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  1. Of course if I die from Covid19 it will be a tragedy and I will be really p'd off. However, I have been trying to look at the bigger picture as I was a bit puzzled why Trump has so much emphasis on people getting back to work. Then I realized that Covid 19 is actually a potential geopolitical game changer. Whichever major nation (specifically US or China, maybe EEC/Europe) gets back on its feet economically first, will have the opportunity to dominate the world economically by expanding into desperately needy markets, taking larger market share etc. If this is correct then one can see why it is imperative to get folks back to being productive asap as this pandemic could be a huge opportunity for China to dominate the world or for the US/west to suppress China's aggressive expansionist goals. Thoughts?
  2. I swear I already had a CMRT Der Ring Der 5 Panzer Division_v2 BETA' dated 11/16/2016. I renamed it adding the suffix "old" so that I could put your new v2 BETA in the same scenario folder. But, according to my system this new v2 BETA is dated 7/19/2015. I may have discovered time travel. Send money for the secret...
  3. Pah... That's what happens after you turn 50+...
  4. In the 3 CM1 games (CMBO, CMBB and CMAK) there is a single BMP folder (and a single WAV folder) in each game. In this folder, one has to replace bmp files with modded bmp files to get a modded game. Be sure to save all the original bmp's in another folder in case you want to change em back.
  5. Thanks Mord. Willdo... What was confusing was there is a large number of folders in v1 and only 4 folders in v2. eg: v2 has no "light target vehicle" WAV files. Is this covered by one of the new folders in v2, or it's just not needed in CMSF2? Re the chatter folder you are saying that 0-42 are part of the original CMSF2 game install wav files?
  6. Perhaps some hope: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2020/04/06/here-are-five-doctors-whose-patients-have-seen-recovery-with-hydroxy-chloroquine-n2566409?utm_source=thdailypm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl_pm&newsletterad=&bcid=178837d064cb7856ce49d135a70a4fca&recip=22358984
  7. Have no idea what gog installer is. Presumably you have first find CM1 mods. Perhaps on the original CMMODS site?
  8. Ditto for 1939 Invasion of Poland. There were mods for that (as well as mods for Op SeaLion.) Of course in CM1 one had to remove all the original BMP's, save them someplace and then add in the mod BMP's to play. After finishing, one had to replace all the new mods with the original BMP files to play as usual again. It was great to play early war as it was a much more forgiving/less lethal game since it was rarely "one shot one kill".
  9. Hi George... One of the reasons I just bought a super computer was to play your huge scenario. However, when I used the above link to d/l I got a BETA version 2 dated 7/19/2015, and I already have a version dated 2016(!). Do you need to update the date?
  10. Let us know whether you are playing RT or WEGO and at what "Experience level". It's hard to compare notes without that info.
  11. Uh oh... maybe I already did some number editing a long time ago and forgot. Currently in my CMSF2 SOUNDS folder I have "Mord's" A&U Base" + "Mord's Allah's Army Mod v1" + "...Allah's Army v2.0". A&U Base "chatter" has 0 - 18 v1 has "chatter" numbers 43 - 68 (in my folder, possibly renumbered to keep all options) (I couldn't find "chatter" 19-42, where would those be located?) When I compare v1 and v2 sounds re "hit burning vehicle", + "...damaged vehicle" + "...little effect" folders, most, perhaps all, sound the same to me. I enjoy your mods so much that when I hear sounds that I don't want to lose, I renumber the files so as to keep all the options available. But, that may have created chaos now.
  12. Rockets tend to land all over the place and I don't ever recall awe-inspiring results. When I recall having enemy artillery landing over a relatively wide area on my own troops the effects were not that great. The casualties are worse when artillery lands focused in a relatively small area.
  13. He was very courageous. Hope he is cleared and reinstated. Navy and DoD generally need officers who are willing to do what is right and responsible rather than cover everything up. (What was DoD trying to protect?)
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