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  2. I have (very) vague memories of the CMSF original but the CMSF2 update was certainly different. I gave it a quick spin... ... the Syrians have a lot of advantages & one bad move can lead to horrific losses. It's tricky but a hell of a blast.
  3. I think the first mission of the German campaign in CMFB is a pretty good example of the tactical use of Halftracks, and why dismounting early is a problem. You're clearing out a crossroads, and you have a tight timescale. The AI is doing a fighting withdrawal, and if you don't get on with it, they'll just run away. I think the best use of at least one of your halftrack platoons is to use their mobility to bypass the defensive position, and set themselves up as a blocking force, preventing their retreat, before the main attack goes in - if the blocking force had dismounted too early, they would lose the chance to perform their primary role. That's the kind of thing I think point 25 is actually talking about (or at the very least, the useful application of that), more than chaps standing up in the back and using the halftrack as a fighting platform to shoot small arms from. I imagine that this can work, but it's incredibly risky. I don't have a good feeling for how plausible that would be in reality, but I definitely don't think it's a good idea in CM, and I especially don't think it's a good idea with bazookas flying around. The modern comparison was more to indicate where things are, relatively speaking. Clearly a BMP-1 has a lot more armour and armament than a Sd.Kfz 251, but the point I was trying to make was that each vehicle has faced an evolution of AT weapons over their lifespan - the context in which the vehicle was created and doctrine designed is significantly different to the current situation, and that means that usage has to adjust. Using an asset differently in the field is easier than changing doctrine, which itself is typically easier than changing hardware.
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  5. I'm not saying halftracks are useless. I'm saying they are much less useful in the game than they would have been in the real war. In CM, just like WW2, mortars are one of the biggest threats to infantry. And WW2 AT weapons were nowhere near as deadly as modern ones. Does that mean WW2 halftracks were wonder weapons? Of course not
  6. Very interesting. I'm surprised that the BAR significantly outperforms the FG42. I would have thought FG42 would have been much more effective, with the recoil mechanism built into the stock. At longer ranges the sight should be effective too.
  7. Like the T-62, the Leopard 1 had many variations. Only the original Leopard 1 lacked the stabilization. The last one being manufactured in February 1970. All the subsequent models got it after.
  8. Right yes I figured. I mean you see DShKs mounted on pickups but normally not on the Ford Rangers from the ANP. The reason I made this is because it bugged me to see the pickup with a Syrian flag on it. I only realized later it wasn't the stock pickup skin, but a MikeyD mod.
  9. Thanks Erwin and Aquilla, much appreciated 👍
  10. That's still uncommon though. You still occasionally get people asking on this forum if tanks have hitpoints or whatever. Does ARMA 3 still have hitpoints for tanks? I can't remember.
  11. No worries, I was surprised how easy it was and the fact that you can have MGRS gridlines as well is an added bonus. As I said in an earlier post, I found MilSketch mega fiddly.
  12. Yeah, most have PKMs and, in Kabul nowadays, a MAIED under the tray 😉
  13. Just FYI, Company is Tolay in Afghan-speak. Looks alright from the screenies.
  14. I think this is already implemented - try opening a QB setup and buying some troops with "Typical" settings. You'll find that e.g. paratroopers, SS, some mechanized units often have better quality than common, run-of-the-mill leg infantry - it can be experience or motivation or both. And that's great and it can be used to set a house rule that all units must be purchased with "typical" quality, which, of course, requires honesty on part of the players. The only issue is that it tends to reinforce the imbalance I was talking about: high quality troops tend to have better "value for money".
  15. The Road to Montebourg revised.cam can now be found in my Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tviryry89g6py7/AAAJpSvGH6u1iEx4WzwVLSnJa?dl=0
  16. Outstanding screenshots, is there already a way to download all of these mods and specifically the reshade profile(s), I want to combine it with the Hedge Hell mod.
  17. Thanks @akd for wading into Twitch and coming up with a direct link to Steve & @ChrisND demo session. Very interesting to hear Steve's voiceover (it's good to put a sound to the written word!). As usual, when you listen to a creator talking about their work, there's nuance and a smattering of detail that you don't get from text alone. So I learnt a couple things about CMx2 that I didn't before. I think every fan of these games should watch that demo. What was the feedback and questions from the professional audience like? It is a crowd that, speaking in very general and broad terms, is not very fond of high fidelity simulators, and prefer manual wargames as they don't need to jump a big technical barrier in order to tweak the models.
