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  1. I completely agree with that, the maps are larger for sure. But CM still inherently operates on a smaller scale and generally focuses on a specific point in the battle where there's an attack and both sides fight it out. The size of CMCW maps helps for cold war battles, but even the big ones are still on the smaller side for mechanized battles. For example in something like Steel Beasts I'd tend to keep my infantry mounted a lot more as you can end up doing maneuvers across what would be entire CMCW maps to position for fights and have to cover a lot more ground in those fights. So you'd
  2. Also keep in mind that CM maps are still pretty small and unit dense, so you're generally getting a more narrow set of situations not suited to lots of driving around in your M113.
  3. Turning out will improve the commanders view to the sides and rear, especially as many of these tanks have pretty crap periscopes. I meant it won't effect the thermals as the commander only has an extension of the gunners thermal sight at best and the gunner is already using it.
  4. There's a hatch on the roof for loading.
  5. However it feels like there's some reasonable improvements they could make within existing tech. It seems worth it to try some new orders considering how awkward the time based work arounds are and how frequently needing to fire and reverse comes up. I've used the pause based approach a lot, but it's really not user friendly depending on guessing the right timing to spot and engage.
  6. I'd bet everyone who played it has a bit more appreciation for the LAW. Didn't expect it to be that hasty going in for sure.
  7. Yeah more general behavior settings would be nice, but new orders are the most likely thing to be doable in the current tech/UI.
  8. M60A3/M1/M901 have a thermal gunners sight so turning the commander out shouldn't matter.
  9. With some of the discussion of using tanks and hull down positions I was try to think of something simple to improve controlling armor. One thought is maybe an order that is essentially the anti-hunt, where instead of stopping movement on spotting an enemy, it starts reverse movement (or just quick move for infantry). So you could for example give a move order up to a ridge line and then a "withdraw" order back behind cover. The vehicle will move to the move order and sit there until it spots something. Once a target is spotted it'll complete any current action like a short stop to fire, then
  10. The Capt has some good advice, here's a few other thoughts. While your M60's don't have smoke grenades, don't forget about smoke rounds for the main gun or artillery smoke. Try to make sure your tanks have good intel on where the enemy is before peeking, infantry can pass info to turned out tank commanders. Pay attention to who has thermals (TOW vehicles) When you do move into a position, don't just sit there, pop up for a moment then back down. Unless I'm sitting defensively with great fire superiority, I tend to be scooting up and back as needed to feel out the situat
  11. I'd imagine a looking through up through trees with what I presume is a fairly small wavelength radar is going to be a mess. Radar can't see through solid objects, trunks will be an issue for sure and at a small wavelength my understanding is branches and such would also give you clutter. The radar is to find the target at long ranges day/night/low visibility and give tracking data on the target to aim the guns.
  12. Probably all the thermal optics, spotting anything from an A-10A isn't going to be easy as it's just eyeballs or a maverick camera. But I agree that aircraft should keep trying unless the request is canceled or they're attacked by AA, I don't think your CAS would just shrug and leave if they didn't see targets right away. Also need a one pass haul ass option to drop everything on a point or line like artillery or on the first target in an area.
  13. It's not recoiless in this setup, just low recoil with a small charge launching it out of the gun before the rocket lights.
  14. You may also need to go look at the material in blender to see what the specular is like. I haven't done any importing to CM, but that's my guess looking at it.
  15. I thought you were talking about them tumbling through the air, which you def don't want since unstabilized they're going to go all over the place. Tumbling on impact is different. Still not sure where too accurate is coming from other than some sort of WW2 myth. The recoil is going to give you some good spread and you could always induce more spread if you want. Having accuracy is going to help if you wanted to actually hit something. Especially if you're trying to use it at very long ranges off a tripod.
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