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  1. He had a talented brother Christopher who died back in 2011.
  2. The old ones looked very good. The new ones are xnt!
  3. When you say "organized accordingly"??? I have "Z" folders full of mods that I use in my games. I have folders of mods downloaded but not yet time to check em out and see if I want to use em, and I have a third set of folders of "reject" mods that may be perfectly fine, but I choose not to use.
  4. Full marks for trying. We just can't see a dang thing.
  5. Erwin

    The state of CMSF2

    Not really... Those of us who have been fans of BF for 20 years know that this is the way things are with a small company... and as Chris said... "I personally prefer nebulous shipping dates with quality products released rather than firm shipping dates with buggy releases requiring endless patches.".
  6. Not sure who "we" is, Michael. Things go in swings and roundabouts, fashions etc. We may be coming to the end of a very permissible era of moral relativism and going back to a more harsh judgmental period. Not saying it's better or right, just that things oscillate around a mean. And one can probably predict where things are headed by studying history. What bums me out is being lumped in with all you other white men as the current "enemy of society". Since my family came from (basically) Tsarist Russian empire lands, they were practically slaves. But, here in the west I am supposed to feel guilty/responsible for historical slavery. We are made to feel abnormal if we want to live and associate with people like ourselves. There is a movement in our society that believes that we can negate tens of thousands of years of human evolution and genetic programming and simply legislate human behavior so as to change it in a generation. As a result, we have young men growing up confused about their maleness and insecure, doubting themselves... Again, am not saying one thing is right or wrong. But, one cannot simply legislate human behavior and basic tribal instincts that took millennia to evolve. Maybe us blameless white guys can be assigned an armband or somesuch that we could wear to show that we, the "good white men", are not in any way responsible for the heinous acts of the ancestors of all you deplorable white men?
  7. I probably have every mod ever made for all CM series games. If someone wanted to make a dropbox am willing to upload. Be aware that we are talking several hundred GB.
  8. Thanx for the linx Ian. "I am one of the guilty." Then you must punish yourself LLF! (Helpful hint 13.34: Telling my martial arts trainer gf that I am not going to leave my wife for her and getting beaten up is a good method of self-punishment.)
  9. Erwin

    Russian army under equipped?

    +1 In addition, the UK is full of Russian oligarchs and their families cluttering up our finest schools. Canceling their visas is a big threat. London isn't the money laundering capital of the world for nothing. All that illicit cash both holds up the UK economy and gives the UK a bigger than one would think stick.
  10. Erwin

    The state of CMSF2

    It is sad about DiCaprio. Never knew he used a quill.
  11. Understood Michael. We censor things from the youngest. But, it's not possible to do that with computer games or any other media if parents don't monitor and provide parental control/guidance. But, we as a society cannot protect innocents from the real world indefinitely. That's what leads to so many of our youths now so sensitive to any kind of info or thoughts or conversations that disturbs (ie that challenges one to think or make a choice). The "snowflake" generation. And for many disillusioned people (of which we now have very many), the very thing that is banned becomes extremely attractive/exotic/fashionable.
  12. Is this stuff being reported in the regular media/TV etc? Every time I turn on news channels for info about what is going on in the world there is never any actual news - just endless commentators endlessly arguing about Trump. It's like real journalists have disappeared along with the rest of world events.
  13. Erwin

    Mine flails

    Blimey. I recall how so many folks were calling for flail tanks and there are hardly any scenarios that features them, and it's rare one even hears about them in the game?!! Am gobsmacked. (Sad how all those folks have moved on to demand other "fun" stuff that presumably will be forgotten about/ignored as soon as BF produces the feature/unit. For BF it must be like dealing with short-attention span children.)
  14. HerrTom: B4 you go about changing thing, try and get other testers to play your scenario. Until others come up with the same imbalance conclusion you can't be certain that your tactics were optimal.