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  1. 736 × 552Images may be subject to copyright. Learn More Is this is what you want? Amazed to find that PzIV's were also used in Golan Heights in 6 Days War. And of course the definitive word in armor:
  2. Erwin

    Max screen resolution...

    ok thanks... another reason to hope for CM3
  3. Not brilliant filmmaking. But the young ages of the soldiers at least seem more appropriate than usual, and uniforms and held held battle sequences etc are interesting. Seems like 18 short films... And found another similar movie. Must be a ton of re-enactors in Germany! And also: "Generation War" TV series is also highly recommended. Can't believe the amount of WW2 videos/movies one can find on Utube these days!
  4. Very very nice... The thing that I keep kicking myself about is that I own all the IL modules, and have never loaded any(!). CM took over all gaming time for the past almost 20 years! Altho' I do play a bit of Silent Hunter WOTP when I want to see ocean and gorgeous sunsets, and Grigsby's WITPAE for a complete change of pace.
  5. Erwin

    CM:FI AAR SLIM versus Bletchley_Geek

    You mean King Charles Stuart? (At first I thought you were talking about Military Police executing some poor bloke called Stewart.)
  6. Erwin

    Recce in force article.

    Good article with ideas for recon oriented scenarios. Thanks George... PS: Better Cossacks:
  7. Erwin

    Max screen resolution...

    Ditto... I have 30" monitor capable of 2560 x 1600 and I have to use 1920 x 1200 to make the UI readable. Wonder why this has never been addressed by BF in all these years.
  8. Erwin

    Recon Scenarios?

    Just realized this was first posted by GEORGEMC. Thanks George...
  9. From a pdf article link by Les Gray that someone posted on these forums: eg: A Russian motorized rifle battalion is defending from positions in direct contact with the enemy. The enemy strength is uncertain, and there are some two kilometers between forces. The terrain is fairly open, trafficable and interrupted by occasional stands of deciduous trees in full foliage. The brigade’s tank-battalion commander was directed to conduct a company-sized pre-dawn mounted reconnaissance-in-force. The company’s mission is to determine enemy strength and dispositions, capture documents and prisoners and determine the strength and route of the counterattack force. The company will plan on withdrawing after one hour unless the enemy withdraws. If so, the company will provide support to a follow-on attack/pursuit. An artillery howitzer battalion and a motorized rifle platoon will provide support to the company. The tank-battalion commander decides to employ his second company to conduct the reconnaissance-in-force. It will conduct an attack from the march from a company attack area forward of the brigade’s second-echelon defensive area. The artillery battalion will conduct a 20-minute artillery preparation in advance of the attack and plan to conduct deeper fires, on-call fires and standing barrage fires on the flanks of the attack. The artillery battalion, motorized rifle battalion, reconnaissance company and engineers will establish observation posts overlooking the attack. The attack commences before dawn following the artillery barrage with two tank platoons on-line. After breaking through the initial defensive line, the trailing platoon continues deeper to establish a support position. The right and left flank platoons reverse to begin their exploitation and possible withdrawal while determining and destroying the location and extent of enemy positions. The motorized rifle platoon dismounts, searching for prisoners, documents and enemy crew-served weapons. The enemy launches a counterattack, which is stopped by artillery fire and the forward tank platoon. Upon the command to withdraw, the reconnaissance-in-force company will withdraw, normally under a particulate smoke screen. Upon the command to defend, the company will dig in as a supporting position for a follow-on battalion or brigade attack/pursuit. Also see: https://community.apan.org/wg/tradoc-g2/fmso/.
  10. Be patient. It takes a serious amount of time to properly playtest a 4 hour scenario. Had to play thru the first 30 minutes 2 or 3 times and restart due to improvements made by MOS. Then got up to an hour, then 2 hours. Last time (Beta 8) I had to stop as my Ukrainians were running out of ammo after 2 hours play, and that was not a design intention. So, now TOC is on Beta 9...
  11. Erwin


    That's kind of my point. If a typical map is 1Km x 1Km, then generally it will be designed so that LOS will be limited to maybe 300 meters max. My question is would you deploy a relatively expensive recon vehicle with all its electronics to observe or "recon" at that sort of range? My experience in the game is that a vehicle at that short range gets KIA quickly. In that situation it's better to send in a leg unit (or dismount the vehicle crew). But, if one is going to be using leg recon, why have all those recon vehicles that CM2 has available? If the intent is to simulate short range engagements, then you are saying that BF would be better focusing on something other than providing numerous recon vehicles.
  12. Erwin


    Yes. Maybe I should have been clearer. CM2 features many, many recon vehicles like that.
  13. Erwin


    But, if you are at the point of departure where infantry reign supreme as the primary focus of the game, what use are (so many) lightly armed recon vehicles on a small map? His description is still accurate: "Every scenario with armored vehicles feels like a knife fight, with little room to move without becoming instantly engaged."
  14. Erwin


    Quite so. However, has made me wonder why CM2 features so many recon vehicles - when they are relatively useless on small maps. One of the motivations for larger maps and mobility is to be able to have a realistic function for recon vehicles. 4Km x 4Km is large enuff. Agreed. But, remind me... how many scenarios exist currently on that sort of size map? That my interpretation re what Apocalypse was saying. The vast majority of CM2 scenarios are exactly how he described: "Every scenario with armored vehicles feels like a knife fight, with little room to move without becoming instantly engaged." It's not the game that is the problem imo. The challenge is that so few designers able or willing to design the large scenarios.
  15. World's biggest dildo/vibrator...? Anyway, it's convincing re Nazis having superior tech. There is so much evidence in the preceding pics that some of it must be true, right?