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  1. Are you thinking of McMMM? That JSGME I mentioned will also do it.
  2. There is a second option and that is to download and install a local copy (they say no auto updates then but I cannot imagine any updates are coming). Then you can mod it using JSGME for example. Mods at http://cmx1mods.greenasjade.net/mods even though sometimes I have got error messages there.
  3. If not, the other possibility is that there are cheap versions of the cmx1 games on gog and these do work on Windows 10 for sure.
  4. Hello All: This one has Hungarians trying to ford a river and they are supposed to have a platoon of bicycle infantry. Now they are named Hungarian Mechanized Rifle Squads but I do not see any bikes and they do not seem to move faster than foot infantry. Any thoughts on this and how to win this as the Hungarians? Thanks. Gerry
  5. Sorry, that is not one. But I think there are operations in there.
  6. Another site to check is the Blowtorch one: http://www.blowtorchscenarios.com/Newest Scenarios/newest scenarios.htm Lot of themed scenarios by George McEwan and a colleague plus at least one is an operation - Sunday Dance. Haven't played these as they seem big? But found the site as Jason from the forums has his Russian Training Scenarios posted there: http://www.blowtorchscenarios.com/
  7. I bought CMBB a long time ago and never played much. Bought it again and did the same. Now I bought CMBB and CMAK on GOG but life is very busy for the next year unfortunately so I am only dabbling with small scenarios vs the AI. So unfortunately I haven't got into operations yet. Maybe in the future. We used to play Squad Battles some years ago I believe.
  8. See http://www.the-scenario-depot.com/ (scenario depot 2 so to say; 3 is for the newer games). Scenarios link near the top allows you to search for Battles or Operations with a ton of filtering criteria. Gerry
  9. Thanks for trying Wicky. I think I recognize that avatar from an ASL forum?
  10. Ken: I am glad you are a pack rat! Would you have them for CMAK and CMBO too? I am getting blank sheets by the way. When I select all and go to change to a black font I can see the data is there but when I actually change the font then it is a blank gray screen. I am using Excel 2019 so maybe a problem with old workbooks? Thanks again. Gerry
  11. Hello: I have not used boats but would it not be the same as if they were passengers in a half-track? As in give them a move command after they land?
  12. Hello All: There used to be Excel files with data for all infantry, tanks, etc. Maybe Chris Hare did them? Anyone have them or know where one could find them? Thanks.
  13. I think I may have experienced something like this (and even posted about it here). So the resolution was awful. Bought the gog.com version and it seems better.
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