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  3. The defenders Command structure starts to suffer. Communications are bad enough, but with no formal command structure loss of key leaders leaves the units adrift. Meanwhile Assassin 1 has the frontline seats for the bombardment and Cobra runs. The Iraqi view View from Assassin 3/2's position waiting to roll forward into the dust and smoke.
  4. Wehrtechnische Sammlung Koblenz goes to a Moto Cross--brings toys! Regards, John Kettler
  5. The Fedayeen occupying the town however have bigger concerns than the mosque. Recent students from Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, they have not experienced any of the sheer terror of modern combat. 1st Recon units start moving towards jumping off positions. Unfortunately trying to drive a bunch of Humvees through even a lightly occupied town with one sniper in CM isn't gonna end up looking at all like what 1st Recon did in Al Gharraf. Assassin 1 units move into their forward position...…… on foot By the way if anyone is interested there is a nice site with google map links for the major locations in 1st Recon's drive on Baghdad. Also a really nice pic of their pimped out Humvees LOL http://www.americanspecialops.com/usmc-special-operations/marine-division-recon/1st-recon-generation-kill.php I've substituted Al Rafai for Ar Rifa- According to Google maps that is it's proper name. It's eventually gonna be Mahmudiyah in the Triangle of Death for units of the 4th ID when I get around to editing the map for that. Your map is getting near as much use for me as LLF's Ramadi map @George MC
  6. Not to mention crabs, lion, bulls, rams, fish, virgins and the mysterious seagoats.
  7. Al Rafai 1:15am 1st Recon has spent the day resting (ha) and preparing for the assault through Al Rafai. The assault is scheduled for 1:35 am with a preparatory bombardment and support from 2 flights of Cobras. The Fire control team observes as the first rounds start to fall on the doomed town. The fires in the distance are roadblocks set by the defenders - suspected irregular forces with maybe a mix of regular units that have abandoned their posts. The effect is immediate The fire plan had been set to avoid if possible damage to the main mosque. Godfather watches in silence hoping that explosion was further than it would appear. He would unfortunately be wrong
  8. There have been many occasions when I have seen children behave in ways that needed their parents to take a firmer hand. Whether that involved spanking or not, something was needed to penetrate that hard shell of egotistical irresponsibility. Usually the parent was too lazy or indecisive to focus on their child's need, which was then left to find out on his or her own the really hard way. Michael
  9. Not on the commercial engines, but Graviteam's engine does.
  10. I don't believe that space lobsters figure in astrology. Perhaps you confuse them with scorpions...? Michael
  11. I notice that the exhaust smoke of Russian diesels does something like that too. Michael
  12. To add to 37's explanation, you also lose access to multiple uniform/helmet, face textures on lower settings (if you decide to start adding mods to your games). And let me tell you screwing with mods (whether making them or just using them) is one of the games within the game. It can end up being quite a giant rabbit hole. Mord.
  13. I was about to ask "where is it set" but I will wait for the DAR/preview (if that's happening this time around).
  14. Ahh...I've seen you and 'MATADOR' handout over on 'STEAM' playing 'Red Orchestra' from time to time. Joe
  15. The Space Lobster game was meant as a surprise. How dare you!!!
  16. Sgt. Squarehead, Excellent find! This one's both weird and important. Besides, I learned the word "biosecurity." It seems that trying to upgrade litter size also risks unleashing multiple diseases in the process. https://allthatsinteresting.com/australian-farmers-smuggle-pig-semen The kids need a spanking, counseling or both. Had I or any of my siblings done this, EOW would've been a net improvement. Probably still couldn't sit down! https://metro.co.uk/2019/08/13/parents-ordered-pay-trail-destruction-left-sons-4-6-10563520/ Regards, John Kettler
  17. The biggest difference is in draw distance (although, as you've noticed, there are some additional model details on higher settings). I loaded up the demo on my mediocre system & took screenshots of the results (no AA, no Vsync, no shadows, no shaders, no 'movie mode', @1080p & no reshade effects)... Fastest (almost 60 fps) Balanced (almost 40 fps) Best (almost 20 fps) It's tricky to see (check the hill to the right).. but the high-res ground textures are visible at about 80m from the nearest styker on Fastest, ~200m on Balanced & ~300m on Best. The differences in the distant treelines (top-centre) are particuarly noticeable at the three settings. PS Just to shill for reshade, here's what ~2fps worth of effects on Balanced gets you... ... it's much sharper, smoother & clearer in general (particuarly noticeable, if you compare the cluster of buildings & the surrounding wall with the stock 'balanced' cluster of buildings).
  18. They do something similar with water now. It is just not permanent. I think in the current engine it would not be able to keep track of permanent one side only effects. But I'm just guessing. Is something like that supported in any of the commercial engines? Just curious if it is a feature that is considered important generically.
  19. Great article on a German resistance group before and during WW II. The group was called Edelweiss Pirates. Also discussed is the only German resistance group I knew of before that, called the White Rose. https://allthatsinteresting.com/edelweiss-pirates Regards, John Kettler
  20. Yesterday
  21. Hello, I'm the only spanish that up videos of Combat Mission to YouTube. Actually I up Shock Force 2, but I go to record Fortress Italy when Rome to Victory is release. My channel is this, I hope you like it, thanks for read.
  22. This is about BFC's piss-poor constellations, sub-standard starscape & non-existent (!) planets again... isn't it Steve? You mock the astrologically inclined wargaming community at your peril... ... for shame, for shame.
  23. Is that possible within the present or prospective game code? In theory I have nothing against that, I just don't know if BFC (meaning in this case mostly Charles) could pull it off. Michael
  24. Although I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments of others, more practically, yes the core game will be more than enough to keep you entertained for quite awhile. Not only do you get the base campaigns, base scenarios & access to an (effectively) unlimited number of possible quick battles... you will also have access to, I guess, about 20% of the (massive) repertoire of available user-made content. The "big bundle" is $125 US. Buying the core game now @$60 & the "bundle of three DLC" @$90 later... will cost $150 in total. A saving, for sure... but not a saving worth waiting any appreciable length of time over.
  25. Yup, buying CM is a bit like buying all the wargames armies you ever wanted (for a particular campaign period) and all the terrain to match.....You just need to find the time to use it all!
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