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  1. Anyone up to a game with GC Gold. Any scenario any side. rjh1971atgmaildotcom Regards
  2. Matt I got your mailed and just answered it,thanking you, before I read your last post here. Rafael
  3. Elicense Control application was running fine in my pc, I recently bought it and installed SC2 and WAW, using my second license (I wanted to keep the games running in the old pc since I have it outside town) it was after installing PDE when it stop working or it did before I didn't noticed until now. I have no problems running PDE, only thing that worries me is if I might have used a license while trying to activate an off-line one, since I have not been able to activate this way off-line, I activated it again online. The reason is I want to install PDE in my old pc and that one hasn't got a
  4. Alarick thanks for your response. I have tried to activate the game with an off-line license but I have failed miserably. I was able to get the "OfflineLicenseRequest" and "license" txt files but then when trying to activate it I got error 97 (This error shows that your off-line license is incorrect or incomplete. It can also appear when you're trying to install an "off-line license" using your "license REQUEST" file. In such a case, you have to first enter your request on the www.license.net website to generate your off-line license, and use THAT file (usually called license.txt) to install t
  5. I have just installed the latest SC2 expansion and when I left clicked in the e-license control it did not opened. I have read the e-license frequent Q&A and have verified that the LicCtrl Service was running, just in cased I stoped it and run it again to no avail, the eLicense Control Center application doesn't run when double clicking on it, nor do I see it listed if I double click the exes for the games. My question is if I manually unlicense all three games (SC2, WAW & PDE) and then run the uninstaller which will remove eLicense Control from my computer, how can I reload the e
  6. Sorry it's my first attempt trying to post a screenshot and it seems I haven't been as succesful as I would have liked to. I have made a red box around the values that are cero when buying an artillery, just go and purchase one and you'll see what I mean. This has been puzzling me, as I said before there might be something I'm missing but I don't see any sense in a soft attack cero for an artillery. Also it's odd nobody has noticed this before, unless again I'm missing something. Rafael
  7. I mean the Soft attack,tank attack, air attack, bomber attack... aswell as the defense values they all show a value of cero when you purchase them, once you upgrade the artillery some of its values are increased by one which is normal. http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/8972/artyfo6.th.jpg' alt='artyfo6.th.jpg'> [ January 03, 2008, 01:57 PM: Message edited by: rjh1971 ]
  8. Hi all, I'm not really sure if this is the right place to post a possible bug, but here it goes. Playing the 1939 campaign both as germa and allied player, when you purchase an artillery it's ratings are not shown, I'm currently using v1.02. Don't know how to attach a screenshot, when pressing image it asks me for http address I think the values should be shown, or am I missing something.
  9. Hi all: I have just started a pbem game with W&W 1939 Fall Weiss scenario and I was wondering if I upgrade SC2 to v1.08 will that affect the W&W expansion. I was willing to look at the new world campaign scenario but if that makes my pbem incompatible then I'll wait. Thanks for your help Rafael.
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