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  1. Just to repeat - those building look fantastic.
  2. Awesome - the buildings especially - when do we get them ???
  3. I completely agree with what you say - but I am a wargamer and therefore understand the hobby. Everything you just said of course would be completely lost on someone outside the hobby which is my point. I don't see the difference between BF brining out a game on the Ukraine crisis and bringing one out on the recent Israeli assault on Gaza - and I don't think they would even contemplate that. And my original point still stands - we were in the middle of a conflict with Iraq when CMSF was released - but BF picked on a hypothetical conflict for a reason - I am not sure I see the difference
  4. Well - my view - Of course it does. I fail to see how BF can release a game about this whilst it is an active conflict - and one that seems to be getting worse. I believe they have to change the venue - releasing with this subject may bring more publicity to them and our hobby than we want - and all of the wrong kind. There was a reason CMSF was about a then hypothetical conflict in Syria rather than a real one on Iraq or Afghanistan. I should add - I don't want this game to be delayed but I believe BF are not insensitive to bringing out a game about a live conflict in which people ar
  5. Thanks for the update Steve ... Am awaiting this one with absolutely bated breath - but nice not to be in anticipation of anything immediate if its not coming that soon. I still have about three years of stuff from CMSF I haven't touched yet - besides all the stuff from CMFI, Gustav, CMBN, Commonwealth, MG and now RT.
  6. Odd comment - when steve said this at the start of this thread. "In fact, the game is largely done and testing is slated to begin in a few weeks for a late Spring release."
  7. Well I use move a lot also. Hunt is for when you are expecting contact as it is considerably more tiring. Move is useful for long moves out of contact as it has no effect on fatigue.
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