which do and do not work. That would greatly speed up the process of determining which CMSF1 mods are usable.
  9. Wow! Beautiful. Was amazed that in addition to all the usual movement of vehicle and turret/gun, realistic torsion bar suspension etc, it actually accurately fires pellets (with help of laser targeting), has working lights, engine smoke, "working" MG, hatches with tiny locks(!) - and... can safely carry the narrator's 60Kg weight! Have no idea what to do with with, but I know I want one! They don't say how much...
  10. This is the closest thing one will see to a "shoot and scoot" order. Try deliberately ordering an AT unit to QUICK move (briefly) within range of an enemy AFV (obviously with no enemy inf protecting it and preferably to its rear) and you may see this happen. Have done this deliberately with good results. Doesn't work with FAST as that orders the unit to run with no stopping to fire. Not sure what happens with MOVE etc.
  11. Erwin

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Looks good out of the box.
  12. Well, if the Chinese Belt & Road System happens, they'll be invading into Europe (let alone Ukraine) quite nicely. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belt_and_Road_Initiative
  13. Very good summary of events...
  14. Unfortunately, this doesn't do anything to suppress an enemy hiding in ambush behind the wall on the far side of the building. That's why entering a building can be so dangerous. Some designers are very good at setting up these sorts of ambushes.