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  1. Russian's I believe also used the RM-38 50MM throughout WW2... Anyone have knowledge of how this weapon was normally deployed? Did it's TOE include radios? And when I'm asking these questions I understand that in a prepared defense they would probably all have wired comms and pre-registered targets but I'm primarily interested in how they would have been used 75% of the time in day to day operations
  2. Thanks so much for the response. While I understand that some "light" mortars like the US 60MM could be used in an indirect fire mode, how were they normally tactically deployed? For example were radios part of their TOE? If not then the normal tactical use of these "light" mortars would have been to direct lay them by team LOS? Is this the consensus?
  3. Trying to win a bet and I knew you guys would know the answer. Did light mortar teams (50mm to 60mm) in WW2 use radios and forward observers or did they spot for themselves ...
  4. Thanks for the help Mord but this is what I'm seeing. On the main screen I'm showing both icons for the base game and the Marines module as it should be. But when I go to the campaign menu everything is grayed out except TF Thunder & Training campaign. When I select the Semper Fi Syria Campaign, I get a message telling me that I need the NATO Module for that campaign. All the other campaigns are as you stated. It's possible that there is a bug in the Marines campaign file and it doesn't effect those who have the NATO Module.
  5. Ok this seems to work ... had to put in both the old activation codes from CMSF1 as well as the new codes from CMSF2... I did notice that there was no campaign with the Marines modules is that correct? It's been so long since I played CMSF I dont remember. I have the TF Thunder campaign and several USMC battles but no marine campaign .
  6. Yes this is an upgrade but I don't even have the original CMSF1 installed anymore. Do I need to install and activate CMSF1 first and then do the upgrade?
  7. I have installed CMSF2 full version for windows. when I start from the icon on my desktop I am asked to active the product. I put in my activation code in and the activation code is accepted. See attached inst1. After I hit the play button my desktop appears and then after 30 seconds to a minute the next scree appears. See inst2. As you can see something is not working right. If I close everything out and click on the CMSF2 icon again I get the same result as if it never did activate even though it tells me it does. Any help would be appreciated ...
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