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  1. 2.11.01 is a "hotfix" for missing art for Commonwealth and Market Garden. See the definition of "hotfix" on the www.battlefront.com/patches page. It does not include the 2.11 patch.
  2. You do not need to login in order to submit a ticket at the helpdesk.
  3. The windows 8.1 problem is a problem with Windows, not the game, so we can't fix it. Only Windows can fix it. However, the problem only applies if you upgrade to 8.1 after activating the game. There is no problem the other way around, because, well, again, it's a Windows issue, not an issue with the game. In other words, the game runs just fine on Windows 8.1, as on previous versions. What is broken is the Windows update process. Martin
  4. Thanks, but that would be pretty much all Phil's fault.
  5. No mistake, Macgamestore carries the original Battlefront game version (unlike Apple's AppStore), there should be no difference. It looks like an incorrect installation. Did you update to v1.11 before upgrading to 2.0?
  6. Doubleclick on the code, it will automatically highlight just the key portion. Also, our SKUs always have the same format: XXXX-XX-XX, anything after that is the license key.
  7. Hi Rokko, email responses get blocked by anti-spam filters sometimes. Please log into www.battlefront.com/helpdesk and check out your ticket directly. I bet you have a response waiting for you for two weeks already. The recent Windows update did a lot of bad things, including to many other products, such as Adobe and even Microsoft software. It even changes the hard drive partition I've heard. The solution is to reset your game license state, which you can do after getting a little tool from us via the helpdesk.
  8. Actually, we are not using DRM. It's a simple activation without the M of DRM (i.e. there is no "management" of (y)our digital rights. The "other way" would be DRM, such as Steam or others, which requires you to have an online connection regularly, and is doing stuff behind your back. It's more convenient, but not without its share of major issues. Having said that, we're constantly improving our activation system. The upcoming 2.11 and 1.11 patches should make the likelihood of a system update causing the license watchdog to bark much much lower than it is currently. We don't like it any more than you do. Actually, we're the ones doing all the work in the background, so I am pretty sure we like it MUCH MUCH less than you do. Releasing unprotected games (or games protected so poorly that they may as well be unprotected) would be nice. Aand peace and flowers for everyone!
  9. The helpdesk login is the same as for the main site (not the forum). Check the Knowledgebase in the helpdesk about logging in etc. Emails can get blocked by anti-spam software, best to check for responses directly in the ticket, especially if you haven't heard after 24-48 hours.
  10. The bug is in Windows, not our software, so there isn't anything for us to fix unfortunately. Having said that, we have a reliable workaround which includes resetting your activation state. If you have posted a ticket about issues after updating to Windows 8.1, please check the ticket at www.battlefront.com/helpdesk, after logging in.
  11. Unfortunately, at the moment these are two entirely different products, that need to be bought and installed separately. We hope to be able to offer unified purchases in the future, but there are some technical hurdles to be overcome. We do however offer a discount if you purchase the same game for a second platform. Email sales@battlefront.com for details.
  12. No, 1.11 is not included in the Commonwealth module. CW is 1.10. The 2.0 Upgrade (it's not a patch) does mention that you need 1.11 in the Readme and game Manual, as well as on the purchase page, and, if you have the disc, it's on that also.
  13. I assume you don't mean specifically CMFI and CMFI/Gustav, but rather CMFI 1.0x or CMFI 1.1x? The game version is independent of having a module or not. Anyway, it is possible to have different versions, but not a recommended setup. It may cause issues with the anti-piracy watchdog (there are known issues with CMBN, which may or may not be resolved with the forthcoming 2.11 patch; if so, then it's more of a side-effect than intended, though).
  14. Hi BDW, that's great news. For the record, the correct sequence in your case* should have been: 1. Reformat system drive, install Win 8, install 8.1 update, then: 1. install CMBN ==== (unnecessary: and activate successfully) ==== 5. install v101 patch (unnecessary) 2. install CW module ==== (unnecessary: and activate successfully) 3. install v111 patch 4. install v2.0 upgrade ==== 9. install v2.01 patch (unnecessary) 5. run activation and paste in the CMBN v2.0 product key 6. install MG module and paste in Market Garden key Martin * this is not applicable other users, reformatting or reinstalling Windows is not necessary.
  15. No, this is nothing like reinstalling, actually. In 99% of all cases, reinstalling will do nothing, in 1% of all cases, it will make matters worse. We advise people not to reinstall until directed to by our tech support. At the least it's usually a waste of time. Martin
  16. What do you mean when you say "the only key it will accept is the MG key"? What does it do exactly? Do you see an error? Martin
  17. LOL! The same applies to helpdesk support. You wouldn't believe how many people submit a support request like this: "My game doesn't work". Literally, that's all they say. So, Redwolf, are you looking for a job in our tech support? We have a part-time position open right now (seriously).
  18. I'm happy to explain it to you, Redwolf. It's not people picking up anything, nor our game. It's a Windows issue of mismatching (incompatible) qt.dll libraries. The problem has nothing to do with our games, other than some of the use the common qt libraries as well (as do, e.g. most Adobe products). The instructions provide a workaround to fix the mismatch and override the other (most likely outdated) dll's that some other program is (or has been) using.
  19. Hi guys, we're using a huge cloud CDN for full version downloads. If you run into issues, please contact support@sharefile.com directly. Ignore what Redwolf is saying, he's confused and mixing up things. We're using an entirely different system than before for a couple of months now, btw.
  20. For the record, the full instructions related to the Windows qt.dll bug are located here: http://www.battlefront.com/helpdesk/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=243
  21. Hi BDW, thanks for the clarification. What do you mean with "it would not allow me to activate that online"? Did you launch the game from the activation short cut? If so, did it allow you to enter a license key? If so, try entering your 2.0 Upgrade key, close the activation window, launch again from the activation shortcut, enter the Market Garden key, close it again, then launch the game by double-clicking on the main game exe (and not the activation shortcut). Martin
  22. Hi BDW, when you say "clean install", do you mean that you completely reformatted, installed 8.0, then 8.1, and then installed the game?
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