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  1. Just watched this: They get ambushed by a single Tiger from 700m away and back up but suddenly the Tiger drives towards them in some kind of suicide attack and seconds later is only 10m away from a bunch of Shermans ?! Thats just way to dumb, i think i will skip this movie. And i dont have anything against US war/action-movies but this is just a insult on the common sense of the audience.
  2. All pictures look great ! Randomized vehicles arent that important for me...
  3. There are some in this thread: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=89391&highlight=syrian+army
  4. For me they look really odd (fat arms, no real anatomy). And i cant imagine US-Army Soldiers running around in T-Shirts while fighting the mighty Syrian Army. Your Screenshots (especially the M1) look just awsome. I believe this could be one of the best CMSF mods ever (like AKD's Soundmod) !
  5. Fantastic work Ryujin ! Do you will do something similar for the Marines/Brits or the Syrians ?
  6. If i believe you in this ? ...no ! I pounded many buildings to dust with HE Shells from my tanks and these insurgents stay in the debris ar the building next to and keep shooting at me. I thought that green soldiers will rout quick if enemy fire hits them hard (thats what i saw when i played "green" syrian soldiers.
  7. Ok, finished it. First of all i have to say that i like your Red vs. Red Scenarios a lot. The Map on this one is great as well as the briefing. Now to the mission: ------------------------------------SPOILER-------------------------------------------- I had some trouble getting my forces through that bottleneck. To move all that bmps and tanks there is nearly work... I killed all enemy tanks without problems because i have good ATGM positions. I smoked the city with my mortar and get my GMG's and MG's into position. After i killed some of the enemys that showed up i wanted to
  8. Hi Pandur, i have not finished it so far. Iam not yet in the city... (1:45 left) It is really hard to get your firepower (all that bmps, and tanks) through that bottleneck. But, what i can say for sure is that i like this scenario very much (The Map is Great) ! I think i will finish it today or tomorrow, so i can give you some more Feedback !
  9. Just downloaded it, will play it next weekend !
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