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  1. Wow like those first pics. Appears you are as good at map making as you are at nodding. Some of those first pics are friggin genius
  2. Jesus. Not again. They have given us the greatest game ever, things I dreamed of as a young gamer and all it seems some want to do is bitch and moan about it. This model keeps them in business , harking back to cmx1 days is just futile and dumb. Play the games and if you don't like it keep it to yourself.
  3. Ps ... 're Steve's post. Is it Dorosh or is there another self opinionated twat i don't know about? And I also have no idea how hit decals reveal the location of hidden at guns. I don't want to know either. Maybe that's part of your problem.
  4. God. What a load of bollocks. If there are things that aren't perfect or make missing in the game it's because of limited time and resource and nothing to do with this garbage. Jesus, do I ever get sick of these kinds of post where someone comes here positing their own poorly thought out theories around building the best war game there is and all they achieve is to illustrate they actually know nothing about it at all. You would achieve more poking around with the fluff in your navel in the time it has taken you to write this crap. Go out. Build and design the best war game ever made and out of which I get more value for money than anything I have ever bought anywhere for anything and then post your thesis. Until then I Will treat it with the contempt it deserves.
  5. That's a shame - because I think they look freaking awesome. Certainly gives a more modern feel - sometimes I still feel the CMBS scenery is a bit too red thunder. Hope you are doing something with the trees as they look awesome too. You seem a bit muted about what you have done but my wish would be for you to carry on as they look excellent to me.
  6. Yes I would like to know that - it was stated there would be - getting stuff from there is a tortuous time consuming process and its the single most frustrating thing in the whole battlefront experience.
  7. Wow - didn't know. Huge Kudos to the guys who helped you out.
  8. Thanks for the link vein - you left the conversation so couldn't reply via PM. Really do appreciate the work guys like you do modding these games and didn't want you to think it went unappreciated.
  9. Well I have only used the raven so far - US campaign - and they are awesome in what they give you from what I have seen A real game changer. Wont post why as it may be spoilers - but so far I would take one of them over a platoon of M2's.
  10. Just to repeat - those building look fantastic.
  11. Awesome - the buildings especially - when do we get them ???
  12. I second third and fourth that. I load this thing up and have much the same reaction as to everything else I have bought from battlefront - which is a sense of amazement that I get all this for 30 odd pounds. The games I used to dream about having when I was younger bought to reality.
  13. Absolutely... This is friggin ridiculous - a 5gb file with no resume support ? They make superb games but lousy downloads mechanisms. Am now 8 hours after buying the game on about the 20th try.
  14. No - look on the bright side - at least you managed to download the game. 8 hours of trying and still the server is Fubar
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