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  1. Happened to be perusing the thread and saw this. I looked at the video before I even read anything on the post and thought to myself "this looks vaguely familiar". Well I built this little scenario so it should look familar! 37mm I am glad you had fun with this mission I made......I don't remember how long ago. I currently do not have CMSF2 but maybe I'll get it and try to update it. You are right, I am not really active here any more, I do lurk often for cool new stuff like this! Steve
  2. Stagler, Its been awhile since I have fired up CMSF but I believe if you select Poor equipment then select the mechanized infantry battalion you will get the basic FV432. Steve
  3. Well cool, I wish you luck with this project! I'm looking forward to the completed product. Steve
  4. This looks quite promising! Quick question: why did you port the ZSU-23-4? It's in the NATO module. Is the one from CMA a more correct version? just curious. Looking forward to more of your work. Steve
  5. For faces its skin 1, skin 2, etc. The base bmp files in the game go to 10...for Syrians its syria skin 1, syria skin 2. For the Syrians the base bmps go to 5. Steve
  6. The .bmp files are labeled incorrectly. They should be labeled: uniform (for the ACUs and boots), us-helmet, ussoldier-molle (for pouches and camelbak), and vest. This should solve the problem. Note that you can have more than one .bmp file for the same item, i.e. us-helmet 1 and us-helmet 2. That way you can have more than one .bmp file showing up in game. It is completely random though. Steve
  7. Just played this....loved it, played as the Polish and won a minor victory. Great map, good action...100% recommended! Steve-o
  8. There are a few over at GAJ's site: http://cmsfmods.heroku.com/ Just search for M1 or Abrams and it will pull up mods for them. You may have to register to do that though. Steve
  9. One would think that I, being an American, would be biased toward the first two releases. But I have to say that the British Module is one of my favorites. The campaign was outstanding and the scenarios were top notch. It probably has to do with the wide array of vehicles they have! Reguardless, kudos to the scenario designers on that module (actually to all the modules). Steve
  10. Hello everyone... Does anyone have Oddball_E8's sound mod? The download on GaJ's sight is corrupt and well my hard drive crashed with my sound mod so I'm trying to re build it. Any help would be greatful!!! Steve
  11. I believe there is an amount of randomness in the unit selection. I selected average for equipment and conscript for experince. I then selected 4 MOUT battalions. The first one had M1A1SA TUSKs the rest had a random assortment of M1s with none being a TUSK variant. Patience I guess.... Steve
  12. Agreed. Its weird hearing names of places that would be obscure to most people yet I know exactly where they are and in some instances I have studied the city layout. Steve-o
  13. I second that! I have long ago come to the conclusion that I will buy almost anything BFC puts out within the CMx? range. CMx1 was fantastic and CMx2 is even better. Its really the only game I plat anymore. As for another module for CMSF, I would get it not questions asked. Unfortunately I don't see it happening. I played CMBN for a bit but have come back to CMSF. Not sure if its the modern setting or that I just hate hedgerows! I would love to see BFC do a cold war gone hot minus the nukes. Radiation just kind of kills things. Some say that its not realistic but I look at a sub
  14. I had a similar issue with 1.31. I had to uninstall my anti-virus software to update to 1.31. Once there I was able to update to 1.32. You might want to either disable your anti-virus or uninstall it and see if that works. Steve-o
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