  18. This is supposed to be a Ford Ranger used by the Afghan National or Local Police. I don't think too many of those are actually fitted with a DShK but whatever. It also works with the recoilless rifle version I think. It is going to be needed for a scenario I am working on which is almost finished. I provide it as a separate file but really I suggest you put it inside the Afghan Army Mod folder; this way it is easier to just remove the whole pack together when not needed. Download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdj2xkqd8y8u4h4/zzANP Pickup.rar?dl=0
  19. I have added a couple of extras as a bonus to the pack : - 4 portraits, Mord style - a HQ icon for the soldier's panel to match the ones created by Vin. - a list of Afghani names to replace the Syrian names Also I have removed the string.txt from the mod. All it did was add the new weapon names when you hover your mouse over the weapon icons in the soldier panel. But every patch broke it so in the end I decided it wasn't worth the hassle. If you already had a previous version of the ANA mod installed, make sure you delete the string.txt file located in the following folder : ak74m to M16/Sound & script. Download ANA pack v2.03 https://www.dropbox.com/s/9gcpgmkwc8lgga2/zzANA.rar?dl=0 The dropdown link in the very first post of the thread also points to the same rar as the link above.
  20. We're close gents. Probably one last big update once it's all done and dusted.
  21. Hello, I have recently returned to playing CM Normandy and have noticed that while present in the scenario editor the Porsche turret King Tiger are not present in quick battle even when set to June 44 Heer. I own and have activated all the expansions including the vehicle pack, so I am thinking this may be similar to the situation with the M8 HMC from a few years ago. I mostly play drop in quick battles online so I would love to have access to this vehicle. Unrelated, but back adding the Wasp from Italy to Normandy would be splendid in some hypothetical perfect update.
  22. Re-reading Company Commander, by Charles B. MacDonald. This time I'm revisiting all the locations on google earth. Adds a crazy appreciation. Finished The Liberator, by Alex Kershaw, which was is not unlike Company Commander and also quite good. Two of my favourite books about the Canadians in WWII are, - South Albertas, A Canadian Regiment at War by Donald E. Graves, and, - No Holding Back, Operation totalize, Normandy, August 1944, by Brian A. Reid I'm curious if anyone can recommend a good book regarding the strategic operation and tactical responses (from any nation) to the ISIS apocalypse that befell the middle east these last 6 years? Cheers, Gpig
  23. Sgt.Squarehead Your characterization of that monograph masquerading as an article is about on par with calling War and Peace an overgrown novella of some small merit! Read that microtype (got so swept up in the piece that I forgot to go to higher mag) until my eyes couldn't handle it and my brain broke from treadhead info overload, yet only got as far as the Commander's station. The NERA was news to me, and even brother George (20 yrs as Army Scout) was shocked to learn the Leopard 1 lacked gun stabilization. How bizarre not to fit one of the major tank engineering developments of the century! Posted out link to Alexei Tyuzhin's OP on FB. Now, of course, I'm going to have to see what else is on that. If the T-62 article was a fair sample, I'm doomed! MikeyD, True, for such ballyhoo would've been used to drive FMS. Appreciate insights on T-62M modeling in CMSF series. Any idea in whether this critter is in CMA. Afghanistan is where I first saw imagery of the T-62M, and at the time, it was being described in Jane's Defence Review as being a solid chunk of armor, not what it really was. Regards, John Kettler
  24. I do have CM:BS, but only spent a few months with it after release. Modern is just not my thing. I don't have any of the other modern titles. I've been pondering the conversion issue. I'm at, like 2+ years and counting of time IOUs to the wife and am kinda' sweating spending more time on this, TBH. At this point, I'm thinking that, perhaps, if BF or community members with the skill can do the basic conversion, then I could clean it up and provide the adapted clean master to the CM:BS community. I think that would be the limit of what I have time for. I'd imagine this map would be perfect for military sim use. Would be way cool to see video of it being used that way! 😁
  25. Shock Force 2 is being shown off on Friday. This stream was about the features of CM: Professional. No idea what this is about, but smoke from destroyed vehicles goes in the same direction as smoke when the wind is strong enough. Literally saw this last night.
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