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US Army HD mod

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I'm applying what I learned experimenting with model swapping in the USMC mod with a little trick of doubling the texture sizes (still keepng the UV mapping intact) for a "High Definition" US Army infantry pack. Certainly not for the faint of PC, as bigger textures and more models will most likely have a performance impact for lower end PCs. I haven't noticed any issues so far on my high end system, I think most high and upper mid range systems should handle it fine.

The mod will cover the infantry uniforms, all new ACU pattern and textures, randomization/personilzation of units, etc. May also extend to the US army vehicles and small arms.

Just started right now and the first trick is nailing the ACU pattern and color, after 10 attempts I have something that matches the couple ACU items I have under neutral lighting. Here's a couple early WIPs, showing the IOTV and the pattern, comments/criticism?



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A bit more progress, any one want any particular unit patches? Also what unit is supposedly in the shock force campaign?

(oh and yes I know it turned everything backwards, I keep forgetting someone at BF UV mapped it weird :) )


Nothin' like some detail overkill to justify that nice PC... the pouches are not high res yet, so it'll give you an idea of the relative clarity.


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What I think I'll do is make 4 versions, one Armor (1AD), one infantry/stryker (3rd, 2nd, or 25th), one airborne (82nd), and one cav (7th probably). That should be enough "official" versions. I'll put out .PSDs of the uniform so people can put on whatever patches they want. I'll try to package these so it's easy enough to switch them around.

Does the 3rd ID operate any strykers?

One more pic (this get's a bit addictive).


I need to get some work done now :D

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From wikipedia

Current operators

U.S. Army - Seven Stryker Brigades were initially formed.[41] 2,988 vehicles have been delivered as of 2009:[42] In 2009, it was announced that two Heavy Brigade Combat Teams (equipped with M1 Abrams and M2 Bradleys) will be converted to Stryker Brigade Combat Teams by 2013.[43] This will bring the total number of Stryker Brigades to nine.

2nd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division - final Stryker Brigade formed, formerly 5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division.

3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division - first Stryker Brigade formed

4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division - fourth Brigade formed, reflagged from 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment.

2nd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, fifth Stryker Brigade;

2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment was the second Stryker unit formed reflagged from 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division. Although they are not officially labeled as a Brigade Combat Team because of their unique Cavalry Regiment force structure they are effectively an independent unit parallel to the regular BCTs.

172nd Infantry Brigade; - third Stryker Brigade formed, later reflagged to the current 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division.

56th Stryker Brigade of the 28th Infantry Division, Pennsylvania Army National Guard (the only National Guard unit to field them).

1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division will begin to convert to a Stryker Brigade Combat Team in 2011.

3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment will begin to convert to a Stryker Brigade Combat Team in 2012.

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Here's an weathered and dirty M1 skin with mud, dirt, dust, stains, and footprints (I have nice photoshop brushes to do this :D ). Maybe a bit too muddy, but I wanted to err on the side of more "character". However, I might take some grime off the back, I think it's a bit much.

Generally you don't have too many tanks, so it doesn't take too many versions to make most of your tanks look unique. I'll try to keep the marking pretty generic though (name on the barrel on about half to 2/3, numbers, ID chevron). Not much unit specific stuff.


On a side note, spending so much time with the M1 models/skins, Battlefront put a ton of excellent detail into the vehicles, there isn't much room for improvement. All I really need to do is add some wear and randomization.

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I just discovered you can't randomize vehicles!!! Oh well, I just made one skin with a more generic look.

Also took the dirt down a few notches from "mudbath" to "weathered", suits the overall syrian environment better. This the style I'll do the other vehicles in too, kinda subtle changes.

Put next to a "stock" vehicle it has a bit darker, grimey-er look with caked on dried dirt. Still gonna make the dirt a tad more visible, but I think it's near done.



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Looking good, nice job. I'm kinda surprised there hasn't been many mods for the M1. The kind that are weathered or with more varied markings, since the stock skin has such great detail. In reality, are the crews allowed to do any personalizing with their tanks? I do recall a pic with "Dubya's Piecemaker" written on the barrel. But I of course would never use it as a mod since I consider him THE worst president in this nations history. :P

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Yeah, the trend of writing stuff on the tanks has been dropping off I think. However, since you can't randomize them, personalizing them just looks weird in CMSF. I've also heard OPSEC meant painting over some of the more obvious recognizable features of the paint jobs (personalization, unit designations, etc).

As a trivia fact, AFAIK, the paint job I did says "3rd tank (3 barrel stripes), first platoon (1 under the chevron), alpha company (upward chevron)".

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There's a good chance I'll eventually move onto other modules ( and I'm still experimenting with more ways to mod CMx2 ;) ).

Do you guys want rolled up sleeves and such (like in my USMC mod)? I just don't seem to see any pictures with these guys with T-shirts or short sleeves, so I'm wondering if you want them in or if it would just look odd?

Here's some more progress on the infantry, 2ID.


(That screenshot came out pretty well)


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Do you guys want rolled up sleeves and such (like in my USMC mod)? I just don't seem to see any pictures with these guys with T-shirts or short sleeves, so I'm wondering if you want them in or if it would just look odd?

For me they look really odd (fat arms, no real anatomy). And i cant imagine US-Army Soldiers running around in T-Shirts while fighting the mighty Syrian Army.

Your Screenshots (especially the M1) look just awsome. I believe this could be one of the best CMSF mods ever (like AKD's Soundmod) !

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Well I didn't make any Brit mods with Tshirts/rolled sleeves, but I think I know the one your talking about (very well done, I used basically the same method for my USMC mod).



Does anyone have good Syrian army reference photos? There doesn't seem to be much out there...

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A few more questions:

Strykers. Tan or green paint job? The textures already have good markings and dust, don't think I'd do anything other than maybe change the paint job. However tan strykers still don't seem common as far as I can tell.

Brits. any requests for certain units? I'm looking a 4 Scots, the campaign unit and maybe some paras. Gonna stick to desert DPM for now, maybe make a new MTP version at some point.

Also, I assume this pattern isn't in wide use, especially for the desert?


USMC, desert tan or keep the woodland paint and make it dustier?

I've got some things to take care of before I can finish the US Army pack, but it's pretty far along.

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