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  1. Man, those Barcelona architects... Antoni Gaudi's cathedral masterpiece should be one of the Wonders of the Modern World and a must see item for anyone's bucket list. https://www.casabatllo.es/en/antoni-gaudi/sagrada-familia/ https://www.surfacemag.com/articles/gaudi-sagrada-familia/
  2. +1 Would also be great to have an AI that can handle many of the human player chores eg: "Go recon over there" (and the teams act realistically and not suicidally to locate enemy); "Go resupply"; "Go tend to WIA"; "Follow the leader" (road convoy etc.)...
  3. Once upon a time we was told that CMSF2 was never going to happen. But, things changed and now we have CMSF2. Am simply pointing out that info that is 18 months old is almost useless.
  4. Aquila could probably do it with one hand tied behind his back. The guy's a friggin genius.
  5. I am sure we've all made that mistake at one time or another...
  6. +1 'Competent Incompetence' campaign is very good. Note that in order to play all of the very well designed battles one needs to lose until one gets to the "backs to the wall" mission (which ends the campaign if you lose) and then start winning again.
  7. You guys are doing an amazing job creating a "Vietnam-like/SE Asian-looking" super mod. So, in theory nothing wrong with an IDF-Arab mod - other than possible political sensitivities. For that matter how come wargamers are still sexist and do not make female pixeltruppen mods for the CM games?
  8. Xnt points IMHO. I'd forgotten about that but yes have found that 2 man scouts can get surprisingly close to an enemy without being spotted. It's even better when you have a few casualties and end up with some 1-man teams. Those a xnt for scouting esp if used together with other 1-man teams.
  9. Yes. Dunkirk is much more of an ethereal art war movie and more visceral and only works in the historical context. 1917 is also a good movie but the story could have been set in just about any era.
  10. That post was 18 months ago. A lot can change in that time.
  11. Ok thanks. Since one cannot load CMSF1 save games into CMSF2 am trying to finish some of the longer CMSF1 campaigns I was in the middle or near the end of before I permanently go over to CMSF2. Having a lot of trouble with Mission 13 from the otherwise xnt "Road to Dinas" ( by Paper Tiger I think).
  12. Hey SS, I forget, is "Heart of Darkness" one of your CMSF1 campaigns?
  13. After ignoring the underused ASSAULT command for over a decade am also starting to use it per the above. (Am probably just getting lazy/impatient doing multiple sets of clever waypoints each with a HUNT or QUICK or FAST plus fire orders at each waypoint.) The other tactic am starting to use (probably born out of impatience/boredom) is running scout teams towards suspected enemies without giving them multiple clever HUNT and HIDE waypoints etc. 2-man scouts usually seem to die no matter how careful one is. Many times in CM scenarios we're under time pressure, so better to find out enemy ambushes and when and where their kill zones are as quickly as possible. Speaking of having improved AI to cut down on clicks, a "SCOUT" command would be good: Just place one final destination waypoint and the AI moves the scouts in an careful scouting manner until they reach that waypoint. Scout behaviour would include HIDING and NOT HIDING, SLOW MOVING when enemy sounds or firing detecting and even retreating (to report back) when it seems too dangerous to go further.
  14. https://archive.org/details/ElPuenteBernhardWicki1959
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