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  1. This guy's hiding spot was a little too good. some time after driving onto these foxholes by accident I noticed this poor guy still alive and squeezed under one of my abrams. That said... it might be the safest place to be given the circumstances...
  2. I noticed this BTR-4 driver doesn't seem too impressed with my plan... he had a bit of close call with a BMP-3. Surprisingly not even injured. They went over his shoulder, past the gunners leg, and out the back of the vehicle without injuring anyone with spall or damaging anything important.
  3. Pretty cool, didn't know there was an injector for opengl out there. Does have all the pieces for some atmospheric night vision battles. There seems to be a better shader pack out there called MasterEffect, which does bloom the right way (useful for nvg) and does already have support for depth buffer so it comes with DOF and such. If you don't want the bottom bar effected, you can hijack the split screen and have it not effect the bottom instead. http://reshade.me/forum/shaderpack-mastereffect/161-mastereffect-reborn-official-thread
  4. I was thinking of using the para models on the regular Brit squad. Since it would look more like their round helmet. Although they did have head wear that looked like the British helmet a bit. Though I'm no expert on the Japanese forces, the Brit airborne model appears to be the closest and maybe more common, as far as I can tell. They also have a looser, baggier look to the jacket. I'll pick it up eventually and in the mean time Coon Dog seems to be making good progress.
  5. I don't have the CW module yet so I don't think there's much I can do with regards to swapping at the moment. No airborne in the CW demo as far as I know.
  6. Yeah, the Japanese didn't field a whole lot of SMGs as far as I know. You can however swap the regular infantry model for the airborne one, so that you keep the regular squad equipment but get the appearance of the airborne. Fixed some camo stretching on the arms, new cloth texture and wrinkles, and camo colors seem better.
  7. They might offer a bit more cover as they would act like european trees, but it might not be a big deal. I don't see why it wouldn't work, although I don't have my CMSF installed to test. Another thought is retexturing wheat fields as very tall grass or thick brush. Can you place trees in wheat fields? If so you may be able to get the effect of thick jungle with the wheat retextured.
  8. unfortunately there appears to be little I can do about the undershirt, it appears to be modeled that way. I did some overhauling, upped the resolution and made some camo and HBT cloth textures instead of using stuff from photos to get it a little sharper. However, I suspect my camo coloring and sage green might be off a bit color-wise.
  9. It's looking good, although your camo looks a bit large. Shrinking it down might be a quick and easy fix. My other thought is did they mix the tan and green in the same environment? I got the impression that you'd want to make tan and green separate addons for different enviroments.
  10. I also started some USMC in progress after seeing this thread: One question, I mixed in some guys with green pants instead of camo for variety, was that actually common or should I scrap that? Also... white undershirts? Sweaty just for LongLeftFlank (not great atm, still working on it)
  11. With so many shells landing the odds were decent that they would catch some stray shrapnel, especially with those big shells. As I understand it the shrapnel can go pretty far out in CM, just that the odds of getting hit that far out from the explosion are very low.
  12. Been playing through, excellent scenario and map! Nice change from the usual urban combat in CMSF.
  13. Currently doing some upgrading of my os and etc, will do that as soon as possible.
  14. Like that PSO pattern? That would be pretty awesome. Use the plain tan Canadian 2A6M as a template, then just copy that layer a few times in photoshop, use black and white with tint to make each layer one color of your pattern, then cut out the pattern. Easily keeps 100% of the details unlike painting over or using the UVs.
  15. Here's the Leo 2A6 sporting scheme 4g (like 3a, but lighter). Colors should be correct and I painted over the existing 3 color NATO pattern (green = tan, brown = green, black = brown). Same pattern as the fuchs, I just fixed that my green was too light.
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