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  1. I agree. This is a pain,especially using programs like CM Helper or Who's Turn is it?
  2. There's only a driver. There's no gunner for the MG. That's the reason the fire commands are greyed out.
  3. I don't think I've ever seen that behavior in any of the other CM titles.
  4. Playing Mittelaschenbach PBEM as the US. My A company command tank had just called for artillery when it was hit and destroyed, although the full crew was able to bailout. Despite its vehicle having been destroyed and having no radio, the dismounted crew was able to complete the fire mission and call new artillery and air support missions. This appears to be a bug...
  5. Bufo, do you know that for a fact? In the past so long as you saved then applied the patch, continuing games after a patch hasn't been problematic.
  6. I'm up for another game. PM me and we can get one started.
  7. Anyone up for a CMCW game? Message me here. I can usually so a couple of turns a day.
  8. Years ago, HPS Simulations published Broken Alliance as part of its Panthers in the Shadows/Tigers on the Prowl series. I recall that it covered the period 1945 to 1955 in Europe and Korea. I enjoyed playing it a lot and I would love for Battlefront to do something similar.
  9. The website for CM Helper seems to have disappeared and the latest version of the program I can find is 1.7.6-Alpha 4. Are there any recommended alternatives that anyone recommends to automate the exchange of turns in PBEM games?
  10. Looking for an opponent for CM2 games, especially CMSF2. I can generally do multiple turns per day and I prefer to use CH Helper, although that's not a must.
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