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  1. I think it's pretty much impossible to do well playing full real time above a platoon size simply because you don't just play as the company commander. You also have to do the jobs of every platoon and squad leader simultaneously. You don't have any subordinates to handle the details, you need to micromanage your units as the AI will not do anything useful on it's own (outside of self preservation sometimes). I usually play wego because it's nice to review turns and I like not quite being able to intervene instantly (but I also tend to avoid borg area fire and such). When playing RT I
  2. Yeah, 84mm single HEAT. Not a ton of punch, so really most effective against light BMP/BTR targets.
  3. Yeah, sorry I missed that in the first post.
  4. Weather probably effects it, suppression and skill certainly do. For the AT-13s... are they deployed on a tripod or being shoulder fired? That makes a pretty big difference.
  5. It seems to me like it's an issue of everyone standing up in the hatches like they're on parade. With 1:1 hit detection, this will of course make a big difference. If the HMMWV gunner actually crouched down behind the gun shield, his life expectancy would probably triple as very little of him would be exposed. I can't imagine anyone would stay in the "up and looking around" pose the do now under fire.
  6. I don't think the AI running out of ammo is that big of a concern, I'm sure you can just have the AI fire briefly and cut them off if they run low. Honestly, if an AI unit lives long enough in contact to run out of ammo it's already an improvement over the usual turkey shoot. It'd also be nice to have this option for player units, with something like a "cover fire arc" or some ROE options. There's certainly cases where I'd like my units to fire if they so much as think they see enemy infantry and ammo isn't an issue.
  7. The snipers seem to still aim center mass-ish in my experience, so it's not worth it against specific stuff like sensors. Against something overall thinly armored like a BMP, BTR, or maybe a rear shot, it can work as a center shot will likely punch through and hit something but it probably won't disable the vehicle in just a couple shots. I've used snipers vs BMP-3s before to get them to retreat and harass them, the rounds will penetrate and if you don't stick around to keep shooting them you can get away with it. But it didn't seem to do any serious damage in most cases.
  8. This guy's hiding spot was a little too good. some time after driving onto these foxholes by accident I noticed this poor guy still alive and squeezed under one of my abrams. That said... it might be the safest place to be given the circumstances...
  9. I haven't seen it consistently, but the UAVs seem to be nearly blind outside their observation area, so if the spotting rounds land even a little bit out of it's area, the spotter has a hard time adjusting. I can understand the assigned area being it's focus, but it seems odd that it's so binary.
  10. I'm pretty sure thermals work much better in the fog than night vision, which of course the US has plenty of, even for infantry. I think they scan with the NV sights, they're just not great.
  11. Until the AI is smart enough to find a good position themselves, it's necessary to some degree. You can't tell your ATGM team to go up on the ridge and find a spot overlooking the road. They'll just go exactly where you say and happily stare at the backside of the ridge, even if moving two meters forward would give them a good view. I'd rather deal with a few exploits of the target line instead of having my troops stand around in a useless spot just out of LOS when moving them. Aside from that, in general CM simulates the combat very well, but not being in the commander's boots. You almost
  12. I was able to beat it as the Russians, but I wasn't terribly impressed with the BTRs. They got the job done, but they just feel like they don't have enough ammo for the coax and you have to keep the 30mm on a tight leash, but the smoke screens were invaluable. The ATGM teams on the other hand were great, as were the RPGs for blasting buildings. I liked that the AI script wasn't entirely passive, in my play through they tried a counterattack accross the bridge with some armor. While conducted in the usual suicidal AI fashion, it was a bit of a supprise and could have gone much worse if
  13. The squad itself doesn't come with a javelin. It's a piece of equipment they have to pick up from someone else and that should be factored into the vehicle carrying it. So it makes no sense for this to be part of cost of the squad. As mentioned above, the organic AT to a squad is just a pair of AT4s. I disagree with some of the points above like the effectiveness of NVGs and PDAs, both I've found very useful as the US. I'm not sure how effective optics really are in CM, but I think they do help a bit to both spotting and shooting. But I do agree the cost difference between US and R
  14. The problem is if you don't manage the individual squads, no one will. They won't take any action other than shoot and react to extreme threats. There's no squad or platoon leaders under you. Combat Mission is much more battle chess than being in the boots of the commander, and as such you'll be very ineffective if you don't play squad leader for every squad. Losing focus of the big is of course a problem with this, so I usually don't like large battles (and I wish CM would focus more on a smaller scale). On topic, that does mean that carefully managing the fire orders is important as
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