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  1. Dang. That one dude had a piss pot on his head.
  2. I know. I'm surprised it was not considering the Russian and Ukrainians have air defense units.
  3. Will we ever see this bad boy in game?
  4. Would one of the changes to 3D models be and updated turret for the HMMWV as pictured? Also. Will the M-ATV ever be added?
  5. I like your near future idea. It will most likely never happen because no one wants to touch the IDF because a few people will get their patties in a bunch.
  6. I'm having a similar problem with both the original and redux. It loads and plays fine but when I try to save, it crashes.
  7. Oh yea. Don't think it dose. Read about the battle of Monte Cassino during WW2.
  8. Glad I found this. I was wondering the same thing. My next question is why did they do it this way?
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