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Not operational yet. Still most definitely under testing and modification. As noted, some of the systems, such as the turret, aren't working so well yet.

As such, I really doubt we'll see it in the game. For one thing, BFC would have to fill in a fair number of gaps regarding what the final production vehicle will be capable of.

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What this highlights most for the game is the lethality of 30mm in general, which should give us more of an insight into the threat posed by Syrian BMP-2 and BMP-3 guns . That footage of the BMP interior being pierced by 30mm? Could just as well be a Stryker or AA-7 interior.

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This line surprised me:

The vehicles were so noisy that the Marines on board had to wear both earplugs and ear muffs and could not respond to voice commands.
I'm reminded of some of the more notorious ear-killers of times past. Churchill was particularly notorious (woud drag its tracks the length of the upper hull while moving!). A more surprising example is the Leopard II. West German tank crews had to abandon there traditional berets for 'Soviet-style' ear protected helmets. When the Swiss bought the tank they insisted on fitting a GIGANTIC muffler on the back end in an effort to reduce noise level :eek:
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