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  1. LAV's are another example of vehicles that have dedicated crews and no one else seems to be able to embark if the original crew disembarks. In addition vehicles like LAV's have 5.56mm ammo that seems to be usable by troops, but no one can embark to acquire it. There are other vehicles like Humvees with 50 cals, AGL's etc that also will not accept other troops as new crews. (However, troops can embark these Humvees to acquire extra ammo.) PS: Just realized that this is for CMBS. My experience with this issue has been mostly with CMSF1 and 2. So, CMBS may have different issues. The only thing that's certain is that it's all rather confusing.
  2. The mods make a huge difference. I still hold that at level 3 or 4 and higher, a heavily modded CM1 game looks about as good as CM2. At close up obviously there is no contest of course.
  3. For desert scenarios the desert look is the way to go. (Good idea making it a single object - presumably units can enter it.)
  4. This will do for the CM2 graphics what MOS's amazing designs did for gameplay. Very exciting.
  5. I have both v4 and v6. So, v4 is obsolete and should be deleted... it is not a variant?
  6. From the press you have been finding it seems like detailed modeling is taking off as a leisure activity. Can wargaming and the big bucks that brings in be far behind?
  7. Bootie has asked for no more uploads as dealing with those is slowing down implementation of CMMODS IV. So, Dropbox is it for now. Hey MOS... Would these techniques enable you to make more realistic ships for your Coup scenario?
  8. Thanks for that. So, the v4 can be deleted? Uncertain if that was a variant or just an obsolete version. Please designers, label your scenario designs clearly so we know what it is. There are more than a few scenarios and even campaigns that have same or similar names (other than date of release) and one can't tell if they are variants or versions without loading em. And when I loaded "NATO Halt! Hammerzeit!" that looks the same as "Hammertime". Anyone played these or know if there is a difference?
  9. Wow. Amazing work! It seems like forever we thought all these graphical things were impossible.
  10. In Khabour Trail when the Canadian Platoon Support Squad is split into "Assault" teams, the team labeled "Rifle" has the MG, and the "Machinegun" team has the AT weapon.
  11. Link not working at this time(?) BTW: Is this the "NATO Halt! Hammerzeit!" scenario? I have "Halt! Hammerzeit!" and noticed that it has exactly the same description as Hammertime v4 and v6, but those must have been the older versions for CMSF1.
  12. I looked at all my orders but I don't see any "4.0 bundle" listed. I have always bought all CM2 titles and modules immediately as they were released. So, I have a whole list of individual purchases. Is there another area I need to go in order to d/l one "big bundle" per title/game family that can be installed vs having to d/l everything separately for each title/game family?
  13. Anytime one wants to be depressed about the financial system and one's future fate when "life as we know it" melts down and we're all serfs or nomads - similar to "Road Warrior" - Max Keiser is your "go to" guy. Mind you he and his guests have been predicting the end of our financial system now for many years, and they all seem stunned that the melt down hasn't already happened. Also, he and his guests are always pushing gold and bit coin, so I do get a bit suspicious. Has he ever had a guest who poo poo''d digital currency or gold? And of course they are on that bastion of truth and accuracy, RT, and Russia's economy actually is in trouble. But, Max is great to watch. I think Stacy has more sense. It would be more compelling if it were her show actually.
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